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    [NSF56K] Complete Crystal Pokedex ~99% legit run

    Hi. I am documenting my complete Crystal Pokedex. Welcome to the show.
    crystal title.png redtitle.png redinbattle.png hotelpc.png
    How did you do all this? I emulated Pokemon Crystal on the emulator My Old Boy! for Android. If you haven't used it and want to play Gameboy/color games on your Android device, I suggest this one. The only way this was even possible is due to the link cable functionality. You can run 2 instances of My Old Boy at the same time, linked. I spent a lot of time trading with myself, as you might imagine. I had to play through Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, AND Crystal to catch everything I needed in order to complete the Crystal Dex. Red/Blue have not aged well aesthetically, but there are a couple of visual patches I used for fun. They replace all the graphics with Crystal assets. It really makes R/B look really really good. If you are going to play the originals again, maybe take a look. I took a shot from Celedeon where a accidentally stranded myself after trading away all the useful pokemon in Red. That last shot is the hotel with the invisible pc. It still works even with the updated graphics.
    crystalfile.png crystal.png reddefeated.png thegang.png jinx.png
    You played how long? This is just my playtime on Crystal alone. Remember I had to complete Red or Blue (I can't remember which, now) in order to get MewTwo. And I had to play a large chunk of the opposite version to get the exclusives, as well as a bit of yellow to take advantage of *trainer fly. More on that later. I also had to play most of Silver and ALL of Gold because Remoraid is a SOB who can't be caught outside of swarms without a Super Rod. He is exclusive to Gold and you only get the Super Rod post Elite 4. I didn't realize this until I was down to about 15 pokemon to go. So 277 hours is only about 1/3 of how much I played in total. Now, remember that I was playing on an emulator so I did take advantage of save scums, save states, and most importantly: 4X Fast Forward. I played most of the games going 4X as fast. That is probably the biggest boon to playing on an emulator (well that and filters for fun). They reason I have a screenie of Jynx is because I had never really used her before. Jynx OWNS. There are so many things weak to Psychic and Ice typing and both Kanto (especially Kanto) and Jhoto. She became my MVP for this run.
    Here's the two profs after I got my pokedex completed. Oak is genuinely excited, but offers nothing in return for the completing of his dream. What a jerk. To be fair, I dont need any masterballs since I already own every single monster obtainable up to this point in time, save trying to transfer over an "M" or MissingNO. Elm is completely non-interested and is still wondering if my "EGG HAS CHANGED ANY". What an idiot.
    goldgeot.png shinyhooh (2).png
    Any shinies? The single shiny that I encountered in my entire run.A Pidgey. I guess the odds are probably pretty good that of all of them it would either be a Pidgey, Rattata, or a Zubat. Actually a shiny Crobat might be kinda cool. But anyways. Yeah this was the only one I saw. I caught the obligitory Red Gayrados. And for fun I made Ho-oh shiny. It actually turned out worse than I thought. Cheaters never prosper.
    chancy grass.png
    Warnings to other players who might want to do this? Be prepared to trade with youself a lot. Also there are a few pokemon that really tried my patience. This patch of grass (above the ledge and cut tree) is the only place in the game where you can catch a Chansey. And its a 1/100 chance too, IIRC. AND, see that girl in green? If you catch one, she will trade you for an Aerodyctal. So you have to (or you can) catch 2. I was counting my encouters as well as trying to hatch eggs at the same time. You know, killing two birds with one stone.
    The stone problem. There is a big issue with elemental evolutionary stones in gen 2. They are very limited. I don't have my notes in front of me right now, but I think there was only one set in Silver/Gold, and an added set in Crystal. One set came from very specific trainers who would trade numbers with you. Randomly (yay) they might call you and tell you they have something for you. Only once. The other set comes from Bill's grandpa. He requests to see 5 specific pokemon rewarding you with stones each time you fulfill his wish. Except the first one is an everstone. Yay. Fire, water, leaf, and thunderstones can be purchased in R/B/Y. This is great if you have the means to trade you pokemon back in time AND if they have all legacy moves (high level pokemon need not apply). One issue is Eevees. You have to either play 5 games and get an eevee from each, or breed them. I would then suggest trading 3 of them back in time. And that gets us into the whole egg hatching malarkey.
    Egg hatching and friendship evolutions suck. I don't have anything else to add here, both of those things suck. No flame body or anything to help. Just get your bike out and head to kanto.
    Kurt's balls suck, too. I always felt like I under-utilized Kurt and his balls when I was younger but... turns out 4 or something of his balls actually just don't work. The two that do are for low level or easy to catch pokemon as it is. Again I don't have my notes but one of them increases your catch odds with pokemon who evolve when you use a "burn heal" on them (thanks gamefreak).
    @Issac He asked if I caught all the unowns. I did. I almost didn't but I went back and I did. I actually did straight up cheat to do it thought. One of the last rooms you need to solve a puzzle and have a water stone in your bag to finish. I was so done with the stone ass pain that I just gave in and cheated one in with the GameShark. Also:
    Why this is only a ~99% legit pokedex collection:
    gs ball.png ilexforestshrine.png celebidex.png
    So here's the first non-legit thing I did. The only way to get a Celebi without have an official code from a Nintendo store is to use a GameShark. At first, I couldn't find a code to trigger the GS Ball event, so I just gen'd a Celebi into the wild and caught it. I felt dirty about that, so I kept searching. Eventually I found a code on GameFAQs that did just that. Triggered the GS Ball event just like it would have back in 2000. I went through the motions and caught an "as legit as I could get" Celebi.
    Also I wanted to start the game with a pseudo legendary: Larvitar. So I genned one in with the GameShark codes. Later on in the run I caught a legit one to kind of even the score out.
    Mew is the only pokemon I needed yellow for. I used a glitch that allows you to gen in a pokemon depending who you fly from. This again is one of the circumstances I found myself in. There is no real way to get a mew unless you cheat one in or do something like this.
    I never got far enough as a kid to use the train, so this was cool. Anyways, thanks for reading :D
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    I have been here 11 years, today.

    So remember last year how I said I was going to update the OP if this post? Well here it is. The reason I havent done anything till now is because my life kinda went sideways a year ago today. I don't want to get into specifics but things are better now. Much better. Anyways. I was going to sit you all down and tell you the rather un-interesting story of how I came to be here.

    So first things first. 1. If you want to read my embarrassing first post ever, be my guest: http://gbatemp.net/threads/im-brand-new-and-need-help.67546/
    2. So my first forray into anything "illegal" with games was when I was in 9th grade. A friend of mine gave me a disk with most of the roms from the NES. My best friend would come over and we would play random games all night. Later I would get a DS phat with my earnings from my first summer job. I the next summer I got a new job and eventually ran into a kid there who had a Datel Max Media Dock. This thing was the holy grail as far as I was concerned. This was around 2005~6 when those little 128mb mp3 players were showing up. I wanted something better. I knew I could do better than getting a dinky mp3 player (actually I had one at the time, but anyways) but not going as far as buying a newfangled iPod. And there it was. A media player for the DS. What could be more perfect. So i started hunting. I would need an obscure "compact flash" card which even for mid 2000s was already outdated. But a hunting I went. Eventually I got the model without the build in harddrive and used my own CF card. It was kinda cool, all bolted on to my DS phat. It worked ok. The video was alright but it only played from the beginning. If you tried to jump around at all, you started the video over again. Eventually I traded it in for a new single cart solution, the Datel Games 'n' Music. I got closer to perfection with this iteration, but still not perfect. The music and games worked a little bit better but very shortly after getting it, my DS stopped recognizing the actual cart. To this day I have not figured that one out. I returned the product and got another one. Still nothing. Eventually I got rid of it but kept looking.

    And that is more or less how I ended up here. I did some Googling for a DS media device and found some post pointing me towards the R4. I had to have one. I bought one and had it shipped to the house and my parents wrapped it for my Christmas gift. It was amazing. I spent the whole Christmas break figuring out how to use Moonshell and putting all my music on it. It worked better than my bother's iPod for the time. And for the foreseeable future. But I kept coming back here. And the rest was history.

    I know this wasn't really worth waiting a year to read but there it is. I love you guys.
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    I have been here 10 years today.


    I will edit this OP later. I had 6 paragraphs typed up about the strange times that '07 brought about and I lost the whole post. UGH.

    Anyways, 3 things for now:
    1. If you want to read my embarassing first post ever, be my guest: http://gbatemp.net/threads/im-brand-new-and-need-help.67546/
    2. Here is a link I need for tomorrow when I fix this mess lol: http://us.codejunkies.com/gamesnmusic/about.asp
    Sneak peek at something that eventually lead me here to GBAtemp for good.
    3. Here's to another great 10 years with you lovable nerds! :bortz: :bortz2:
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    I miss Vipera

    At least he was better than this self indulgent trash
    i miss vipera.png

    Attached Files:

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    Why everyone at my high school had a PlayStation 2

    Just for fun, I wanted to tell a little story about why the PlayStation 2 was the most popular console at my high school.

    The reason is quite simple but somewhat humorous. Stick with me, I know I am clickbaiting you.

    The simple answer was around 2005 my friends started talking in code and coming to school with much more... "laid back moods" that normal. They would ask each other if they had "put on a sweater" that morning. Another popular code phrase was "playing ski ball" before or after school. Of course you know what I am talking about at this point. Weed.

    The obsession with the green devil's lettuce didn't last long as their tolerance grew and my friends moved on to harder things and the more readily available alcohol. But the fact remains that marijuana was enticing and illegal. So what's the connection to a bunch of potheads and the PlayStation 2? All of them had one. In mid 2005 and onward everyone talked about playing games on PS2, trading games around, and watching movies with the new fangled device that could do it all. Of course, all the reasons stated are perfectly acceptable reasons to own the console. The common games to talk about with friends, the inclusion of being in the "playstaion" crowd, and so on. Not only were the PS2 consoles extremely popular, they weren't all that expensive at the time either. With the PS3 and 360 looming over the gaming horizon, you could get you hands on a PS2 for a decent price. Maybe a bit of summer work money or pitching to your parents that you can use it as a DVD player, you get the idea.

    The two facts I NEVER put together until much later was 1. everyone had a phat PS2. Why wouldn't you? It was cheap, OG, easy to find... the reasons are endless. But the real reason was 2. the phats had an empty expansion bay. No one I knew used any of the online features or had anything to fill that space....

    ...except weed. It was the perfect place to hid your pot stash. It comes with its own little cover and everything. You put your bag in, snap the cover on, and hid the PS2 bay against the wall under your TV and no one is the wiser. I would have never guessed. And apparently, no one's parents ever guessed either. It was the perfect crime (lol). I found out about the expansion bay stash cache when a friend told us all a story about him stuffing it all in just in time before his dad came into his room. He said something to the effect of "I know my parents aren't dumb, and they knew I had weed. They just never found out where I kept it." I laughed like this was a hilarious place to keep your drug stash. A few others did that "I know the feeling" kinda laugh. I asked why no one found this funny. Just about everyone there agreed that the PS2 expansion bay was the best hiding place they had found and why they loved the PS2. Of course, the other actual features of the console certainly helped.


    ]TL;DR (mouse hover)

    I hope you liked my story, I sure as hell do.
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    Life isn't fair

    My wife turned 24 this past Sunday. She was born with a condition called PKU. Basically she can't eat protein. We had her yearly checkup on Wednesday. They do a bunch of tests and take blood. After we got home, the blood doctor told us to go to the ER. my wife's blood sugar was over 500. She is now diagnosed with diabetes.

    She's 24... why...
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    My friend, in a coma.

    A childhood friend. Named Jake.

    The earliest memory I have of us together was a day after second grade. Funny enough we were both in the same class and his mother was substituting for our pregnant teacher. He called me that afternoon asking if I wanted to come over. I don't remember why this sticks with me but I remember Jake (his name) telling me he was confused when we talked on the phone. Our voices sounded different he said.

    "You sounded like an elephant" lol

    The years grew long. Many a sleep over, homework sessions, trips to amusement parks. 6 years spent drumming for the high school band together. We were pretty damn close. Jake was funny, always making me laugh. It was effortless for him, something I envied about him. It was great because it naturally attracted girls, captivated by his charm. A couple of times we even went after the same girls. Jake and I were always average students, but he was usually unfocused and bored with school. In those early jr. high years I started to sense something deep down inside him. The seeds of depression, or something. I couldn't be sure.

    Freshman year rolled around and so did the use of Marijuana. Not just with him, but for a lot of my friends. It was a bit hard to watch but I powered through. If you guys don't know, I came from a very strong conservative Christian family and upbringing. Anyways, back then I could tell when he was high. And it was a lot of the time. That's when he started spiraling. Over the next few years I heard stories about him huffing, inhaling air duster, taking acid, and one striking account him snorting cocaine and trying to have a normal conversation with his mother while watching a baseball game.

    Jake introduced me to my favorite band and album, still true to this day. Jake was all about music. His drumming was always better than mine, and his brother taught him how to shred electric guitar. We even tried (hilariously and failed) to form a band with me as the drummer and vocalist. Once, while we were having a late night hangout, Jake and I were on the internet looking at stupid shit, I'm sure. He glanced at the clock, jumped up, and grabbed his guitar. I looked at him with a puzzled expression. All he did was say, "its 1:19am, time to practice my "thunderstruck" solo". It was funny at the time.

    He always liked harder music with harsh vocals. We would listen to it on our various car drives around town. It took 3 or so years before I was ready to try some of it for myself. Early into our senior year, the band Between the Buried and Me was set to release their flagship album, "Colors". Clearly the band had had a huge effect on Jake in years past. He talked about the new album, showing me clips the band would release, teasers of songs, and eventually, after he listen to the album for himself, the best parts. Trying to win me over by showing me there were parts I could relate to. It worked. A few weeks after BTBAM released and album, Jake burned me a copy and I started my journey in metal. I spend hours listening to Colors, working on artwork (avoiding doing scholarships lol). I would listen to it while I gamed, and in my head, it was almost synonymous with the game Front Mission 1st for the DS. I grew to love BTBAM's Colors album. It's still my favorite. Especially today.

    We graduated together and went our separate ways to college. I didn't get to see him much, but when I did, we had a good time, like usual. There was never any need to catch up or make up for lost time. We just picked up where we left off, with zero need for maintenance in our friendship. We just clicked on some deep level.

    College proved to be too much for him. Somewhere in our respective junior years, Jake was expelled from school for shoplifting a powerstrip from a local Staples. What would normally be a slap on the wrist became much bigger as the police found a few substances in and on his person.

    After I graduated college, I moved back home, got a 9 to 5 job, and devoted a lot of time visiting my now wife on the weekends. Jake was only 13 minutes away but I didn't get to see him much. We did make it to a couple of concerts and a few outings at a local taco shop. But not often, since he was very prideful. He hated when I would pay for him or offer to front him money for activities. He got a job a hotel in a nearby town working odd hours. Eventually he was fired for theft again. I would see him at church every once and a while with his grandma, but I am more or less certain his parents forced him into it. 2 years ago in the early spring, he called me to tell me he was going into rehab for a month. I saw him afterwards and not much had changed. But I was starting to notice he was slower. With words, thoughts... actions. The drugs were starting to take a toll.

    A few weeks ago he messaged me asking if I wanted to see a movie. I never got back to him, being busy and all, the week before thanksgiving. He would forgive me, and we would hang out again soon.

    That was the last message I would ever receive from Jake.

    Two fridays ago, November 26th, I got a message from another mutual friend saying that Jake was in the hospital in a coma. The story goes that he, his father and sister were shopping at the mall. Jake makes mention that he wasn't feeling well and needed to sit down. He collapsed, later revealed due to a heart attack. No one in the mall had the knowledge of CPR nor did the mall have any AES units. Jake went 6 minutes without oxygen. Last friday my brother (long story, he's got connections) told me the MRI came back revealing Jake's brain was heavily damaged and didn't make it through the oxygen deprivation. The last thing I have heard is that the family has elected to take him off of life support. I am sorry to leave you all with a cliff hanger but I fear for the worst. 16 hours ago, his sister posted that he is still doing the same. No brain activity, still out.

    I think we know he's already gone...


    I visited Jake in the hospital last night. This might be a little tough for some to read.

    My mom called me yesterday afternoon. We talked about my friend's situation and how she felt like she felt she and my dad should be there for his parents. I can't even imagine what they are going through. I voiced my concern about seeing him like this but after a bit of deliberation I decided I would be more upset with myself if I didn't take the time to see him.

    I'm glad I did, even though it was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

    I lost it as soon as I saw him lying in his bed. Micah, his nephew had left his stuffed lion next to Jake in bed. I couldn't even walk into his room. I had to face away and talk to the nurses for a few minutes before I could even look at him. After a few minutes I had enough courage to sit with him. I slumped into a chair next to him and balled my eyes out.

    The nurse called his parents and they gave permission for the nurse to brief us on his situation. He's not really necessarily in a coma, but I don't know if I could call him conscious. His body seizes and he squirms around every so often, maxed out on drugs, and traked and hooked to a respirator. He suffered massive brain damage at the time of his event. The nurses say he isn't in any pain, so I guess that's good. He has low neurological functionality but that's about it. He yawns, chews, and can open his eyes at times. I don't know if he can focus on anything, but he seems to respond every once and a while to loud noises and human contact.

    My parents left me alone with Jake for me to say a few word. It took me awhile, but eventually I was able to talk to him through the tears. A minute into talking to him i layed my hand on his shoulder. I told him I loved him and how strong he was. I don't think there is any scientific possibility that he heard be or knew it was me, but he stirred I could see him making an effort to open his eyes, so I kept talking to him. I apologized about not getting back to him about the movie. Part way through our talk I saw his mouth open and his lips curled into a smile. I finished up with my rambling said my goodbyes. I told the nurse thank you for taking care of my friend.

    I feel better after seeing him. I know he suffered a ton of damage and there probably isnt any way he actually heard what I said, but I choose to believe that he did... just to make myself feel better. It was heartbreaking to see him like that, but I know I would want him to do the same for me.

    Edit 2: The family took him off life support December 27th and I got word he passed last night.

    Edit 3: I had some wrong information. He actually didnt pass away till January 15th. We buried him on January on the 18th. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

    I don't blog much anymore and I am sorry about the text wall. I just needed to tell someone. If you stuck this read out, thank you.

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    FFTA Completed

    I finally completed Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I dont know how many hours this game has taken from me over the years, but it was over 100 this time. I finally beat every single mission that game has to offer (other than the link missions, cant very well do that with an emulator lol)

    I did not master all of the classes, nor probably collect all the equipment, but hey, this is good enough for me.
    You can see it at the bottom, 117 hours, all missions complete. Now, they dont show up on the regular 300 but this was after I finished the judge missions too. Note: I used both files for save redundancy. I might have pulled my hair out if something would have happened to my save anywhere over 200 missions complete.

    This is just to show that yeah I have all areas freed and all missions complete.

    Ok, theres where I gloat about my troops.

    Kyrocera (MC/Marche)- Overpowered ninja. Trained as a theif from the beginning and moved into ninja after he mastered "steal weapon". Raised as a ninja from then on, with doublesword and fighter's "Strikeback" for high damage output. Basically a physical damage powerhouse. My biggest problem is that he doesnt change appearance when you change jobs. Lame. If I do a second play though, I will be doing an all generic run, and leaving Marche on the sidelines.

    Mont Blanc- is the weakest moogle that you will ever see. His stats dont even amount to anything worth it, hes not dispatch-able, and his appearance doesn't change :C So I sent him to jail and forgot about him. Note: I had some sort of decent moogle for a while, but he just wasnt useful to me, so as you can see, didnt make it to the end of the game.

    Silac- Hunter/ Blue Mage - Following in the footsteps of my first playthrough's hunter, Skimble, Silac is my hunter 2.0. Highly powered with Aim, Hunt, and augmented with Blue Magic.

    Benjamin - Dragoon/Gladiator - in my first playthrough, I relied on mostly humans and bangaa. But this time I only had one who was a combo of Ramses (from game one) and my gladiator. He wasnt all the powerful, but he could soak some damage for the team, and was quite the dragon's bane.

    Domenic - Alchemist/Black Mage/ Illusionist - My Gandolf of the game. His magic was doubled with Turbo MP, and was able to switch between 3 different schools of magic depending on the laws or needs of the battle.

    Ingrid - Sniper/Assassain - Silent KO machine. Completely possible she is the most OP party member.

    Dickens was my late recruit to the party. I used him as my team's Radagast. I taught him Beastmaster skills, Morpher skills, and Sage magic. Decently powerful, but mostly useful for capturing mosters and teaching Silac blue magic.

    Hans was my late game addition, simply to fill out my moogle requirements. He didnt get to far... oh well.

    Cid only joins after you beat the judge missions, and I messed with this equips to prove that he for sure joined me and I did complete the extra missions.

    Oh yeah, these three join you too, but who cares. I was actually pretty excited to make Ezel my main alchemest, but his skills are preset and they are diddly squat compared to the terror that Domenic rained from the sky.

    Ok, im done gloating. :D


    I have been looking into buying a japanese 3DS for about a year now (too bad I haven't really been working all that heard on you know, learning japanese. Anyways. Being that Japan gets all the coolest stuff, especially if you are a weeaboo like emigre and I are, you really appreciate that kinda stuff. I have never really been one for the special edition 3DSs, because frankly there havent been any games that I care about THAT much to have a special emblem branded on my console. So I kinda decided on getting just a plain ice white 3DS.


    My plan is to get one when I am ready with enough japanese language knowledge to buy a 3DS and confidently play games. Now, probably not something like Devil Survivor or anything SUPER text heavy, but maybe lighter text games and the obvious, DQ games. But I am also kinda crossing my fingers for smea's 3DS CFW to get a release something soon. That way I can obliterate the region lock and have the 3DS I want, as well as playing the japanese exclusives I want.


    Then after a little while the special edition Terry's Wonderland 3DS really started to grow on me. Which is mostly ok. But that means I would have two copies of terrys wonderland (long story). Also, since its release about a year and a half ago, it would still definitely have a FW that is <4.5. So if smea's CFW only works on <4.5 i would still be in the clear for my plan.

    BUT NOW.
    I found this.


    This stupid special edition causes so many problems with my theory and plan.
    It fixes the problem of having two copies of terrys wonderland. But I messes up everything else.
    Since I cant ever get one until February, there is no way it will have a low firmware.
    I dont really like the XLs for a load of reasons, I love the gloss look of the regular 3DSs, the DS lite size, the tighter display and pixel density etc.

    But the very compelling argument arises again, "how can I not." I think i'm just going to have to do it guys.

    Foxis raises a good point though. "but bortz, no gaems." Well even if he is right, the only game(s) I need I A)already have and B) come with the console

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    Thinking about dropping the "ANATOR" from my name, and capitalizing the rest. thoughts?

    That would make me BORTZ
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    I feel like an immortal

    I have been here since late 2007. The users i have gotten to know and enjoy tend to fade in and out of my forum vision as time goes on. I feel like an immortal because I keep meeting new people and then eventually outstay them here at the Temp.

    BoneMonkey- I never really got a personal relationship level with him, but I did get to enjoy his posts a whole lot. Eventually he posted outside of the Testing Area and got banned for thinking he was above the rules.

    JPH- made me a ava/sig and the a few months later, hacked the temp... Weird.

    Linkiboy-actually a girl, but interesting. Mostly inactive.

    theworst- he didnt last long, but i though he was funny. Wished me happy birthday my first year here.

    War/Science - i havent seen much from War for a long while and Science posts every once and a while, but not many know who he is anymore.

    VVolts/Westside still post every once in a blue moon. But again, mostly from obscurity.

    NeSchin-Makes kick ass music and hes friendly, but never really comes around anymore. You can find 2 of his old EPs from his old band in the Books, Music, TV and Movies section.

    There is a whole slew of them that i have befriended and then they moved up to a position of power though.

    Raulpica- has always been there for me. :wub: fav supervisor

    Hadrian- he was/is hilarious. :wub: fav Former Staffer.

    ProtoKun-We had a decent working relationship at least at one time.

    Guild-Has been around and is a class favorite for most. Ive watched him for a long time now.

    Vulpes- I started liking him after he became mod material. We kinda built a friendship.

    Mthrnite- seems to be kinda missing like most of the higher powers actually...

    I dont know, looking through my old blogs and seeing some of the heavyweights that posting when i was a young member makes me nostalgic.
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    Cracked and ordered a White 3DS from Japan this morning.

    I have been wanting one for a while now. But I have been putting off learning the japanese language. Looks like this is my incentive to get moving. And quick. It will be here in a little over a month, with Terry's Wonderland.

    Other than that, not much else to report. Archery leagues are over for the year. Ill have some more free time as the spring gets nicer. Maybe i can study Japanese outside.
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    Might finally be getting my ice white 3DS.

    Nxenz tipped me off on a cheap eBay classified white japanese 3DS. I dont know a ton of fapanese yet, and my reading ability is pretty... non-existence. HOWEVER. in my transition period, I am planning to buy only one physical game, Terry's Wonderland, the reason for me to get an import 3DS. I own a few games here that i will sell and Mostly games that dont require my reading ability AND games i can get them on the Japanese eshop. Such as Super Mario 3D land, Mario Kart 7, and other things.

    I have questions but im going to put them in a place where they will actually get answered, in the 3DS section.
    If you could answer any of my questions that would be greatly appreciated.
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    Best. Rainbow. Ever.


    Ive never seen one this big and full. I cant believe i was lucky enough to see this.
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    Captain Bortz's Piracy Cove

    Has anyone here heard of "piracy syndrome"?
    I think its where you download too much and dont know what to play. You end up just going back and playing your favorites or just endlessly browsing the temp and facebook for videogame shiz and dreaming about playing them, but when it comes to the time to play them, you just cant decided cause you have too much to play.

    Well i think my "piracy syndrome" is now in stage 2. Im starting to feel like a pirate who has already pillaged the high seas and has a huge horde of treasure. Im looking for a place to stash it all.

    I dont really play games much anymore, even though im trying to force myself to do so, cause i have SO much i wanna play.
    Fast made a thread of the "legendary games you HAVENT played" and made a list. I have a few series i want to play though, unfortuanly they are mostly RPGs and long ass balls.
    1. The Dragon Quest Series. Staring at 1&2 and playing all the way to 9.
    Dragon Quest
    Dragon Quest 2 (started)
    Dragon Quest 3
    Dragon Quest 4
    Dragon Quest 5

    Dragon Quest 6 (started)
    Dragon Quest 7 (started)
    Dragon Quest 8 Play this one with the orchestrated sound track!
    Dragon Quest 9 (started)
    Dragon Quest X (online only)
    Dragon Quest 11
    2. The Final Fantasy Series. Starting at 1 on the NES and playing all the way to 9. I have already played 7 and 9, as well as all of the Tactics spinoffs. If i want to play more, I own 12 and have a 360 if i want to ever get 13 and 13-2.
    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy II
    Final Fantasy III (DS)
    Final Fantasy IV (started)
    Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy VIII (probably gonna watch this one on YouTube...)
    Final Fantasy IX
    Final Fantasy X / X2
    Final Fantasy XI (online)
    Final Fantasy XII (playing right now)
    Final Fantasy XIII / XIII - 2 / XIII - 3
    Final Fantasy XiV (online)
    Final Fantasy XV (probably gonna pass on this one

    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

    Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (playing on my phone)
    3. Legend of Zelda series. This one, im already pretty far along with. Ive played Links Awakening, Link to the Past, Twilight Princess, Minish Cap, and i started OoT on my 3DS. Ill start at the NES Zelda game and play 2, Ages, Seasons, Wind Waker, MM, Skyward Sword, and the DS ones.
    Adventures of Link (2)
    Link's Awakening
    Link to the Past

    Oracle of Ages / Oracles of Seasons
    Ocarina of Time
    Majora's Mask
    Wind Waker
    Minish Cap
    Phantom Hourglass
    Spirit Tracks
    Twilight Princess
    Skyward Sword
    Link Between Worlds
    Breath of the Wild
    4. Not nearly as time consuming, but i want to play thought Golden Sun again. The first time i got thought the whole game, after beating Karst and whoever that dude was, my game glitched and i never got the Mars star into my inventory again... Id like to emulate them, but NOTHING emulates The lost age well. At all.

    So i can emulate most of those. So that means that i start downloading them. All. Right now, i have most of my DSTwo's memory clogged with DQ4,5,6, 9 and tons of other games that I skipped over during the DS's life.

    I recently bought a 3DS too. So what does that mean? Now im starting to purchase games for my 3DS and again, just stockpile them. I already own Zelda OoT, SMT: Devil Survivor, MK7. Super Mario Land, Kid Icarus uprising... And i want more. But i dont have the time to play all of this. But i cant sell or delete the files... I want to keep them. I filled the rest of my DS's memory with all the NES games i could find, as well as some GBA classics.

    I have so many systems and so many games. I havent even touched on the HDD full of wii games i want to beat too...