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    How long to wait until reporting ebay fraud?

    I bought this psp on ebay:

    I jumped on it because the price was so low, obviously a little hastily. I've never had a problem on ebay before, but I've sent this guy three emails now and he hasn't responded. I payed for it late Thursday night, it's now late Sunday night, and I haven't heard anything, and the ebay page doesn't show it's been shipped. I was going to wait a few more days then I guess report it to Paypal as 'Item not sent'. Has anyone out there had luck getting money back after fraud auctions? Should I just wait? It looks like he's new to selling (only sold one thing before), maybe he's just dumb and doesn't respond to emails. :(
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    DS Lite Case Mod


    I know case replacements aren't that new, but I like how this one turned out. Last picture next to my new Asus EEE 900 just for fun. It came with a broken white keyboard ('a' key is missing and constantly pressed), but a new black one is on it's way.
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    I just found out my ISP has free newsgroup access. I used to pay for it, decided it wasn't worth it, but if it's free then bring it on! Anyone else have Cox Communications? I'm in Southern California, wondering when they'll cap my downloads. :D First test is Fallout 3 for PC, 10+ GB with pars.
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    Just deleted 9.1GB of roms

    That felt pretty good, getting rid of the crap ds games that I've downloaded for no reason, don't play anymore because I beat them, or just don't like at all. Zips were only about 4.4GB, and I didn't bother counting how many, but I ended up with 38 games left that I either own (8) or really want to finish. Here's my list, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep Mortal Kombat (didn't even remember it was there, so I have to try it out.. would rather have street fighter) and the Phoenix Wright games x4. I played the first one, never cared about the others, but figured I'd give it another shot because they're fun.
    42 All Time Classics.nds
    Advance Wars - Days of Ruin.nds
    Animal Crossing - Wild World.nds
    Anno 1701 Dawn of Discovery.nds
    Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney.nds
    Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin.nds
    Chronos Twin One Hero in Two Times.nds
    Civilization Revolution.nds
    Contra 4.nds
    Crosswords DS.nds
    Etrian Odyssey 2 - Heroes of Lagaard.nds
    Exit DS (J).nds
    Final Fantasy III.nds
    Final Fantasy IV.nds
    Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift.nds
    Geometry Wars - Galaxies.nds
    Hotel Dusk - Room 215.nds
    KORG DS-10.nds
    Mario Kart DS.nds
    Metroid Prime Hunters.nds
    Nanostray 2.nds
    New Super Mario Bros.nds
    Orcs & Elves.nds
    Panzer Tactics.nds
    Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Justice for All.nds
    Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney.nds
    Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.nds
    Picross DS.nds
    Planet Puzzle League.nds
    Rhythm Tengoku Gold (J).nds
    Soul Bubbles.nds
    Super Mario 64 DS.nds
    Tetris DS.nds
    The Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass.nds
    Tsumiki The Infernal Tower.nds
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat.nds

    I'm also about to toss all but maybe three my Wii discs, but that feels so much more wasteful. What can I do with ~40 garbage dvds?

    Why? Cleaning house I guess. I want to focus on the games that I actually want to play through, instead of wasting so much time just scrolling the list and deciding what to play. Also a little guilt. :D