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    Bub Creamy Dream Log II: Creamy Boogaloo

    Dream 1: Substitute Teacher
    In this dream I was back in school in the History room. The weird thing is I didn't know anybody in the room except for my brother who was sitting on the front left table for some reason. I was sitting at a table in front middle which was right up against the front wall so I had to keep turning my head back to see what was happening. The substitute teacher himself was an overweight senile guy, who wasn't really teaching, instead he was just jokingly insulting everyone while everyone was doing that back. The weird thing he did to one person was slap him in the face with some rolled up paper but incredibly quickly, it looked very cartoony how he was doing it. I looked back at my desk no longer caring and decided to just doodle on some paper. About, 20 seconds or so, a hand swoops in from the left and grabs my paper, calling my art style "trash" and "unrealistic" then about 5 seconds later a student throws a big fucking cardboard box at him, resulting in the teacher running up to him and tackling him out of his chair and pinning him down. Then I woke up.

    Dream 2: Duansire??

    In this dream, I was sitting in my living room screwing about in the menus in Pokémon GO. I checked my caught Pokémon and discovered that I had a Max CP 100 IV Wooper. Since I had plenty of Wooper candies, I decided to evolve him but for some reason he evolved into this strange inbetween evolution called Duansire. He sort of looked like a blue Gengar mixed with a Quagsire, but he had dog-like ears. The little indicator that would show if your Pokémon's CP was maxed out or not had gone down to 75%. Duansire required a much larger amount of stardust to do anything with him, with him requiring stardust in the 10,000s. He also had two evolve boxes which was strange. I then had Duansire appraised but this time Candela would completely tear him apart calling him a pathetic Pokémon and completely useless. Afterwards an advert about a lost dog appeared on my phone. Then I woke up.
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    Bub's Creamy Dream Log: The First One

    First dream: Inside some North Korean Factory
    Okay this dream I had a while ago so I don't remember a lot. All I can remember was being in a tour with people I didn't know where we were being given a tour of some factory in North Korea. There were a lot of sad people. I don't know why I dreamt about this.

    Second dream: Weed
    This one I don't remember a lot either. It was either at a party or in an apartment (or more than likely both). There was weed there. That's all I can remember.

    Third dream: A banned episode of The Sooty Show
    Oh yay another one about drugs. I remember this dream being very short, but basically all I can remember that what I was watching on the TV was a clip of a supposedly banned episode of The Sooty Show (late 80's - early 90's era). I remember the clip started off with Sooty and Sweep screwing about in a back garden when they discover a small bag of white powder sitting in some dirt, confused to what it is, they run inside and give the bag to Matthew, who then shockingly tells them they've found a bag of cocaine and then something about drugs being bad and Sooty and Sweep being shocked to what they had discovered, then I woke up.

    Fourth Dream: Weird experience at a checkout
    This dream is the last one I had before I woke up this morning. In this dream, I was inside the store that I work at, buying some junk food since I had the day off and I was hungry. I remember I had picked three items: a large Dairy Milk bar, a can of some drink (possibly a purple Relentless) and a bag that possibly had cookies in it. When I got to the checkout, I could remember more and more food items just kept appearing on the conveyer belt, most of it just being chocolate. Being awkward as I am, I didn't take them off the belt, I just decided to pay for it and hoped that I had enough. I remember my total came up to £9.38. I can remember having a £5 note and I raided through my bag trying to find as many pound coins that I could managing to get out £4. For some reason I kept looking for another pound coin even though I had a load of other coins I could've used to pay but I ended up saying "I can't afford this, sorry." and then walked out of the store empty handed. I then made my way home by walking up to the path underneath the bridge where a flock of pigeons live but ended up waking up before making it to the bridge.
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    wow do you seem e

    haha i need validation because everyone else is doing it too
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    Webcomic Delayed

    In my last blog I mentioned I was working on the first issue of a webcomic series I've been planning for 3 or so years now. Unfortunately since I have no time or room or even a reliable computer, I'm putting off work on it for now. I hope to continue working on it in late September and hopefully it'll be done by Halloween time (fingers crossed). See ya.
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    Happy 15th Anniversary Temp! + What I've Been Doing

    Wuss Poppin Preferred Pronouns? I haven't made a blog in months, and well, I rarely do make blogs but since I've been quiet and lurking the site for months I guess I would like to show off a few things.
    big boy tempy.png
    First I'd like to say, happy (nearly) 15th birthday to GBAtemp! It's honestly really weird to think that this site is only 4 years younger than me. I really do love the new revamped look especially since the site has felt sort of dead since nothing exciting has happened. Here's to another 15 years of game reviews, homebrew and other neat tech related stuff. I will be making more Temp stuff for the next few weeks (if I don't procrastinate then lmao), and even revive Doodle Dump (maybe).

    So what have I been up to? Mostly portfolio building and college stuff, but I'm also currently job hunting since I finish college for good in a couple weeks, and it looks like I'll be getting a job in retail for now more than likely.
    I'm also working on a super duper secret webcomic that I've been giving a few people sneak peaks, since I've been quiet about it here's a silhouette of the main character of this webcomic. All I can say about it for now is, if you liked Regular Show, you may get a kick out of this. I'll reveal all sometime this fall.

    So I guess that's it for now, what's everyone else been up to?
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    Mama Bub's Character Sheet

    I'm really bored, so I copied the character template from Crystal's character template and then changed it to Bub.

    Full name: Miss Bubsy Octoli

    Pronunciation: Miss Bub-see Ock-toe-lee

    Nickname(s) or Alias: Mama Bub

    Gender: Transgender Female (Pre-Op)

    Species: Cat (Unkown Breed)

    Age: 18

    Birthday: March 26th, 1998

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Nationality: British

    Religion: None

    City or town of birth: Unknown

    Currently lives: Discord

    Languages spoken: British English

    Native language: British English

    Relationship Status: Single


    Height: 6' something

    Weight: 182LB

    Figure/build: Overweight-ish

    Hair colour: Black

    Hairstyle: Wavy mess

    Facial Hairstyle: None

    Eye colour: Brown

    Skin/fur/etc colour: "Peachy orange" with tan face and belly and brown ear tips

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: None

    Scars/distinguishing marks: None

    Preferred style of clothing: Very large hoodies, flannel shirts or anything cute

    Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: None


    Smoker? No

    Drinker? No

    Recreational Drug User? Which? None

    Addictions: Memes

    Allergies: Unknown

    Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Not saying

    Any medication regularly taken: None


    Personality: Worries a lot

    Likes: Pigeons, cute things, being called cute, being petted

    Dislikes: Seagulls

    Fears/phobias: Wasps

    Favourite colour: Orange

    Hobbies: Drawing sometimes, being annoying

    Taste in music: Vaporwave


    Talents/skills: Drawing "cartoony" shit and being the "technician of the house"

    Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Nope


    Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore

    Favourite food(s): Cheap instant noodles, pasta (especially lasagna), salad and chicken, anything sweet

    Favourite drink(s): Monster and Cola

    Disliked food(s): Fish and celery

    Disliked drink(s): Beer and coffee
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    Something is going to happen next month

    And I'm the only one who knows what's gonna happen.
    It's going to be February
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    very rare bub updates

    I'm in a mood to write for once, so I guess I'll make bad blog entry since I never do.

    Well, recently played through Pokemon Sun (early of course :rolleyes:). Honestly it was kinda disappointing to me since it held your hand too much, the writing was pretty good though. Still had a lot of fun and it was the first Pokemon game that I chose a water starter. (I've always chosen fire with an except of Kanto which I picked Bulbasaur) POPPLIO IS A CUTE AND INNOCENt BABY BOY PLEASE DO NOT BULLY HIM FOR NOT BEING AN OWL THANKS.

    I also got a "new", "slightly used" phone, a HTC One M8 for a nice £60 and another £20 on top to get S-OFF so I could install custom ROMs, but hey it's worth it to be bloatware and ad-free. Also it's nice to have a phone that runs Pokemon GO without the framerate of a pop-up book. It's running CM13 since it's officially supported but Resurrection Remix isn't for this phone and camera features don't work, and I want to force myself to socialise with people lmao.

    Speaking of forcing myself to socialise with people, I've also recently started to come out trans to some people and everyone who I've told has been supportive about it. I first told a close friend who I've known for 7 grand years and another close friend from college. And very recently, I was drunk and depressed (which really is not a good combination, trust me), I just thought "fuck it" and just posted on Snapchat how I'm uncomfortable about myself (and the majority of people on Snapchat are people from my college). And holy fuck, getting that off my chest was such a huge relief and I don't feel shitty as much as I used to before. Now I just need to tell my family and hopefully all goes well. :blush:

    B-) Well that's pretty much it, tune in in 50 years for my next blog entry. B-)
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    Coming Out Day

    So it's now a meme to make blogs about Coming Out Day? Sure I'll join in lmao.

    So even though everyone already knows here I'm a trans gril and bisexual. I won't be coming out about being trans in real life though this year but ah well. Well anyways like how all the other blogs are ending, how's everyone else doing today?

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    A "Should I or should I not come out?" Clone

    I know these sorts of entries aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I guess this is a warning to leave if you want, especially if you don't really care about "coming out" blogs.

    Hey everyone, I've decided to make an awkwardly written and somewhat cynical blog entry about coming out to my parents as transgender (which from BurningDesire's thread from a couple of months ago caused quite a bit a havoc due to people's different views, which I say you're allowed to give me advice about not coming out on this entry since I believe everyone is allowed an opinion no matter how "offensive" it could be).

    I've been planning on making this entry for a while now but always decide not to since I'm a person who keeps things to herself and isn't "loud and proud" about myself and my interests. This blog entry might be a bit over-dramatic for a thing that isn't big at all. But since this has been going on for a long time and has now made me a "depressed mess" as I call it, I've finally decided to "whine" about it.

    I constantly have days where I say I'm going to tell them about it but I always pussy out. My guess is due to my lack of self confidence, and I have no idea if they will be okay with me being trans. (They probably will be okay with it, but heck I'm not sure). I also have a feeling that they know something is wrong now since I'm always a "depressed mess" who stays their bedroom all the time.

    All you guys, a few people on other sites and skype, and one person I know irl are the only ones I've told. (The person I told irl was alright with it, but they were a "I don't really care" sort of alright with it.)

    If you're wondering why I chose to talk about it on this site, it's because you guys are the only people I talk to, as well as Skype friends.

    So I guess this takes me back to my main question: Should I come out and how should I come out? Thanks.
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    Well heck, I've been on this site for a whole year now (although I did lurk here in 2010-2011 for ds homebrew). I remember only signing up here for Ninjhax 2.0 related crap and nothing else (and also I begged random people to decrypt 3DS games for me since I was on 9.4 at the time). It wasn't until the 19th of September that I discovered the EoF and actually started making friends here. The first person I started speaking to was Margen, and we still talk about dumb stuff on Steam now and again (especially since I installed A9LH :^) ). And then ever since, I started to make cancerou- I mean funny original jokes such as TeamBed (If anyone remembers that) and Bubs.

    I also want to thank a big bunch of people (BurningDesire, VinsCool, Tomato Hentai, DinohScene, Cherry Pie, Voxel Studios, mgrev, ElyosOfTheAbyss, Crystal the Glaceon, ihaveamac, Jackus, CosmoCortney, Marty2003 and many many more) for keeping this site wicked sick just like my blog used to say.

    So what are my plans for this year on the Temp? Will I contribute something useful, or will I get banned before the end of the year? (probably the latter)
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    Well, today I went raiding through an old storage thing for my old stuff and I'm so happy to find this!
    My good old Game Boy Color! (After all the crap was cleaned off of it)

    There were still batteries in it which thankfully didn't leak and they still work, surprisingly.
    I also found a handful of old multicarts (which I didn't take pictures of). I'm planning on getting more games for it since I can't find some of my faves like The Smurfs' Nightmare (which I could easily get another copy anyway). Do you think I should buy more games for it or buy a flashcart instead?

    Also here it is next to my favourite current handheld.
    It'd be nice to find my DSi as well, since that disappeared too. Hopefully all my flipnotes are still on it!
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    Here's my stupid rant about spiders. I don't really understand why people freak out about house spiders, I mean they're pretty chill and all they wanna do is just sit and eat flies and shit that fly around your house, I'm not seeing a problem here. I have like 3 spiders that just chill in my bedroom too. I'd understand if you were scared of poisonous spiders but I don't see why people freak out about tiny, harmless little house spiders. What's so creepy about them?
    You know what I really hate though?
    THESE are what you should be freaking about. I for the love of god hate wasps so much. They're the real assholes. But you know what stops these flying assholes being assholes (sometimes)? Spiders. This is why spiders are such bros. They'd risk their lives trying to kill wasps when they're around, and that's why spiders are the best.

    Well there was my terrible unfunny rant about spiders and wasps please comment rate subscribe.
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