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    Boogieboo6 I wanted to buy my family some nice things for Christmas, now that I have a job.
    For my mom, I want to make a little Ms Pacman arcade cabinet. It's the only game she really plays, but she enjoys it and it's a unique idea.
    For my sister, I want to get her a good, cheap pair of earbuds. I'd get a nice pair, but she has a tendency to lose her earbuds.
    Now for my dad, this is the hardest one imo. He likes watches and wallets. He gets nice watches to replace older ones he gets, but here's the big problem: he works on cars and tends to smash the faces of his watches after a while.
    So the whole reason I'm writing this blog: does anybody know a good watch, shiny or black doesn't matter, that won't shatter as easily as his previous watches?
    Thanks everybody! Once I know what I'm getting, I can save up a bunch of money! If anybody has earbud suggestions, I'd be glad to hear those too!
    Boogieboo6 Over the Summer, I've done a lot with myself. I went to driving school, I got my learner's permit, and applied for my first job. I've got my second interview on Monday! With everything going on, I need a little advice.

    I have no problem with the school bus. I really like it honestly. The kids in the back always talk about some kind of drama and it's really entertaining. My point is, I don't plan on driving to school. I can take my mom's car to work, my dad's car if he's home, and in the absolute worst case scenario, ride my bike to work. It's not too far from my house.

    I think I should buy my own car in the Summer before I go to college. I'll need one then, because I won't have my mom's car to drive, and I can't just keep taking a bike everywhere.

    This seems like a good plan in my head, but I don't know for sure. What do you guys think?
    Boogieboo6 Hello internet, and welcome to my second blog. I was thinking about what I should play, and I've come up with nothing. It's gotta be on PC, because PC master race. I was thinking about a type of adventure game, one not so focused on combat, or story, or even just surviving. One where subtle clues would point me in the direction of a treasure, and the only thing stopping me was my ability to see the signs! Currently, the only thing like that that I can think of is Firewatch. It was a good game, but I've beaten it before so I know what's going to happen. I was thinking about playing Fallout, so I could shoot stuff. But the initial satisfaction of combat would soon wear off, and I'd be left with a not-so-beautiful world to explore. It doesn't really help that I know I'm able to go straight to New Vegas and skip going to places like Novac. I could play Skyrim, but I really HATE the combat in that game. Enemies don't react to being hit, and will only stagger if you use a power attack. It's like hitting them with a leaf and they suddenly have a seizure after being hit one too many times. My friends like to play the game sneaky and sneak constantly. I don't like doing that, sneaking is just too slow for me. I don't care about being quiet in the game, because I could have run up to a group of enemies, slashed them up, and my friends would still be dealing with the first enemy of the group because they insist on sneaking. I could also go back to Resident Evil 2, because I still haven't beaten it and it's a lot of fun, but I'm not really feeling it. I could try Silent Hill 2, but I'm not feeling that either. I guess I'm just not up for horror right now. I could try out Journey on PS4, but something didn't quite feel right about Journey. I think it was because it wasn't first person like Firewatch was. It was like watching somebody else adventure while I did nothing but watch and beg for some kind of big event to happen to make me interested in the game. In Firewatch, it felt like I was adventuring. I felt in control. I wanted to go around and see everything, I wanted to find out what happened to the kid that disappeared and to see the other Firewatcher. I guess that means I care about the story in games a bit more than I realize. I think I'm finally out of things to say. I'll edit another block under this one and add to that as I think of more things to say. Finally, I'm thinking about modding the hell out of Skyrim. Does anybody have any ideas for mods? Maybe you know of another game that fits what I'm looking for? Alternatively, I could mod Fallout New Vegas into the ground! Well, that's all from me. Thanks for reading! Sorry I didn't format this like the last one, but I was pretty much just typing off the top of my head here. Hasta lluego.

    And here comes that edit I said I'd throw in! I was also thinking about Minecraft. It seems to be just what I want to play, but there's no ending. Unless I want to make my own ending of beating the ender dragon, but that's just tedious busywork getting all the eyes of ender to find and enter the portal. It's not very fun, so I guess Minecraft's out. Maybe I can host my own server and play with my friend.
    Boogieboo6 Oh hello you wonderful people of the internet! Welcome to my first blog post. I've been wanting to say a bunch of stuff, but I never really had a place to say it. I actually forgot blogs existed. Well, onto my frustrations of the day!

    First, a little side detail. I tried to use the OTP dumper program by Donald Trump. It never worked, it just crashed back to the homebrew launcher. I didn't care much to throw a fit about it, because nothing really required it.

    I ordered a 64gb sd card to use in my Wii U yesterday! It came today and I quickly threw together a fw.img and followed iAqua's guide to rednand. I went through the whole process smoothly up until loading rednand. The guide basically said at one point "Load rednand and press the power button on the Wii U, not the gamepad." So I thought, alright, cool, let's do that. I tap the cfw booter and it loads.

    I get to a white screen, and sit there for roughly 5 seconds. Then the Wii U Menu loads. I completely forgot about pressing the power button, I just thought I was in rednand. I thought this was awesome! A quick and easy way to get into rednand! All of my usb games were there as well as my Mii. This felt strange to me, but I just assumed that it was like that because I hadn't unlinked sysnand from rednand yet. Time for some sweet DLC piracy! But then I managed to remember from the guide after skimming it over, that I had to install a sysconfig tool!

    I loaded the homebrew launcher again, and then loaded wupinstaller. I stopped everything. I remembered that I had to make a nand backup, and that was supposed to take a really long time. My sd card was supposed to be formatted and there were many steps that I'd missed on the way here. I had a feeling I was in sysnand. I turned off the Wii U entirely and restarted it. Before loading the homebrew launcher while in "rednand", I made a rednand folder to indicate if I was in the right nand or not. After restarting my Wii U, the folder was still there! I knew right then I wasn't in rednand.

    I went online and found a tutorial by the legend himself, DarkFlare69! In his tutorial, he shows the screen I was supposed to end up at. I'm a little salty that iAqua's guide didn't mention anything about this page, just to load cfw booter and press power, but it's really my fault in the long run. So I tried to load rednand about 5 more times. I was sent back to the Wii U menu each time.

    So here we are! My Wii U still doesn't have rednand and somehow messes up when loading rednand AND when using Donald Trump's OTP dumping program. I hope the spacing of the text was nice, it made this much nicer to type. Does anybody know what the problem is with my Wii U? Maybe I should've just made a thread for this problem, maybe I'll just copy and paste this and take out the opening later!
    Have a great day everybody.
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