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    blujay This is a serious blog, and I want to make sure everybody understands where I am coming from.

    First of all, when I was younger (2 years ago) I participated in a thread entitled "custom home theme" where me and a few other users got together and did a complete derailing after the OP was being a total jackass. After he told Jack_Sparrow to commit suicide, we started acting like he really did, and to cut to the chase, the thread got locked, I got suspended, a few got banned, and this was created:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    My warning still remains to this day. Issued by p1ngpong himself, nobody has removed it, and to be completely honest, I am not sure I want it removed.

    You may be wondering where this came from. To start off, recently, a high school near me experience a student committing suicide. He commit suicide on Monday morning of this week, just hours before school started and AzMerit testing (if you don't live in Arizona, this is just Arizona's standardized test). You want to know what the worst part was? A stupid teenager named James Silverstone (for our usage anyways, not his real name) convinced him to do it. Jokingly. They were talking together over snapchat when he told Bob (suicide victim, once again not real name) how he should kill himself if he didn't want to do AzMerit testing. Well, Bob just happened to feel like doing it and did it. He also posted it on SnapChat in a bragging-esque manner.

    You may feel like "Why would he kill himself if it was just a joke? Was he that stupid?". You have no idea what it was like in his life, and to be fair, you can be a contributor even if you didn't meet him directly. Here is where I want the bulk of my post to be focused.

    If you are ever, ever online publicly stating things like:
    (Not to single you out, just saw this a minute ago and felt inspired to write this blog).
    Then you need to stop. What this does is influence the subconscious of a person into believing that life is pointless. They see a post like this and they think, "huh, well, why worry about life if I am going to die next week!", which leads to, "huh, well, why worry about life if I am going to die anyways", which leads to, "huh, well, why worry about life at all? All I see are negatives and want out."

    Life only happens once. Don't waste it. Even the biggest mistakes can be fixed. It doesn't matter what anybody tells you. Everything that happens to you happens for a purpose, and all I can say is that it isn't worth it to give up your life because "I have to test in an hour".

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    blujay Do you ever hear the terms "Quad-Core" or "Threads"? Do you even know what they mean? You may know the basics: "They let me do 2 things at once!" or "They speed up my game!". But do you know why? I want to dive a little bit deeper into this.

    First of all, concurrency is defined by google the following way:
    So, by definition, Windows 10 has a form of concurrency built into it. At the same time you are reading this, your computer is sending out WiFi requests, constantly updating the time and date, and sending your information to your federal government

    How does it do this? If you know only a little about programming, you likely know the basic programs of "Hello World!" or asking a user to input some data for a mini-calculator. These things are done linearly. They happen one at a time. An instruction is executed, then another, then another. Concurrency is a different ballpark.

    There are many different kinds of concurrency. IIRC, a core is the best of the best. On a CPU, there are cores. Each core can perform a task at the exact same time. There is no switching back and forth or competing for resources. Intel advertises quad-core, but they only actually have dual-core with two threads in each. AFAIK, the only true quad-core processor is by AMD.

    The next best is a thread. In this scenario, there are two threads (usually) that are trying to execute as close as parallel as possible. This means that while one is doing something, the other tries to do something. This isn't always as goods as core, since cores are independent of one another.

    And finally we reach my favorite concurrent programming. Single core, single thread programming. This may seem sarcastic, but I generally enjoy writing concurrent bits of code.

    Here is a snippet of code for a project I am working on right now:
    u8 WaitForButton(u64 timeSpan, u32 button)
       static u64 initialTime = 0;
       static u64 currentTime = 0;
       u8 ret = 0;
       currentTime = osGetTime();
       if (initialTime == 0)
           initialTime = currentTime;
       if (hidKeysDown() & button)
           ret = 0; // good criteria
       else if (initialTime + timeSpan > currentTime)
           ret = 1; // we don't know yet (button hasn't been pressed but time isn't out)
           ret = 2; // bad criteria
       if (ret != 1)
           initialTime = 0;
       return ret;
    (For the 3DS if you can't tell).

    As you can tell by the title of the function, I am wanting the program to wait for a button press. But where is the while loop? If I included a while loop, it might look like this:
    bool WaitForButton(u64 timeSpan, u32 button)
       u64 initialTime = osGetTime();
       u64 currentTime = osGetTime();
       bool ret = false;
       while (currentTime < initialTime + timeSpan && !ret)
           if (hidKeysDown() & button)
               ret = true; // good criteria
       return ret;
    This looks fine, right? WRONG! I cannot do anything while waiting for a button press! I would have to change this function or write a separate function for every time I wanted to do something while waiting for a button press. Instead, the first function definition allows me to put it inside of an external while loop. That would look like this:
    while (aptMainLoop() & !(hidKeysDown() & KEY_START))
           u8 output = WaitForButton(3000, KEY_A);
           if (output == 0)
               std::cout << "Yay!" << std::endl;
           else if (output == 2)
               std::cout << "Nay." << std::endl;
          // other stuff here
    How does it do this though? That is where something called local static variables comes in. Local static variables exist from the first function call to the end of the program. They never go out of existence. If you are unfamiliar with the how the stack operates and scopes, read the following spoiler.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Them never going out of existence is very useful because that means we can store data between function calls. Of course, this also gives us the responsibility of resetting the variables at the end of a waiting period, but it is super useful. While our instructions may take longer than expected, leading our signal after 3100 milliseconds, it still allows us to do more than limiting ourselves inside of an internal while loop.

    I am by no means an expert in concurrency. All of these thoughts just hit me like a train when I was writing my program, so I decided to write them down :P

    EDIT: To clarify, just because this works in this scenario doesn't mean it will work all the time. This works because there is already another concurrent process that is updating the time. This function is merely abusing that one. If for example you were trying to load a save file while drawing to the screen, you would want to setup the loading function in a thread in order to maximize efficiency.
    blujay 20171230_094455.jpg
    This Christmas or Holiday Season, I got my hands on two different books: Learning Python (since I haven't ever bothered with it) and C++ Primer Plus. (You only see the Python book because the C++ book is sitting right in front of me here).
    Then, yesterday, my family found 4 robotics books (left) and a super interesting C book (right). This C book is called "Artificial Intelligence Using C". It's copyright date is 1987, which is before ANSI C, or C90. IIRC, this is the first official C standard, so this book predates that.

    Nothing else. Just wanted to share.
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    blujay On November 1st, 2015, I joined GBAtemp with hopes of being that "change" that everybody always wanted to be in the world. I came in, trying to learn as much as I can, but I couldn't. Nobody would ever "waste" their time trying to explain to me things that I previously didn't understand. In fact, I can probably list the amount of people I can rely on to help me now on one hand.
    This is my first post.
    Now, @VinsCool is one of the few that I can count on to assist me and others without being biting. Back then, I had just gotten into homebrew on the 3DS. I had access to the homebrew launcher by some miraculous YouTube exploit I still don't even understand, and life was good. Then I started researching Custom Firmware. I am sure that what interested me in CFW (piracy) interested many others. I came in with the knowledge of an extreme noob, yet Vinny was still willing to accept me. If I didn't get a response, I can't be sure I would still be on the forums, with such great friends now.

    I look at the forums today, and I am just extremely disappointed. Everywhere I look, people are complaining about the lack of knowledge these new users have, yet nobody is doing anything. They are merely tolerating them, if you can even say that. I mean, the most recent thing to complain about hasn't even happened yet: the ban threads from Pokemon USUM. Instead of creating a FAQ thread that covers everything about the ban waves (which I happen to be working on in another tab because I don't want to see the responses to those threads), people are preparing their mindset to be negative. This bothers me, because people just don't care, nor do they want to care.

    The next thing I notice isn't just in GBAtemp, but society as a whole. Hardly anybody will accept others opinions. If you disagree with somebody, then that other person will do everything in their power to argue with you instead of just walking away. This is my problem with "discussions". More often than not, they turn to a contest to see who can insult the other to the point where they don't even cover the original topic anymore.

    Nobody cares, and they live their life acting as if these "nuisances" don't even exist, or if they do then they don't affect them.

    "Tolerance and apathy are the virtues of a dying society." - Aristotle
    blujay Sending this from my phone and would just like to comment on how small this textbox is.

    Anyways, on Friday, i was at home browsing the internet for some quick info on mario odyssey, when my dog jumped from my lap and knocked my computer off of the foot stool where it was stationed. He knocked it off and it landed on its left hinge. At that moment, it didnt appear broken and i didnt think it was because I opened and closed it a few times after just to be sure. Later that night, as I was getting ready to head off to bed, I closed my laptop and heard a loud crack. My hinge had busted open. Yesterday, I tried messing with it a bit and followed some tutorials on how to remove the palmrest to check damage. Then i strip the very last screw which connects the hardrive. Without removing that, i cannot take off the palm rest. Tomorrow i am going to take it into data doctors and hand it off to them. Data Doctors can't legally look at my hardrive contents without my permission, correct? I have some rather personal stuff in there.

    This picture is from after tinkering with it a bit.
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    blujay I'm posting this as many places as I can, you will see why.

    I should have done something, I know I should have. Instead, I just stood there, watching. Who I am doesn’t matter, all you need to know, is that I am a doctor, or was. I was working as a Doctor’s Assistant, and the person who I was working for (let’s call him Stein) was a crazy man, and my best friend in his 30’s. and some of the stuff he would do, Shudders, I don’t want to think about that now. But I need to tell people this, because it’s my fault.

    First about stein.

    Stein was a brilliant man, graduated from Stanford, with a PhD for Biology, and M.I.T with a masters, when he was eighteen! He has many awards, he’s known for his scientific genius across the world, I was so lucky to be his assistant and friend... Or so I thought.

    Being smarter than everyone else in the world, makes you want to be even smarter, Stein would (with a couple of other scientist) would Experiment on Living, Breathing, Human beings. Not the ones with disease, or ones condemned to death, but the ones in their physical prime, Healthy, Example of outstanding citizens; type of people. Now this was his “Hobby”, What he was doing was illegal! Basically, torture with what he would with them. He would dissect people, and messed with their Vital organs. Watched their pain, enjoyed themselves, took notes. One time they even brought their lunches over to eat while they did their experiments. After they were done with dissecting them, he would put their organs back, in the wrong places, the pain they must have gone through. How this went on so long I do not know, I can only assume that money had something to do with it. I would look up these people after I disposed of the bodies, and I would find nothing. Stein would not have lied to me, he and I were best friends, and we were.

    Now that you know about him, let me tell you a story.

    Jessica Williamson, his latest victim, a Biologist, was different. This one was sent to him in a black car, with Police Escorts, and everything. But for some reason his “Colleagues” weren’t there. When the body was on the table, it was unconscious, when Stein saw me looking, he told me out, and told me he would call if he needed me. So later, while I was slowly nodding off to sleep, Stein called me: “hey ERADICTADED” Stein Continued “Come over here, I have something to show you” He Paused “It’s… Pretty” I was starting to walk over, when I realized his voice was off. It was weird to say the least, it was slow, and deep, while the Stein I knew, was a high-ish pitch, and would talk in a fast tone, to save time. So I paused, and then replied, I know I should have booked it by then though, My Hair was on end. “What is it what you want to show me?” I tried to hide the shakiness in my voice “I though you told me not to come in.” I knew I was lying, I was supposed to be on his beck and call. “ I changed my mind” still in that cold deep voice he replied “Come over, C’mon, ERADICATED, I am your Boss, Come over here.” I knew it wasn’t him, I knew it was… But it wasn’t. I booked it out of there as fast as I could, he was still calling, and I think I heard him start running. My Blood cold as ice, Adrenaline Fueling my veins.

    I slipped.

    I heard him/it coming, I looked back, and what I saw I could not believe, but, even to this day it gives me nightmares. It was him, but his face… was like torn in half, his skin, ruptured, blood all over, and I could see bite marks, and…

    “WHAT” I exclaimed “is that bone?” It Cackled, and then replied “What’s wrong ERADICATED?” His, or its teeth were jagged, and he smiled even bigger when it saw the fear in my eyes “Something in my teeth?”

    After that it started running towards me, I got back up, and ran like I was the last person on earth. I made it to the last hallway, and I saw the door, it was like two feet thick, and a safe like lock on it, it could survive almost anything. I ran towards it, and it Screeched so hard, my ears bled. I was momentarily stunned by this, when I could move again, I got to the door, opened it, got out, and locked it back up.

    I got in my car, and drove to my dwelling place, fell into my bed and fell fast asleep. My nightmare was so vivid, I dreamt about it getting out of the lab, and killing it everyone, nothing could stop it. So, when I woke up, I thought that was all it was, a dream, and I decided, to myself that it was. (Oh I was so stupid) I drove work, just a little anxious, It was just a dream…

    Wrong, when I got there, the door was broken, Blood everywhere, there were S.W.A.T cars in the parking lot. Blood and carnage everywhere.

    Now, this is a warning, and an apology, I should have stopped him before it went too far, and now my best friend is gone, and now… n-now that thing is out there. Lock your doors, close your windows, not that it will help.

    I’m sorry, but to possibly repent for my actions of not doing anything, I have added an attachment to this Post, a list of names of his victims, if you look up for the specific person, you won’t find them, but maybe, just maybe. The friends or Family of the Victims will see the link, and find closure.
    blujay Being away from news sources and twitter for the past few days, I seem to have missed the news story on the teenagers who were on the overpass above I-75 Wednesday, October 18, 2017.

    Basically, they were playing a game they called "dinging". They would drop/throw rocks over the overpass to hear the ding when rocks hit the metal of a car. One of these rocks, about the size of a baseball, shattered the windshield of a car traveling home from work. This rock ended up killing 32 year old Kenny White, father of 4. The youngest of which being 5 years old.
    5. years. old

    Imagine coming home one day from kindergarten, and your mom tells you that your dad will never come back. Let that sink in.

    These kids are currently in custody. They are still discussing how/if to prosecute them. Of the 5 that have been arrested, a few have lawyers, and the rest are cooperating.

    These kids. They just got a wake up call. If they have the nerve to commit crimes as adults, they deserve to be prosecuted like adults.

    Just because they are underage doesn't mean anything. They should be put in jail. They should be sentenced for a long time. None of these things will bring back the lost dad, but accidents have consequences.

    It's like that time when you accidentally left the fork in the microwave. The microwave explodes, and you have to deal with it. You can't just shake it off.

    Honestly, if you try to defend them at all I won't be tolerant. Other vehicles were damaged, so there is no way it was just a coincidence.

    blujay I was doing really well until today. Maybe came back just to see a few threads about decrypting content and then this happened:

    One of my best friends growing up got in an accident over the weekend. He is still one of my greatest friends, and we live relatively close. Something hasn't been sitting well with me these last few days, and today I found out why.

    My friend, Zack, got into an ATV accident on Saturday (at least I am assuming since mormons don't do a lot on Sundays). He was life-lined from Payson to a hospital in the greater Phoenix area. He received "serious" injuries. I can only imagine these injuries were to his head, neck, or spinal area considering he already had problems there. I just can't stand being alone with my thoughts for this, so please try and keep your "told ya" comments to your God damn selves. Your worthless opinions aren't welcome right now.

    On a side note, my niece was also born Saturday.
    bby pics
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    blujay Long story short, one of our religious leaders locally asked us to go on a social media "fast". Basically telling us not to go onto social media for a while and to instead use that time for spiritual things!

    So, with that short message, I will be on Today and maybe tomorrow, but definitely not on Saturday and that will mark the beginning of my 3 months. :D
    blujay Yeah that's it. Ask me any questions you like. This includes hobbies, age, interests, religion, job, politics, really anything.

    However, I request that if you ask a question and you don't like my answer, you keep it as a civil discussion. A debate would be something with facts, I just want a discussion. If you don't think you can handle this, then ask a different question. :D
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    blujay rate_my_desktop.png
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    blujay ˙ɹǝsn ʇǝuɹǝʇuᴉ uɐ puɐ ɐuosɹǝd ɐ sɐ ǝɯ ɟo ʞuᴉɥʇ sʎnƃ noʎ ʇɐɥʍ ʍouʞ oʇ ʇuɐʍ I ˙sɯǝǝs ʇᴉ sɐ ǝldɯᴉs sɐ sᴉ sᴉɥ┴
    blujay Since the fateful day of November 1, 2015, I have been constantly learning about the 3DS system.
    I went from Home Menu Hax, to ARM9 Loader Hax, to Boot9Strap, and here we are: the golden age of 3DS hacking. We have exploited a BootROM feature implemented by Nintendo themselves to provide execution before the NAND has even been mounted.

    And here I am. Since that fateful day, I've been trying new things. Experimenting with entry points, attempting homebrew, and more. Hell, I've even tried modifying source code to CFW to add new features (to no avail of course).

    Now I sit. Staring at this computer screen. I have done nothing productive for the community. If I can't write code for homebrew, and I just sit and use entry points and CFW made by others, what am I to do?

    Well, following the almighty example of Plailect himself, I plan on writing a series of guides. My first guide is out, and that one is how to dump/build content from your own system (check it out here).

    So, my plan is to inform the community as much as possible. Plailect's guide only covers the installation/upgrade of Boot9Strap, but not so much things like this.

    Sorry if you don't care about this. It's been hovering over my head for a long time now. In fact, my "Introducing Rundas!" blog was a stupid attempt to get people to think that I have the potential to test things as fancy as NTRBootHax and Boot9Strap.

    Anyways, thanks for reading.
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    blujay Hello everybody! After debating for a long time whether or not to buy another 3DS, the N3DS XL Metroid Special edition finally forced me to buy a new one. Now I am patiently awaiting its arrival, and in the meantime I have renamed my old N3DS.

    So, this one is named Rundas (if you get the reference you are an elitist).

    I don't feel that pictures are necessary, but here you go:

    I did this because of a few reasons:
    1. @Lilith Valentine did this and they are one of my role models on the temp.
    2. I have a new one coming so why not
    3. If I can't develop good homebrew, I want to help those that can.
    So although my reputation may not be great, I hereby declare this a debug unit for CFW, homebrew, and much more.

    Don't worry, I have a 2DS that will be fixed up and go by "Gandrayda" once NTRBootHax comes out.

    EDIT: Yeah yeah, the picture is shitty and cheasy, but it's the thought that counts, right?
    blujay Well, recently, I've been messing around online and have found the hasthag: #FactsOverFeelings.

    I don't know why, but I agreed with it in that context, but then a different context came up and I wanted to fight tooth and nail about why it should be #FeelingsOverFacts.

    I guess, it depends on the scenario? But I know a lot of people who firmly believe #FactsOverFeelings (mostly online people, my friends aren't that technical to know what a 'hashtag' is) no matter what the case is. Others believe #FeelingsOverFacts.

    Personally, I'm torn. I don't know whether or not to succumb to one of these beliefs, or to actively participate in both.

    So, without listing any examples, are you a firm believer of #FactsOverFeelings or #FeelingsOverFacts. Here is an example. #FactsOverFeelings: Autism is not caused by vaccines, even though I have personal experience which could make me believe otherwise | #FeelingsOverFacts: Science is wrong. Vaccines do cause Autism because I have personal experience with it happening.

    So, again without listing any examples that could upset others (I apologize if I upset you with my example), are you firm in either hashtag, or do you believe both depending on the scenario.