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    Byokugen Well as most of you know, I recently turned 30.
    The greatest gitft I could ever asked for was this:
    I'm currently collecting papers for my disability claim, I'm legally blind, so you need all kinds of tests
    Ophthalmologist, psychological, psychiatric, pulmonary, EKG, CT
    Well CT was a surprise. Theybsaw a smudge on my brains left hemisphere, it's a tumor. Ao thank life, you never seize to stop disappointing me
    Oh i like girls
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    Byokugen 1-3. The Inner (subconscious) world.

    Some philosophers say that "Every man is a whole world", emphasizing the

    depth and diversity of each person's spiritual world. According to the

    ideas of the SH-series, an inner world exists subconsciously in every

    single one of us. This world is made up of memories and concepts about

    the real world mixed with various thoughts, fantasies, feelings and the

    like. The inner world can very well reflect the fears, hopes and beliefs

    of its "maker".

    Understandably, some people (especially those with a strong imagination)

    have far bigger and drawn-out inner worlds, filled with the strangest of

    imagest. Others have a less developed inner world (which doesn't mean

    it's not there). If you're having trouble understanding what such a world

    would like, try to imagine, that you've just found yourself inside a

    person's subconscious. There we have a country of foggy memories, there -

    the state of delirious fantasies, inhabited by our greatest fears, there

    - a village of images stuck in the subconscious and together it's all a

    whole world, which you can travel and enjoy the... sights. And the "God"

    of such would be that very person. The composition and contents of the

    inner world are completely dependent on the personality and psychic

    condition of its "maker" (each person's world is completely unique) - it

    could become Paradise, but it has all the potential to be a Hell. It all

    depends on the persons system values, world view, desires etc.

    It's only reasonable to say that if separate thoughts and feelings have

    "power" and "psychic energy", an inner world must also must have such

    power, being able to affect the real world and other people. Accordingly,

    after the death of its owner, the inner world should be able to continue

    to exist as resident psychic energy in a particular place (for example,

    Silent Hill), being something like a parallel world (although that's not

    a very good analogy, I admit) on the border, where reality and unreality

    intersect ("After all, there is no wall between here and there. It lies

    on the borders where reality and unreality intersect. It is a place both

    close and distant" - an explanation of a subconscious world given by a

    doctor in Brookhaven hospital). The fact that such a world can actually

    constitute a different reality of sorts leads us adopt the term used in

    Lost Memories - "Otherworld".

    To try and make understanding the concept a little easier, here's a

    practical example from SH4: the inner world of a serial killer,

    consisting of his memories, stereotypes and twisted fantasies continues

    to exist in an apartment, influencing and drawing in the other tenants.

    The mental instability of the world's creator leads to the chaotic and

    confusing nature of the world ("If the subject's mind is in a state of

    turmoil, the state of the otherworld will be chaotic as well" - LM).

    1-4. Laws and limitations of the inner world.

    The subconscious world also bows to certain laws and is subjects to some

    limitations. What defines them? "His universe is different than ours --

    it has limits. And in the limits of that universe, he rules as a king...

    It is a world in extreme flux. Unexpected doors or walls, moving floors,

    odd creatures, a world only he can control..." - the Crimson Tome tells

    us of the seemingly chaotic inner world of a man. Only the "maker" of

    this world can control it and establish the laws, which govern the

    world's existance. It is not a conscious action (just as the very

    creation of this world isn't). The laws form around the preconceptions

    followed by the maker of the world (these preconceptions are manifested

    in the inner world as these laws). Let's take a look at the games:

    a) SH1: A little girl, influenced by the religious teachings of her

    mother, truly believed in God and in her world this God existed.

    b) SH1: A little girl believed that a certain liquid called "Aglaophtis"

    can banish demons and this liquid (being just some sort of herbal mixture

    in the real world) really does work in her world.

    c) SH1: The same girl believed that a magical sign called "The Seal of

    Metatron" possessed great power to destroy magic and "otherworlds" and

    the drawing, *useless in the real world*, becomes a an artifact of great

    importance in hers.

    d) SH3: The Seal of Metatron loses its power, because the "maker" no

    longer believes in its power (her belief in that the symbol is just a

    piece of junk destroys its power).

    e) SH4: A religious fanatic's beliefs in sacred swords, holy candles,

    silver bullets that can kill ghosts etc. are reflected in his inner world
    Byokugen Well 30 years ago zi was "gifted" with life... I call that BULLSHIT!!! For me it was a curse sincenthe moment I was born
    I was born as a blind baby, had bunch of operations and they managed to fix my eyes a bit.
    I was bullied in elementary school, being called names,.my glasses broken, lunch money stolen, beaten up... Was always alone, even now. Managed to survive thanks to games and anime :3
    I could go with this for hours, but I won't.
    Happy fucking bday for me
    Well time to get drinking and watch Back to the Future
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    Byokugen Hello Byokugen,

    I'm sorry, but our system detected the use of scripts within your games. I hope you can see why it would be unsatisfying and frustrating to play against other players who are using a tool to tamper with the gameplay experience. We took action to protect the fairness and integrity of the Fields of Justice.

    We have explained the context of your suspension, will not remove or modify it, and consider the matter closed.

    Player Support Specialist
    It's a perma ban... until 9001...
    I can't express my anger right now... 8 years...
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    Byokugen Just checked my mail, and there it was
    Hello Summoner,

    Your account: byokugen was banned due to the use of malicious 3rd party programs or modifications to your League of Legends client. We believe that all players should play on equal footing in an effort to promote competitive sportsmanship. You should be aware that modifying your League of Legends client is against the Terms of Use

    This is the only online game that I play. Been playing since first Beta, long, long time ago.
    Never used anything.
    Just great.... ducking great :'(
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    Byokugen Firstly I had some health issues, that was taken care off
    On Sunday my Granny died :'(
    Byokugen 1-2. Accumulation.
    The psychic energy of thoughts and feelings has the ability to
    concentrate in a particular location, which is somehow connected to the
    source of the energy. Usually, such locations are places where strong
    feelings have been experienced, possibly more than once. We could
    theorize that this is the reason, why the natives believed, that spirits
    inhabited the trees, water and earth.
    And if a place comes to "store" the thoughts and feelings of a several
    people, this place will eventually develop a "power" of it's own.
    According to Lost Memories, the town of Silent Hill can be described as a
    "spiritual sponge", which absorbs the energies of people's thoughts and
    feelings in great quantities. Let us look at some of the most prominent
    examples in the SH series (believe me, even the guy who wrote this whole
    PA can't list ALL of them):
    a) SH3: The negative thoughts of a particular suicidal girl are connected
    to the merry-go-round in Lakeside Amusement Park and continue to exist
    even after her death ("At the merry-go-round in the amusement park, the
    "memory of Alessa (Alessa's obsession)" appears. In accordance with her
    name, she is not Alessa herself but her profoundly dark emotion that
    clings to this place" - LM).
    b) SH2: The thoughts of a girl, who was burned alive by her mother as a
    sacrifice to God still exist in the cult's church ("Alessa's thoughts
    from her childhood linger in the church" - LM).
    c) SH3: Bloody notes on the walls of the tunnel leading from the
    amusement park to the church. According to Lost Memories, this is "The
    voice of a believer that suggests self-sacrifice" - the thoughts of the
    person, who sacrificed themselves to God became energy, which still
    lingers in that tunnel.
    d) SH2: The notes and letters of the director in SH2, Stanley Coleman's
    diaries in SH3 and the notes and letters from Joseph Schreiber in SH4 -
    all these are the memories and thoughts of dead people, which the
    characters perceive as writings.
    e) SH4: The psychic energy of the thoughts and feelings of a religious
    fanatic, who sacrificed himself, was connected to an apartment and
    continued to exist there after it's "owner"'s death, affecting all the
    tenants of the building and even other people.

    The basic concept of thoughts and feelings having some sort of mystic
    power and connection to places derives from traditional Japanese beliefs.
    Apart from SH, such influences can be found in many Japanese horror
    a) The Ring - Sadako Yamamura's negative psychic energy continued to
    exist in the well after her death and even affected a videotape and TV.
    b) Dark Water - same here - the negative emotions of a drowned girl
    lingers in the building, the girl searching for her mother.
    c) Ju-On: The Grudge - the curse of a person, who died with hatred in
    their heart continues to exist in places visited by that person. Those
    who come in contact with this curse die and create a new curse.

    a bit more
    I don't see any feedback, so I will probably keep the rest for myself :D
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    Byokugen Started working on my retrospective/theory of Silent Hill a long time ago, so this is just some part, maybe I will post the whole thing


    Silent Hill - a town, where strange events happen more often than anywhere
    else… Other worlds… Eternal memories… Birthing of Gods and mysterious
    disappearances… Is there any logic to these seemingly unexplainable
    What is the driving force behind them? Are they interconnected?
    The primary goal of Part 1 is to try and give a logical explanation to
    all the supernatural events, basing all conclusions on official info from the
    games or other sources. But remember, that everything here is THEORIES, so you
    are not supposed to see it as the one and only true explanation. I hope these
    explanations help you to understand the plot of the series better.

    1. The Concept.

    1-1. Power of the Mind.
    The main ideas of the Silent Hill series are closely connected with
    parapsychological and philosophical theories in the real world. It is
    considered, that every human thought and emotion possesses a certain
    amount of force, which can be characterized as "psychic energy". And the
    stronger this thought or emotion is, the greater it's psychoenergetic
    potential. In a nutshell, this energy allows the feeling to affect the
    world around the person in general and other people in particular. In
    other words, the products of one's psychic activities are not limited to
    their own inner self, but can have outside effects.
    That is exactly what the book in the school library of SH1 was supposed
    to relay: "...Poltergeists are among these. Negative emotions, like fear,
    worry, or stress manifest Into external energy with physical effects" -
    thus, inner psychic activity can have outside effects of physical nature
    and can even create such phenomena as poltergeists. That is a good
    example of psychic energy. According to the mentioned book, negative
    emotions (like fear, worry, pain or hatred) experienced by teenage girls
    have the highest psychoenergetic potential. Nevertheless, we have seen
    strong manifestations of this energy in various people in the games - be
    it a middle-aged clerk, mourning the loss of his wife, a desperate and
    suicidal girl, who murdered her father, or an orphan boy, who wants to
    find his mother more than anything else in the world.
    Another good example would be a particular girl, whose psychic energy was
    so strong, that an entire town called Silent Hill was devoured by the
    darkness of her inner world ("Due to the power of Alessa's thoughts, the
    town is transfigured into the otherworld" - the role of *thoughts* is
    noted in Lost Memories). We can also recall the negative feelings of the
    prisoners of the Toluca Prison and the victims of the plague. These have
    twisted the "power of the town" ("because of the unforeseen deaths of the
    town's population, as well as the thoughts and feelings of the prisoners,
    the original power that the town held was gradually distorted" - LM), but
    that we'll discuss a bit later on.

    any thoughts?