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    I am active in sales and trade. I am always customer-friendly (logical, because it makes no sense to me to be customer-unfriendly xD). Anyway, I learned that from 2015 to 2017. And as a cashier, you are the (figurative) flagship of the business. And sometimes you get to talk to some people. Learn that and some things from people. The usual. Our location (i.e. where our branch is located) is not large. So there is not much to tell. In my entire two years, however, nobody has complained about how I speak to my customers. And because of this friendliness, people like to leave a little "tip" (I don't know if you could call it that, but that's why). Especially the older gentlemen. Seems to have enough xD

    I also hear pretty well that people like to come back and that my colleagues could cut a piece. You really like to hear something like that.

    However, today there was a gentleman shopping (he's always grumpy anyway) and after all the "sales talk" he talks to me again to let me know that he thinks I'm rude and how I talk to him or his Woman, a little cheeky. The reason is this: I have the "habit" of occasionally addressing people (my customers) "in third person", he says. Which I cannot understand at all, because nobody complained about it during my apprenticeship.

    So a general question for anyone reading this (i hope google translator makes a good job xD). Do you find it cheeky / bad / rude for a foreign seller to speak to you this way occasionally? I wouldn't be interested personally. As long as the person who sells me their goods doesn't make a face like three days of rainy weather, everything is fine. Or am I the only one with such an opinion? Don't judge me. This is my first blog here. And I thought that would fit well here.
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