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    Benja81 Seeing how no one is allowed to post on "that blog" anymore, (even constructive comments are being immediately deleted!) I figured to start one of my own. Since the other blog keeps showing up in my recent content regardless, I cannot move on from it OR express my opinion. A few points that I would have liked to make there (and actually already did, but was deleted)..

    • I really appreciate the releases and tech support found here, which is why (even though nothing in this world is perfect), I will never complain about gbatemp. I always take the good with the bad, and that comes with everything a person will love in life. You either accept that fact, or become a self-absorbed a-hole who cannot love anything. Its being happy for the good things you would have otherwise not had access to, and ignoring the things you aren't fond of. Aka tolerance, give and take, empathy, acceptance. Its allowing other's their freedom to post what they want, even if you don't like it. Who wants an overly controlled/censored gbatemp? Not me! It would not be any fun at all and would not be gbatemp.
    • I love this site! I respect the mods, and do my best to abide by what they ask for. Being a mod is not an easy job. I have not done it before myself, but HAVE been a supervisor in the real world before, and can imagine its even more challenging to do in an online forum, where there is almost no accountability.
    • If you only care about your own opinion and bash everyone else's, while also reporting everyone under the sun, you are a selfish brat and a hypocrite (if others have pointed out you doing the same thing).
    • If you are here to take advantage of other's releases, while also feeling the need to complain about the site, you are feeling very entitled to the content you did not create.
    • Calling "the majority" of users idiots is very condescending to everyone.
    • When people "shit-post" its normally because they know you will not respect their opinions about what you said.
    • If you can't stand the heat as they say, stay out of the kitchen. So if you can't handle the backlash of a selfish, bratty, hypocritical, entitled, and condescending post, just don't post it! [​IMG]
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    Benja81 especially the ones who complain about sites.
    Benja81 What are those?
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    Benja81 We know Nintendo had access to the code for 5.5.1 exploits for almost a year before BotW release (at least)! So why not patch it up with a nice 'security and stability' update before releasing the most anticipated game of the console, maybe of the decade?? Sure they could have been too busy making BotW to care about patching hacks, but the 3DS has released 4 system updates since the Wii U 5.5.1 hacks were made public. Could it really be a parting gift of sorts to those of us that bought the Wii U?

    Nintendo has a history of rewarding their most loyal fans, and while I agree this is a little far fetched, why didn't they patch it, unless they didn't want to? The Wii U was a failure by most standards, yet they know their most loyal fans have spent hundreds, some of us thousands of dollars on the console. I can say if you bought a Wii U, you are one of Ninty's most loyal fans, because not that many people bought the Wii U. Without us, they really would have sunk.

    I also know and Nintendo does too, that as a loyal fan (ok Nintendo fan boy) I'll buy a Switch when I have the money, and I know I'll buy a copy of BotW on it too (as long as they patch up that frame rate issue on TV mode :)), even though I'm playing it right now courtesy of, or at least more easily, because of the mysterious lack of updates.