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    brickmaker I just bought a white 500G PS4 for $120 AU. It apparently has a "faulty B-R drive". It comes with a controller which has "faulty ports." It's coming with 8 games, some of which are decent PS4 white faulty. . I snapped this unit up quite quickly as I had previously bought a faulty PS4 500G unit which I put in the too hard basket after establishing the stated issue of "faulty HDMI output" really meant - no HDMI output, due to likely having massive hardware failure(s). Having repaired my first and only XB1 which was given to me which had a faulty drive, I'm feeling lucky with this punk. The XB1 required a board transfer with soldering, from what I can tell the PS4 has a separate board which simply clips off with standard wiring loom connectors - happy days ^_^. When I bought my previous faulty PS4, I also bought a separate faulty PS4 controller from elsewhere which I believe to now be fully repaired, however it's never been tested! It's fully charged, the controller was sold as having faulty vibration. It turned out that the controller had probably been dropped, and the vibration motor had broken from it's usual internal mounts, and disconnected from it's connector power source. Some plastic welding later - fixed (?), I will know when my new white baby shows up!
    brickmaker Has anyone made a USB break-out cable from the back of an SD-card?
    My thought is that perhaps the data going to an SD card slot pins, could be used to read/write to a hard drive. This would no doubt require an Arduino interface between the SD and for example USB external HD.
    I'm debating with myself how useful this may actually be, and at this stage I'm settling for 'I dunno.'
    Potential uses could be to interface with butt-monkey devices that don't have a USB interface.
    The attached picture is Micro of course, but it would work with an SD micro SD extension. adapter, a USB controller and cut the socket end off and add a USB socket. Voila! Why would anyone do that? :wtf: