Blog entries by BurningDesire

  1. Hello everyone, me and a few friends are currently working on a rhythm game called BeatSwitch! I decided I would post our progress in blog form so we could get some feedback! [MEDIA]
  2. Feel free to stop by, I am mainly testing my quality and wanna see what people think [MEDIA] ~ ^_^ btw if ur gunna chat plz use twitch chat so i can see it!
  3. All my apps are currently cross platform besides iMessage which is so good that every time I try to switch to android I go back to iOS solely for iMessage. I am currently trying Telagram. Do any of you have suggestions on what I could do to make the transition easier?
  4. Let's get this train back on tracks! This meme will become a dream.
  5. Okay so with the past two weeks of college (i've been here for four) sometimes in the morning when I wake up my stomach really hurts and I think a lot about whats going on at that time I try medications which wont be listed even though they are over the counter to see if it's gas or something...
  6. So for my first game design project I have to come up and design a original board game, I figured I would blog about it so it would be more fun and I can get some input. I am currently tying to think of a idea I've personally never really liked board games so this is kind of hard for me. I have...
  7. For people that post dream logs why do you do it? I've been thinking about starting one, as recently my friend suggested I do since I told him I never dream. He says I just forget about the dream as soon as I wake up so I should start one?
  8. Hey everyone after a long hiatus from Gbatemp I'm back, How's everyone been? I've been maturing and doing a lot better mentally during my time off. I've cleaned up my profile a bit too to try to make a cleaner image for my self as I know I haven't been the best of sports in the past. I'm going...
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