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    BlackWizzard17 something I lack at the moment. As comfortable as I think I am, I really need to lose this weight. I'm already a short person clocking in at 5`5.

    December 2015 my girlfriend broke up with me (what a terrible pain to feel, like really I couldn't focus at all in school) but instantly I for some reason became motivated to run. I wasn't running away from anyone or my problems rather I was running to gain confidence, to lose weight.

    From the middle of December to April I continued to run and lost a fair amount of weight. My man boobs were smaller, or rather I had more muscle, my pants size dropped from 38 to 34 and my stomach was smaller. After April with my schooling and getting evicted from my home I struggled with keeping up with my exercise. I eventually managed to fracture my ankle which put me off my feet for a couple of months. For about 2 years I have not had any motivations to help me get back into shape.

    I moved back up to a 38 in jeans, chest and stomach is back to being fat and I weigh even more now.

    What I'm saying is I need to get motivated again and this blog post is gonna help me. I'm gonna make sure that I keep my act together and really strive for a healthier life. I don't want to be limited my self and hope that I can achieve this goal. What do you guys think?