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    biggan1 I didn't really know which section to put this in but many visits this part and it is Nintendo related.

    A few days ago I passed a new pizzeria opened in my town named "Mario" using the original Mario font and colors. Plain and simple.
    No kidding it's the real Mario!

    I was just thinking is this really legal? Just look at the pictures below..
    This seems kinda copywrite infringement to me, or stealing a "brand name".
    Will Nintendo send them a DMCA letter? We know they're very stern with that kinda

    Posted this mostly for fun for you guys. But I'm also curious what your thoughts are. :)
    Is this really allowed?

    Sadly the previous owner had really good pizzas, Asian food, fresh ingredients, prices free delivery etc and they made alot of money and obviously didn't need any branding to succeed.

    The new owners has taken it in the total other direction. Steep prices and a small menu and what I've heard the quality has gone downhill..Was my favorite place in town.. :(