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    Fate is cruel.

    Fate decided to be cruel to me today.
    I was cart attending, and my 3ds was in one pocket, my case in the other.
    My case slipped out and I hadnt noticed.
    Looked down just as a car ran it over.
    My DSTWO, Mario Kart 7, Porfessor Layton, Kingdom Hearts, paper Mario sticker star, and kid Icarus were destroyed...
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    Me and Acutane

    This is just to share some personal experiences with the Medicine, Acutane, A.K.A - Isotretinoin.

    To put this in retrospect, I have a severe case of Acne. I have papules, pustules, cysts, the whole works, and IT SUCKS.
    I have used many ways, shapes, and forms of acne medicine such as Proactiv, Skin ID, Home remedies, etc. But nothing has been very effective against my powerful case.

    Then I finally decided to go to the extreme, and go on the strongest medication I could.
    Now to give a brief overview, Acutane is just a pill that you take once a day, for a Five month treatment period. No creams or upkeep really needed. Or so you think.
    See, Acutane likes to hide some pretty big side effects. To list the ones right off the box (and you can look them up if you don't believe me)
    .Severe depression
    .Blurred vision
    .Yellowing of skin
    .Sever stomach pain
    .Rectal bleeding
    .Bone or Muscle pain
    .Vision changes
    .persistent fever
    .Suicidal thoughts
    And its even worse for women, who have to submit to a pregnancy test every treatment (even if they are not sexually active) And have to have tons of blood work down to make sure it does not effect their fertility.

    Now most of you are like "Holy crap, I am not taking this stuff EVER! But so far, in my two months of treatment, I have only felt some loss of energy, and severe dry skin.
    And I mean severe. My lips are chapped to hell and rip like every 20 minutes, and my skin peels in random places. Hence where the creams come into play, as I am constantly needing various lotions and skin balms to make sure I dont turn into a human Lizard.

    Now I may seem like I am bad mouthing acutane, but I must say, it has been working some wonders on my Acne. I used to have many black heads and pustules on my back, and in only one month of treatment, every ounce of acne on my back has vanished. And it is now beginning to work on my face, which is a huge Plus to me. It has even begun working to fix the scars on my face. I feel more confident every day in knowing that I wont have to deal with my face being Pizza all the time.

    I hope to be completely acne free soon, and I am completely confident that this is the medicine to do it. For those of you that have a severe acne case like I do, this is the medicine for you.
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    An honest opinion Of NSMB2

    Well, as I stated in my Status, I caved in and decided to purchase NSMB2. I ended up buying it on the Eshop, which I am actually very happy with. It means I do not have to switch out my cartridge's, I have not noticed any slowdown in the game, and its just convenient.

    So onto my small little Review.
    Now here is the biggest thing I recommend. DO NOT go into this game with a sense of wanting to beat it. If you do, your going to blast through the whole game in like 2 hours and really feel like you wasted your money. I've put an hour into the game already and am just now on world 2. Why? Because there is so much to take in.

    See, I have always been skeptical about 3D on the 3DS. And I was also skeptical about NSMB2 reusing many graphics from the original. But turning on the 3D has never immersed me more into the game. I was Shocked when I slid up my 3D slider, too see the graphics brighten up. To see the depth enhance, and really feel drawn into the world. I have never seen a gold coin shine more, or notice the detail they worked hard to implement in the game.

    Now I know most people's opinion right now is, "This guy is just trying way to hard to justify his 40$ Purchase." And in a way, maybe I am. But continue to hear me out on what is really charming me about this game.

    Now even with 3D on, and being a downloaded title when I have barely any room with on my SD card, there is NO slowdown. The game runs so smooth, and the graphics stay crisp.
    Collecting is of course the main objective of this game. Gotta grab all that loot! The concept of wanting to grab tons of coins really reminded me of Wario, and before I bought the game, I was turned off to the Idea of collecting a bunch of coins.
    But the new power ups, and opportunities of coin collecting really make it entertaining. Its so neat to pick up speed like your playing Sonic the Hedgehog, and watch coins shoot out of your head into your coin count.
    Or to pick up that Golden ring, and throw a koopa shell and chase it, loot filling your pockets along the way.

    Then of course we have the star coins. Now, don't get me wrong, I never really have a problem finding star coins in mario games. They are normally placed in horribly obvious places. But I personally feel Nintendo really attempted to make the game a hunting game, and decided to actually hide some of their star coins . Like i said, I have clocked an hour into the game, only on world one, and still am hunting for certain star coins that are eluding my grasp.

    Now onto some complaints of mine.

    Coin rush is an interesting feature. It will randomly generate 3 levels for you out of a certain world, and your goal is to rush to the end grabbing as many coins as fast as possible. Personally, this seems like a waste. I feel as though Nintendo could have gone a much better route by implementing mini games, like they did in the original NSMB. Trust me, if where ever you live lacks streetpasses, coin rush is going to be useless to you.

    As I said before, if you go into this game looking to play through it, it is NOT going to take you long. Probably 2 hours tops. And that is a downright shame for this game. Mario games are platformers sure, but It takes a lot for someone to justify a 40$ purchase on a two hour game. I DO NOT recommend it to anyone who does not feel like hunting and collecting things. And I seriously feel like the game could have been lengthened a bit more.
    Thankfully, Nintendo has promised DLC in the future, but I personally feel like it is a waste to buy dlc. Not because i'm one of those, "DLC should never exist, it should be on the game in the first place, herpderp," Kinds of people. Its because, thinking like the majority would, I couldn't justify paying money for more levels that would add maybe 20 mins to my game. Unless they plan on adding extra worlds, or even mini games, I won't be buying DLC. (Much rather wait for MK7 DLC)

    The sound in this game is just like every other Mario game. LITERALLY. It feels like they ripped soundtracks from all previous Mario games, added a tone or two, and slapped it in the game. I love Mario music (I actually have some on my iPod), But this was just laziness on Nintendo's part.
    Not to mention the fact that Luigi Sounds ridiculous now. Then again, Ive never really taken the sound of Luigi seriously...

    I've covered all the bases I can think of so far in my experience with the game, I tried to be as honest as possible as well. It's like I said, maybe i am just trying to justify my 40$ purchase of the game. But I am actually a little charmed by the game, and I must say, its looks and feels pretty nice.
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    Holy crap, old sprites!

    Back in like the fifth grade, i was avid about becoming a video game designer.
    But that dream fell through a few years back (no regrets)
    Anywho, I ended up finding some super old sprite sheets i used to do!
    Keep in mind, I was in the fifth grade so they arent the most amazing things in the world, but I still think it was a decent job for that time.
    My alias used to be Degai The Hedgehog
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    A little about me

    While I'm not anywhere near as amusing or interesting as other members we have here on the temp, I'd Like to take some time to post a little about my life and about me. Lets start at the beginning.
    I was born to my father Alfredo Trujillo (Now deceased) And My mother Jennifer Rogers. I won't bore you with baby details, and fast forward.
    My parents were divorced when I was two, due to my fathers physical abuse of both me and my mother. (I now have a constant attention craving due to that, but thats another story)
    Naturally my father fought for visitation rights and won them, getting to spend summers with me. Fast forward again to when I was five.
    My father decided to try and kidnap me and keep me from ever seeing my mother again. My mother and soon to be step father took action, calling arizona PD, and prevented my kidnapping a day before it happened. My father was meant to be tried in court for conspiracy to kidnap, but never showed and I never heard from him. Never saw him again.
    Fast forward to age 14. My freshman year of high school. My parents sit me down one day, and tell me they have received news that my father died of a cocaine OD. I had no idea what to feel, and this sent me spiraling into a fury of emotions. I decided then to find out more about my family. My fathers side that is.
    It was then I learned how twisted that side of the family is. A prime example..
    This is a website for my grandfather - http://www.stopalfredofox.com/ And this is the article of his arrest
    My uncle was arrested for cartel ties, and etc.
    The fact that I was tied to this, that there was this evil in my dads side of the family, had spawned a passion in me. A passion to want to fix things. To help the world. To change it. Reading all this stuff about people I was related too hit me really hard. And it made me want to pursue a career in law enforcement.
    My main goal in life, is to become a profiler (like in criminal minds) I want to study the deranged and the monsters that commit these crimes. I want to know what makes a person do a thing like this. I want to help find people like this, and get them off the streets. Make a difference.
    This is just a little bit about me, ill most certainly post more about my life and such when I get the chance, but I wanted to explain myself a little bit. Let people get to know chavosaur. While this is use backstory info, its the kind of info that impacted me the most, and made me who i am. and who I am, I will pst about another time.