• basher11

    First laptop!

    Just ordered a Lenovo Ideapad y410p last week. It's arriving in a few days. I can't wait.
    Good thing Lenovo had e-coupons so I got it for $769 (no tax) rather than $1,249.
  • basher11

    Got KH 3D!

    I went to best buy and my uncle got it for me, even though I was going to pay for it myself. Good thing Canada has a lower tax rate than New York, so I got it cheaper :) (41.99 with tax)

    I played it for a bit and it's pretty damn awesome :D
  • basher11


    So I am graduating highschool tomorrow.

    hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow. -> whoever lives in NY should know what I am talking about. (today's weather </3)

    that is all.
  • basher11

    can't stop looping this song

    it's just so damn good. her voice is really beautiful

    i think i looped this song over 500 times since the past week and a half.

  • basher11

    Idol cards (KI:U)

    just got them in the mail


    and sorry for bad quality. only had my itouch camera next to me.
  • basher11

    kid icarus uprising *spoilers?*

    Chapter 18


    Chapter 20


  • basher11

    Got Kid Icarus

    just went to pick up my copy after school. the box looks awesome :D

    pictures later.
  • basher11

    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    I just pre-ordered it yesterday at my local Gamestop.

    it was also my first pre-order ever. LOL.

    (i never pre-order games...)

    one more month until i can get it :D
  • basher11

    Mario Kart 7

    finally got 3 stars on all cups :D

    now to unlock the parts and kick ass online.
  • basher11

    My day just got a whole lot better

    I was going to finish up my shakespeare project today but then the mail woman came and gave me this:

    i got it from bestbuy for $5 :D
    strangely enough, this came faster than my other 2 games that are coming, which was ordered on the same day, and this one was ordered much later. :P oh well, i shouldn't be complaining.
  • basher11

    I got the Zelda 3DS :D

    Just came back from shopping and I got my Zelda 3DS.

    It's. fucking. gorgeous.

    along with the imprint on the front, there's also one on the back.

    No pictures for now, unfortunately.

    this is my first 3DS and i must say that it's a lot better than i thought it would be.
  • basher11

    My first Hatsune Miku Figure :)


    I have finally gotten my first Hatsune Miku figurine!
    special thanks to my friend who went to comicon these past 3 days and buying me one :D

    front of the box

    back of the box

    i'm too scared to open it T_T
  • basher11

    New computer hardrive :D

    I finally got a (hand me down) hardrive from my cousin, and it's sooo much better than my previous, eleven year-old/maintenance 4
    times/abused one.


    the ram is twice of my old one currently at 1GIG and loading up the computer is extremely fast. like around 2 minutes. as compared to the previous crap of a hardware took 10-15 minutes to fully load up without start up lag.


    im very happy. xD

    also the amount of free space is a lot better. previous was 37 GIGS and now it's 149 GIGS :D

    the only one thing i don't like is that the port for speakers is broken so I can only use headphones from the usb area of the hardrive.

    other than that, i am a very happy person.

    goodbye, my old hardrive, you have served me a crap ton of lag for a majority of my life. you will probably be missed. ;p

    ps. at least the good thing is that i can finally make cheats again.
  • basher11


    well looks like there's gonna be a hurricane that's gonna hit N.Y.......

    and im going to be affected by it... eh heh heh heh........ :(

    :cry: holy crap im scared......

    for you fellow new yorkers im in zone C. not as close but still has a chance of flooding :(
  • basher11

    i finally ordered something from club nintendo :)

    after 3 years of saving up some coins in club nintendo (around 270, lol fail)
    i ordered the reversible pouch that can hold all DS's

    does anyone else have it? if so, can you tell me what the quality is like?

    don't tell me i should have asked before ordering, because the pouch was the only thing that was around my coin range and wasn't a folder, etc.