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    Bill Ingham Hey everybody just tested some wii homebrew with conf. usb loader and wanted to post my results.

    Now let me give you the background. My Wii is a true Hollywood. It has no modchips of anykind. It also has a broken usb port so everything goes in the front. System memory is 4.3 and with that can accept SD cards and SDHC cards up to 16 meg. All Wii games are either single or double layer which means the largest game would take up 16.8 gigs do the math. You could not run that game on this old machine.

    I have all the best emulators.

    I can play Genesis NeoGeo ColecoVision. all the nintendo DS games etc.

    So back to the results.

    Reinstalled fresh Hermes 5.1 downloaded with Pimp my Wii. Installed on the 222,223,224/37 37 57.

    Loaded cfg loader using 222. game loads. on 223 game loads on 224 game doesn't load.

    Conclusions:It does not matter which blend on the 222,223 the conflict but both continue to function.

    and 224 is not used for SD card loading. 250 is not installed yet because I was told 250 is for USB loading.

    anyway thanks for reading I will load all the links below if you need any info let me know. I have fixed a lot of bricks over my days. Pimp my wii has a bad reputation but it works.

    Pimp My Wii