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    Biff627 So I ordered and received my new Arctis Pro Wireless mic Tuesday and now it seems its just having terrible issues....
    First issue Im having is the source selection seems to reduce the mic loudness quite a bit... so having it connected to my PS4 and getting it ready to switch over to PC by selecting PC as source and moving it over results in my PS4 getting terribly confused and the dock can't input to the console correctly..

    The second issue right now is the bluetooth connection.... When having the headset connected to the dock and my phone, the bluetooth volume will increase and decrease as long as there is no audio playing.. Quite annoying. Happens with multiple phones so its not my phone :/

    Now this does not happen when the device is not connected to the dock. It works as intended without the dock, so I think the dock is at fault here. Bad news is bestbuy is out of stock and I can't get a replacement without getting a different headset to replace it.
    :) (:cry:cries internally:cry:)
    Biff627 Tried to buy a ps4 off of Reddit and thought it was legit because I didn't look to see if the guy that was middlemanning me and the guy "offering the ps4" was the real scamproof moderator or not... sigh...
    Biff627 This has recently started to happen. It only happens on this website and it's getting ridiculous at this point. One minute I'm viewing a forum post, the next I hear BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.

    Not sure if its the ads fault or not. I haven't installed anything that would cause this. I have ad block off because this website didn't have these types of ads. But now.... I feel like I need it on...
    Again I don't want to fully blame gbatemp.. It's just weird that it's only happening on here and no where else...
    Has anyone else got these popups?
    Screenshot_20171202-221512.jpg Screenshot_20171202-221518.jpg
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