1. Well... who wants a maid service...?:blush: [ATTACH]
  2. Do you ever get thoughts about someone that makes you feel a certain way, whether it be a daydream or a dream, or even nightmare? I do. And it makes it weird in real life...
  3. What are some movies you can watch over and over again and never get tired of? Mine are: -SpongeBob Movie -Gothika -Joker
  4. What an awful idea. I don't know why Apple gave this to their Macs. Imagine having to replenish your mouse and keyboard every other month because they gobble up AA batteries like a ravenous lion. :gun::gun::gun::gun::gun:
  5. She's been playing Brain Age and she's going to play that Imagine Teacher game next. She's never been much of a gamer, but it brings back memories...
  6. i feel like you guys should know me a bit better. So, AMA!!!!!
  7. Work is exhausting me but I can't seem to fall asleep... there's so much things I need to do (and want to do) but all my time is eaten up. And then I'm a living dead man during the day because I can't fall asleep............. I'm starting to look more and more like my pfp LOL
  8. I just put meme pictures for 2-4. I already have a legit version of 1 from a few years ago. [ATTACH]