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    Cammykins I haves a 125 now, thats fun.
    Went on a ride to Loomies with an old friend a couple weekends ago. took these on one of the Lay-by's on the A272 towards Loomies.

    IMG_0093. IMG_0104.

    in case you cant see or whatever, its the Duke 125. the CBR 125 R belongs to my mate.
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    Cammykins And man do i love it! And no my card details are not shown,
    i got the Gunmetal Aluminium version with the Cash Strap since i didn't like the idea of the money clip digging into my thigh.

    Also Tactical Ridge Tutorial Card Blocking my Card Deets is Tactical

    compared to my old and very worn out Textile Wallet that could only hold 6 or so cards (and was a pain to get cards in and out of cause the material had no stretch to it) and a cash bit that i never used, so it made sense to get a minimalist wallet, and yes, i had looked at amazon Chinesium specials but they don't scream "HEY I'M A QUALITY ITEM THAT'S GONNA OUTLAST YOU!" like the Ridge does imo.

    As i only use one card and have it at the front it makes it real easy to use. overall 10/10 purchase £66 quid well spent
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    Cammykins *insert some random Rambling about HTML Validation and stuff here*

    anyways, first blog post of the year, not much has happened really the uk got snow and everything went to shit (standard occurrence since everything goes to shit even with a small bit of rain so...) no big deal there, driving home from work in the snow was an experience, especially doing 70MPH on the M3, never again tbh.
    Cammykins So its my last 3 weeks of college, got like 6 Re-submissions and Re-Takes to do as well as first submissions that were due yesterday, its bloody hectic at the moment.

    In other news, Router died, no internet at home so gonna have to do either of these two things:
    1) Split work and coursework so i can do my coursework when work is quiet and i have no work assigned.
    2) Smash everything out at college and hope its okay, done this before, it works on smaller assignments.
    To be honest, its probably gonna be the former since then there will be more work to do and then i don't get bored during the quieter hours at work. but then again knowing all my classmates, its gonna be a combination of both, idk until tomorrow when i have college.
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    Cammykins Hello world!. i dont really have much to say right now but thought i would say hi~
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