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    bennyman123abc I'm leaving the...

    Ok, I'm back :D
    bennyman123abc I feel lonely. Lonely as in a whole part of my life has passed by and I can't return to it no matter how hard I try. I want some of the old back and some friends to share it with, even if it means reliving the bad again. I miss those who've gotten me to where I am now, because I forgot them when I got to this point. I never talk to those people anymore and I simply wish I could. Now those I've forgotten have simply forgotten me...
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    bennyman123abc [​IMG]
    bennyman123abc So earlier tonight, I posted a joke blog about being trans which got removed by the mods (Thanks...). However, I do have something serious to discuss on the matter. If you read that blog post before it was pulled, you would have seen that I simply identify as a male because it's my biological sex and I haven't really put too much thought into gender identity. Well, I thought about it for a bit and, I'm not really sure if I want to be considered a male. At the same time, I don't want to really be considered a female either. So, I believe that classifies me as agender ("denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a particular gender" - Bing). Now,this doesn't really affect my sexuality. That said, I'm still bisexual. If I'm lucky, this post won't be taken down by the mods. This one, as stated, is to be taken seriously. Thanks for reading!

    ~ Ben
    bennyman123abc So, unlike the rest of the jokesters that are coming out as straight today, I'm coming out as bisexual. The end!
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    bennyman123abc Approximately a year and a half ago, I received the machine I used for the "Home Server Project 2.0" from my technology teacher at school. It was an old Gateway M465-E laptop that came with 1 GB of RAM and an Intel Core Duo processor clocked at 2.16 GHz. I used to use it as a school laptop that ran Linux. It was amazing for coding and other simple tasks. It was also pretty good at running games such as Minecraft and The Ultimate Doom.

    Around two months ago, I wanted an upgrade to the "Home Server Project" which, at the time, was running in a VM in the background of my Mom's desktop computer. It was a Windows XP VM with 128 MB of RAM. I needed a computer to run this daunting task on so, I picked the same machine that had served me well for school. I never did come up with a name for her. I guess I never thought I'd need to or need to write this blog post. Now that I do need a name for her, I will name her Starlow. A beautiful name for a very beautiful server. Anyway, I picked Starlow to be the machine I used for my "Home Server Project" upgrade. This project would later be named "Home Server Project 2.0" or "HOME-SERVER-1" for technical purposes. I would occasionally still run "HOME-SERVER" so, I needed a separate name for the new "Home Server" project.

    Starlow ran 24/7 for days and nights on end, only to be restarted every afternoon at 3:00 PM because I accidentally flipped the time in the Windows Server task scheduler. The story here begins around 3 hours ago. Starlow was offline when I needed files from her. So, I walked over to the corner of my room she was in and turned her back on. Good as new! I start copying the files I need. However, while copying a file ("06 - Time to Dance.mp3" to be exact) to my computer from Starlow, I got a timeout error. So, I walk over and check on Starlow. Looks like a simple hard lock where the processor crashed and Windows didn't blue screen. No big deal. I thought I'd just restart Starlow and all would be good. So, Starlow passes the POST testing to begin with so I walk back over to my computer. I then get distracted on YouTube for a few hours and I don't realize that Starlow crashed again. This time however, she's gone for good. I notice before I go down to eat dinner that she is showing the signs of a dead motherboard. After I finished dinner, I tried all of the standard troubleshooting steps. I made sure it wasn't dead RAM. I made sure it wasn't the battery. I even made sure it wasn't the fan! After 45 minutes of troubleshooting, Starlow was officially pronounced dead.

    Starlow was a machine manufactured in late 2006 and lived a long life of constant use before being passed down to me in 2016, when she was 10 years old. She passed away after 10 and a half years of life on the 5th of October, 2017. She was the shining glory of the "Home Server Project 2.0" and served with great purpose when she was called to do so. She died a peaceful death rather than a painful death (Which every other computer I've killed has) and she will be dearly missed. I don't know if I will revive the "Home Server Project 2.0" on a different machine or if I will simply let the project die peacefully with Starlow. Thank you for reading and I hope you were as touched by Starlow's service as I am and will forever be. Goodnight.
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    bennyman123abc Hello and thanks for starting to read this more serious blog. The reason I am writing is because I have a friend who is battling severe depression currently. The worst part about it however, is that she refuses to seek help. I've noticed that she's recently resorted to cutting and does admit to it every time it's brought up. I've noticed she's also been making more suicidal statements recently. I've urged her to go to the guidance counselor because for starters, her Mom quite CLEARLY doesn't care the slightest bit and her brother is telling her to kill herself. However, it doesn't seem like anything can be done about him because he's on the autistic spectrum (Yay corrupt politicians!). I don't know what to do at this point. I'm often getting up in the morning wondering if she's even alive anymore. I promised her I wouldn't say anything to anyone but, I couldn't stand myself if she were to kill herself. I would say that this is also payback for her breaking a promise to me but, that sounds selfish. Anyway, I'd like to hear back from someone soon. I'm hoping to speak to her tomorrow, but the last thing she said to me before we left school on Friday was, "See you on Monday... maybe". Thanks for reading!
    bennyman123abc [​IMG]

    This is my Ubuntu desktop which I've been using since I got an SSD. I use Solus still from time to time but, Ubuntu will always have a place deeper in my heart :)
    bennyman123abc What the hell is it with the spam on GBATemp tonight? I've already reported 2-3 threads for spamming. Maybe a nice CAPTCHA at sign-up (Might already be one. Signed up for this site 4 years ago :P) would prevent these mass-produce-able accounts. Anyway, that's it. Nothing special. Might post a FDD update blog later. Thanks for reading and sorry if I wasted your time. :P

    ~ Ben
    bennyman123abc Hey guys! I am here writing a blog about a small personal experience I will have to endure for a few weeks until I can get a new HDD for my laptop. Now before you ask, yes I already have one ready. I just have to travel up to Connecticut to get it from the person who has it for me which is a tad difficult being a 15 year old teenager. Anyway, I am going to be running EVERYTHING I do from a flash drive for a few weeks. The programs I run include but are not limited to:
    • Unity
    • Visual Studio Code
    • Game Maker Studio
    • Minecraft
    • MonoDevelop
    • Google Chrome
    • Steam
    • Discord
    • Skype
    So yes, this will be a bit of a challenge considering the flash drive I have is 16 GB. 8 GB for Windows, 6 GB for Ubuntu 16.04, and 2 GB for a Linux swap partition (I hate those things :P) I already have Linux up and running and I am working on installing Windows Vista as my main Windows OS because it is lightweight compared to 7 and newer and it is MUCH smaller in size meaning, I can hold everything I need to on my small 8 GB partition. As for Linux, I am already using almost all of the 6 GB partition and I still haven't installed Unity. I don't think it will be possible at this point. I have VS Code and Google Chrome installed at this point on Linux. I could probably install Minecraft with the remaining space which will also require Java. However, I will not be able to play single player as I don't want to push limits on filling the 6 GB. I'm at about 4.9 GB with what I have and I have to keep Google Chrome's data cleared. I am honestly considering going full incognito mode so Chrome doesn't fill my disk with a few GB of data. As for Skype and Discord, I will use the web apps. No point in installing the desktop apps on such small space. And also as for Steam, I will just have a few games such as Geometry Dash and KoPaP2 (Knights of Paper and Pen 2). Anyway, in a few days, I will post another update on how I'm doing. Something else for you to note is that I am using a USB 2.0 flash drive. Anyways, I hope you have a good day and as always, happy hacking!
    bennyman123abc Hey guys! I'm bored so, I decided I would type up a somewhat decent blog post within the next half hour so I can at least get 5 hours of sleep tonight before I get teeth pulled in the morning (I will save that story for another day).

    Everyone has their "routine" that they perform daily. I put routine in the quotation marks because well, it may not always be a full routine. Hell, you might not even wake up at consistent times (I sure as hell know I don't). My "routine" is fairly basic and it depends on the day of the week for which "routine" I follow. For example, weekdays, I wake up at the ass crack of dawn (Sometimes even before that depending on the time of year :P) and drink my breakfast before I stand outside in either the freezing cold or fucking hot weather for 20 minutes to wait for my bus to arrive to take me to the prison I know as, "school". Of course, school's not THAT bad. I have 1 or 2 classes I like and am passing with a solid A. The others I'm simply passing with a B or C because I don't want to be there. Other than that, STRAIGHT A's!!! (Not really :() After that, I typically just stay after school and do whatever I need to do. Pretty boring. Sometimes when I get home, I will have and extra 20 minutes to play some BoTW on my Wii U but, I go to bed at 9 (In theory at least :P)

    Now, weekends are a completely different story. I have no routine what-so-ever. Hell, I can't even guarantee that I will be up before 9 AM. I usually stay up until 1 or 2 and sleep on the couch on the weekends because, well, YOLO. Anyway, I think that's about it and I think I am ready for bed now because it is almost 1 AM on a Monday morning and I have an oral surgeon appointment in less than 8 hours. Thank you for reading this boring post about my boring life! See you in the next post!