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    brickmii82 There was a time in my childhood where I had no power in my house for around 3 months. It's a complicated situation to explain, but that's neither here nor there. All I had was a candle and a stack of comic books. I'd read about Uncle Ben dying and Spiderman realizing he had the power to stop it. I'd read about Magneto aggressively fighting for mutant rights, and Professor X passively advocating for them. I'd read about Superman deciding if he should come out of retirement after mankind pushed him away in favor of vigilante justice. It was fantastic and the stories were powerful enough to leave a lasting impression on my views philosophically even today, almost 25 years later.

    I look at the world, and where it is today, and I'm confused. In the past, it was always good vs bad, heroes vs villains, right vs wrong. Morality, nobility, chivalry, these were all things that were just expected and accepted. These days, I feel like the lines are blurred. It's exacerbated by the fact that as soon as we open up our email, unlock our phone, or turn on the TV we're bombarded with "this is right." I suppose it's always been that way, but I think the difference is that now you have it in your face 24/7. Alas, when I get confused, I feel the best thing is to go back to basics. Find your starting point and try again.

    For me, this starting point morally is from superheroes. My father wasn't around. My mother worked 2 jobs. So I had superheroes. But what makes a superhero, a Superhero? Is it morality? Is it justice? Is it doing things for the greater good? At what point do they cross the line? When do the good become the bad?

    "With great power comes greater responsibility."

    This was told to Spiderman by his Uncle Ben shortly before he was murdered. Spiderman scoffed at his uncle. His uncle just didn't understand. He had the power to do things his way and the ends justified the means. Shortly after he let past a crook he saw stealing money from a man he didn't like, this crook murdered his uncle. This left a lasting impression on him. Although the man who was stolen from was a jerk, he still realized that if he had used his power, his uncle would still be alive. This cause/effect rationale would be the foundation of what we know Spiderman as today, our Friendly Neighborhood @BORTZ erm....Spiderman.

    With great power comes greater responsibility......How often do you think those in power reflect that statement? To avoid getting political, Harvey Weinstein comes to mind. Everyone knew and no one stood up. No one said they'll risk throwing it all away to save one woman...... or all of them....

    Moving on, lets look at events unfolded in Captain America's Civil War storyline. While the movie touched on the general notions of the books, it didn't quite grind into the philosophical aspects of it. On one hand, you had Captain America advocating for an individuals rights to remain separate from the government based on individual sovereignty. On the other side you had Iron Man advocating for a superhuman registration program to document and log all known super-powered individuals and their identities to help avoid future catastrophes. This is a moral dilemma. How do you decide between that? They're both heroic in nature, and quite adept at displaying the qualities mentioned above, but here they just don't see eye to eye, and I can't say I could 100% pick a side. I lean towards individuality and sovereignty, but safety is important too.

    In the end I think what makes a superhero a Superhero, isn't any of the qualities above. It's simply the "Hero" part combined with out of this world abilities. We see heroes everyday and we take them for granted. Our teachers that care enough to stay late to help you grasp a subject, our parents that love us enough to go work in a personal hell, our friends that'll be there for us through thick and thin no matter what people say. These people make those choices and take those actions everyday. It's intrinsic to their character. Alas my friends, we can all be a hero to somebody....maybe even a Superhero in some cases.
    brickmii82 I was sitting in my room, listening to music on my playlist and a suggested song started playing I hadn't heard in a very long time.
    I began thinking about the lyrics which I hadnt thought about in a very long time.
    I realized that much time had passed since the song had originally released, and my level of relation to them had increased.
    I always enjoyed it, and I suppose I felt the musical conveyance of the message, but I never really took it seriously as I just couldnt see how it was a potential reality.
    Queue in my recent Fallout 4 binge. I've been playing it immersively for a couple weeks now.
    As I traveled The Glowing Sea, that same ominous feeling came over me.
    I thought, "could we do this?. Would we go this far?"
    I never really thought that mankind would destroy itself.
    We've had a history of violence and bloodshed, but our positives equal our negatives.
    For every era of war, there's also era's of peace and prosperity.
    Every drop of blood shed in violence, there's one shed in hard work.
    Every sad parent's tear for losing a child, there's one for a parent whose was saved.
    It honestly feels overwhelming right now.
    Random shootings, bombs, invasions, tense political atmospheres, "be right at all cost" attitudes....
    I have children and I'm afraid. The world can have me. I'm garbage. Tainted and corrupted. But them...
    They're innocent. They dont know how harsh life is. They still glow with unending, unshakeable hope.
    I at least I had the chance to keep it. Will they have that same chance?
    Anyways, this is nothing more than a sound off about how I'm feeling lately with all of the madness I see.
    And the song? Here you go.....
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    brickmii82 I wanted to drop in and just remind everyone that no matter what challenges you’re facing, you can always keep hope. I truly believe that with a little faith in yourself, some realistic timelines and goals, and A LOT of hard work, anything is possible.

    We all seem to encounter these challenges at the worst possible times. We stress, we worry, we breakdown, we cry, we struggle, we blame others and circumstances, we give up....

    Fuck that. I’m a fighter. You are too. We don’t quit. We may need time-outs to gather ourselves, but we don’t fucking quit. We’ll scratch and claw our way to our goals. We’ll cut the dead weight loose and move on. We’ll let go of the baggage that’s slowing us down. We’ll knock on all of those doors until someone fucking answers and hears us. But....
    We. Will. Not. Quit.

    “It’s about how much you can take, and keep movin forward”

    “On our darkest day, when we’re miles away, the sun will come we will find our way home.”
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    brickmii82 1. An axe with a bit of reddish brown paint on it, kinda splatter arted.
    2. A potato sack the paint got on as well.
    3. A jumbo 3 pack of duck tape minus 1 roll.
    4. A taser.
    5. A half used bag of cement.
    6. A box of roof shingles.

    HMU, used only once!
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    brickmii82 I enjoy poetry. From my introduction to Shel Silverstein in my elementary days, it's always given me inspiration and enjoyment. I write a bit myself now and again, so I wanted to share my work here and invite others to share as well. It doesn't have to be your work, but share a poem you enjoy!

    I am a dreamer, I dream the dreams,

    This world can be cruel as it's not what it seems.

    We fly on planes and travel in car,

    Yet people we're close to can seem very far.

    I dream of the mountain I dream of the beach,

    I aim for the stars though they're out of my reach.

    I strive to achieve my life's ambition,

    I find good strength in all competition.

    We move forward in life as we haven't a choice,

    But I am a dreamer and dreams are my voice.

    I will speak these dreams and let them be loud,

    For I am a dreamer for that I am proud.

    Please dream for yourself of horizons not seen,

    Don't ever forget life begins with a dream.

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    brickmii82 My good friend Paul Horner has just passed away. He became a bit of a celebrity due to his hoax stories, and was certainly one of the "fake news" pioneers. We lost touch for a bit, but around a year ago we began talking again. I was supposed to go see his monthly comedy show in downtown Phoenix at some point but I put it off for too long. I'm too late....
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    brickmii82 As we move through our lives, we experience things that change our perspectives on ourselves, our environments, our friends, loved ones, and especially our feelings. Genetics certainly play a role in this, however it seems evident that humankind is dynamically adaptive. This is exemplified through social interactions. Whether in person or online, we tend to adapt to our social surroundings to fill needs within ourselves, whether mental, emotional, spiritual, and in some cases, physical.

    How we define ourselves is a core to our character and mentality. Some define themselves as loving, some angry, some free, some disciplined, some outgoing, some introverted, the list goes on and on. Obviously we're quite complex so you can have multiple defining qualities and traits, but what are your most cherished and important? What are your most noticeable? What makes you.... you?

    For me, I'd say that I'm loving but temperamental, trusting but watchful, loyal, honest, and dedicated. As for noticeable, I'm a goof-off. If you meet me in person I'll try and squeeze a smile and/or laugh out of you. I like seeing others happy because it makes me feel good as well.

    How about you?
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    brickmii82 This new job is more stressful than I anticipated. I ended up getting promoted to a management position because the previous manager quit because the owner of the company is a grade A douchebag. Seriously, this guy redefines the word. He likes to posture and berate people for things out of their control. Anyways....

    I just wanted to post something since I haven't in awhile, and catch up with everyone! I'm good other than wanting to break this guys face when he opens his mouth.

    So, how y'all doing???
    brickmii82 I've mentioned a few times how I've decided to let love dictate my life's decisions a few times here, so I want to tell a story that'll elaborate one of the reasons I made that choice. This experience was pivotal in the development of my character and personality.

    I work in the automotive service industry. I've been fixing cars for 15 years at this point, and it's a career that's had its ups and downs. One of the high points, I'll never forget....

    I was working as a technician at a shop that serviced a retirement community, and I had plenty of acquaintances I had made of couples that I watched a spouse pass away, and the surviving widow almost seemed indifferent to the passing of their loved one.
    This struck me as odd, and I suppose from my point of view, it was. But.....

    I had a gentlemen that came in for tires and an oil change, and his wife had passed about 6 weeks earlier. He was a small statured man, well groomed, and nicely dressed. My manager came over when he handed me the repair order, and informed of the full situation. All this fellow knew how to do, was fly planes. He made the money and his wife handled EVERYTHING else. From bills to clothes, everything. She had picked out the clothes he was wearing, along with 2 months of outfits before she passed.

    It turned out she had even purchased a tire warranty from a franchise tire shop in case this situation ever arose. So, I drove him over to the tire shop and we had his tires taken care of after I finished his oil change. All in all I ended up spending the whole day with him. He was still broken over her. He would tell me a story of their adventures, then break down into tears. He spoke of her in such high regard, and I couldn't help but think that I would love for someone to think of me this way.

    It was heartbreaking and beautiful. This man, who saw himself as blessed by his lover after 50+ years of marriage. It was the exception, and I was fortunate enough to spend a day with him and hear him talk about what love did for his life. I still get goosebumps 13 years later when I think about it.

    My manager knew the man from his church, and informed me about 2 months later that he had passed away. The doctors said it was "natural causes," and I suppose it kind of was. But, if you look further you find the absolute truth. He died of a broken heart. He loved her so much, that when she passed it was like his very soul no longer desired this world. It wanted to be with her.

    Love changes people. We've all had that friend that fell in love, or had a child, or found something to love and the outcome is often the same. They change. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, but the change happens inevitably. If I fall in love again, I hope it's like him, and I hope the woman I fall in love with feels the same.
    brickmii82 Post your thoughts of me here. But, I don't care. Not really:unsure:
    Pic not relevant....
    brickmii82 Well, things are looking up. I have a new job that's paying more, a nice woman I'm spending time with, and a lot of friends around to enjoy extra time with.

    I had thought I was on the downhill slide. Then again, I suppose I was. Got arrested and caught a couple charges, divorced, lost my job.... yeah, typical boo hoo sob story.

    I just kept hopeful through the BS. I figured if I just took opportunity when it presented
    itself, the rest would work out. I should be able to climb a mountain I made, after all.

    It's funny how the world can bear down on you. One minute you're on top of it, the next its crushing you. But, if you just grab hold, dig deep and start lifting it a step at a time, you find yourself juggling it.

    Maybe things do happen for a reason. Maybe all of the problems we experience in life, help lead us to greener pastures if we do our part and believe.
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    brickmii82 I got baked a few days ago and started a spirit animal joke with some friends. I joked about me being a gorilla, because I have an abundance of body hair. We went on teasing ourselves and each other, and eventually just polished off a couple pizzas and crashed out.

    Well, I've been thinking about it more in depth. From my understanding, a spirit animal is a creature whose personality traits and character traits reflect yours. If that's the case, I'd have to say I'm actually an orca. I love the ocean, but I need air as well. I can be playful, but vicious as well. I enjoy family, and company as well. I don't like captivity, and it has affected me forever.

    How about you? What's yours and why?
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    brickmii82 I'll preface this by telling a bit of my story. My mother was a housewife when she and my father were still married. My dad was a Senior Chief in the US Navy, and a submarine crewman. They divorced and my mother went all gung-ho on mental health, and stuck it to my dad pretty hard. She contributed to making it difficult for us to continue father/son relations, and he eventually just stopped trying.

    I went almost 25 years without my father being around. Hell, we never even spoke and I didn't even know what he looked like. I had a lot of animosity about it until after I had my son. I began to correlate the love I had for my son, to the anger I had towards my father. I decided that I would speak with him and see how things turned out.

    Well, it was sporadic at first. A Facebook message every few months, a letter here and there. Nothing too substantial. Just banter of family and friends, TV, movies, games. Eventually it withered (admittedly by my ineptitude) and we hadn't spoken for almost 2 years.

    Then came disaster. My then-wife had decided to split up, and I was in shambles. I lost my job, vehicle, house, and focus. I didn't know how to deal with this, so I made a Facebook post asking for support.

    Enter my father. The man I wanted to know, but hadn't taken the time or effort to make it happen. He messages me and asks if I'm alright. I say no, I'm a mess. He tells me to let it go, and come stay with him for awhile and see what happens. I said lets do it.

    I flew out that weekend. When I arrived, he made sure I had anything I needed and we talked for a long while about everything. From him and my mother, to me and my ex. We cleared the air. It was a massive release.

    I stayed there with him for about 4 1/2 months. We built a great relationship. He said he was proud of the man I'd become, and that his biggest regret in life was losing contact with my brother and I. I only left because I couldn't get my kids there.

    He was diagnosed with prostate cancer shortly before my split, and didn't tell me until I got there. He comforted me by saying it's early stage, and they'll just "cut it out." I talked to people and researched, and it seemed he was right.

    Well, he wasn't. He's undergone numerous surgeries and treatments, and it just grows back. A fucking filthy, festering, evil natured disease is going to take my father from me just when I've established a bond. He's in radiation therapy now, but it's risky as hell because he's already been exposed to radiation from his sub service. If you didn't know, there's a lifetime recommended limit to radiation exposure. He's well over it. He just called asking about Christmas gifts for my kids. I'm interpreting this as he doesn't think he has much time left.

    Fuck me running, can I get a breather before more shit piles on?!? Fuck you cancer! If my generation doesn't finish you, the next one will!!
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    brickmii82 My best friend is going through some tough times at the moment, and I don't think he's gonna be OK for awhile. He and his ex/kids mom just had a really nasty split. She kicked him out of the house, jumped right in with someone else, and his kid was sent away to keep them distant from the chaos.

    I picked him up and he's staying with me. I don't mind, he's been really supportive of me in my hard times. I try and keep him occupied with games and projects, but he has breakdowns every now and then. Moments of vengeance in his eyes, and other moments of emotional outburst. Usually tears and holding his head in his hands.

    It breaks my heart to see him so distraught. He's a great guy, and one of the most loyal and honest people I've ever met. Funny thing is, he dated my ex-wife before I met her. That's how we became friends, she invited him over to a BBQ we were having. She was honest, told me about their past. I'm not the jealous type so it didn't bother me. Now we're pretty close, almost like family. He helps my mom on her ranch and runs errands with my son sometimes. You never know where a good friendship will come from, do you?

    Anyways, I suppose I'm just attempting to blog. I really don't have any questions on how to handle this. I went through it myself so I know his pain. Hell, he supported me when my divorce went down. He just needs an ear and a bit of advice every now and then. And a place.

    It's whatever, he'll come back to himself eventually. We all have highs and lows. I just won't let him give in.
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