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Hello. I talk random shit about life, games, and other stuff. Some will be rants, some will be questions, and some will be more important shit. Thanks for stopping by.
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    aykay55 In the last two-ish years, I've definitely noticed an enormous amount of people, organizations, and companies start creating podcasts and I want to see if anyone knows what the actual fuck is going on. I mean, like, everybody is starting one. Some of my family friends, local organizations, YouTubers, news media, and large-scale companies, like Nintendo and IGN just to name a few. Not to mention the newly-resurrected GBATemp podcast. So does anyone know what caused this big boom in the Podcast industry?
    aykay55 Disclaimer: Inappropriate Content Follows

    I came across this article by the Polygon, and I just got really mad at people. People. Not all people, but enough. I mean hackers worked months discovering ways to liberate the Switch from Nintendo’s shiny bars, and what do you assholes decide to do? Upload porn profile pics, huh? Scare little kids out of there childhood, while all they’re trying to do is play a nice game of Luigi’s Balloon World? Do you guys not have anything better to do? Did you really have to ruin this for all of us? Why? Just why? This just isn’t fair. Everyone was so eager to hack their Switches and do all kind of crazy shit with ‘em and you just had to do something like this. I mean it’s crazy, a little too crazy maybe, but more shit. I really am disappointed in people right now. Do you people not feel bad for your actions at all? Shameful, embarrassed, guilty even the slightest? This just can’t happen anymore. This has to stop. I know this blog post will have zero impact on the actions of any member or any guest on this forum, but if you please will, just think about it like this: Do I really wanna be that one kid who knocks over the birthday cake? That one player who fucks up the goal? That one tourist which ruins the trip? That one superhero who becomes the villain? That one person who ruins the mission? Yeah, you just did that. You ruined the homebrew experience for all of us. There is so much potential with these Switch hacks, and you just had to use it for bad. This has really gotten me in a bad mood, should it everybody reading this blog post. I mean, why? Can someone answer me? Why? Are people just so shit that this shit will happen all the time. You guys have so much: food, water, mobility, a Switch, a computer, an internet connection, and time, but you had to do what with it? Post porn pics to your account. This reminds me of the Wii U’s “pornbrew” app, which I will not link. That had me feeling the same way. Is this just the way people are? Are we as human beings incapable of change for the better? Would animals do a better job? Is this how the world is always gonna be? Will people always act like assholes? Just think about it. Or are you porn peeps incapable of thought, because that’s definitely what you demonstrated right now.
    aykay55 I came across a couple of Nintendo’s mail system and other subdomains.

    http://lstools.nintendo.com (redirects from http://mail.nintendo.com)
    http://mail4.nintendo.com (inactive)
    http://email.nintendo.com/ (inactive)
    http://extranet.nintendo.com (password required)

    Tbh I have no idea what the purpose of this blog post was. It was just interesting to see that a couple of subdomains which I assume are used internally are attached to Nintendo’s .com domain. So secure.
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    aykay55 After last time, I've taken your advice and started listening to something other than love pop, so here's my newest addiction. What do y'all think of this?

    aykay55 I really tried to figure it out myself, but it seems impossible. This question will sound kind of stupid, but can someone give me the phonetic spelling for Fusée Galée. How the heck do you pronounce it. It is foos-ay gal-ay? Is it foos-ee gal-ee? Is it something in between? Could we just call it HackNX or something? Please?
    aykay55 A689B6E8-4050-4665-876E-A018EA62B747.jpeg So, I was browsing the App Store and I found this review for Fortnite. Reading through it, over and over again, it made me realize something. Humans are naturally stupid and ignorant. People just can’t help it. I mean, come on, how stupid can someone be? Those of you who don’t play Fortnite Mobile, lemme tell you all the sh*t this dude got wrong:

    1) The controls are okay, not great, but manageable. This is the only thing this guy says which is kind of right.
    2)The joystick disappears when in use to help the player see the screen better. It doesn’t actually disappear. You still move. Like, did you even play it? Once?
    3)The jump button is on the side. Where the f*ck else could they put it? The back of the phone? What’s wrong with it being on the side, anyway?
    4)When you click build, your weapon basically becomes disabled until you click the tiny build button at the bottom of the screen. I don’t know how you somehow found a way to click out of build mode and fire your weapon at the same time. Whatev.
    5)Get a console, you b*tch! What are you playing on, an iPhone SE?! Edit: Yes you are.
    6)What do you not get from “Invite Event”? You get an email when you’re invited! Not before!
    7)It’s very much playable, I only found very little lag/glitchiness playing on an iPhone 6s Plus on Low Power Mode on 4G LTE. You pay for like 5Mbps WiFi or something? Can you afford WiFi? It appears you haven’t passed 4th grade.
    8)I can’t even. You haven’t played this game once! Yes, there is a shoot button. The only button, obviously placed, on the left side of your phone. Do you even have a phone? Does your daddy only let you play on his phone one hour every Saturday?

    Are people really that stupid? Is this just a “shitreview”? It doesn’t seem likely. How can someone be this stupid? Just how?
    aykay55 Hello Tempers,

    I actually want to have a mature and serious discussion about this. I was just thinking about brain disorders and for some reason kept thinking of bipolar disorder, because I kind of have some questions about it, and was wondering if anybody here is or knows someone who is bipolar. You don’t have to answer all the questions, I know they’re a bit personal. I’m just curious about how the condition affects people.

    Anyway, my questions are as follows:
    • Does bipolar disorder affect you in your daily tasks?
    • Is it just mood swings every so often or is it more intense?
    • Has bipolar disorder ever lead you to take actions that you normally wouldn’t take?
    • How does bipolar disorder affect your social life? Do your friends know you’re bipolar?
    • Are you married or in a relationship? If you are, how does your partner handle your manic/depressive episodes? If not, does bipolar disorder prevent you from dating in some way?
    • Do you take medication or have some type of treatment/therapy? Does it really help?
    Again, you don’t have to answer all the questions, but I’d appreciate some answers. I feel like I needed to ask someone about this.
    aykay55 I always browse on YouTube for new music, parodies, remixes, etc. to listen to. I would usually listen to the new stuff I found for at most a couple days, unless it was something really good or important or whatever. I found this song yesterday, “Instagram Famous” by Zack Knight and Adam Saleh, and I can’t stop now, not a simple case of earworm, as I’ve experienced that before, the song keeps replaying in my head for a bit. But now, I can’t stop listening to this song. I don’t know if there is something wrong with me, or if it is just really a common problem. I mean I really can’t stop listening to it, I can’t stop myself from going back to it. Have you guys ever experienced something like this, and how did you end it, if ever. I’ll add the song just in case anyone wants to listen to it and tell me how bad my taste in music is!

    aykay55 Don’t those of us who really contribute to the Temp and not just yell at HB devs hate it when you spend a long time on a very informational post, all just to see one guy reply to it and add another page to the thread, leaving the post you just spent 10 minutes researching/writing to to waste, lost among the forgotten pages of the thread, which will also soon be forgotten as well? Yeah, I just needed to get that out. I wish the Temp had a feature which would - feature - verified, informational, contributing posts on the first or last page, where people could see them. Those posts could be chosen by the OP and/or mods. I don’t know, what do you guys think of such a feature?
    aykay55 3DA779F3-01C9-41B2-9C82-3C35AC62E5B0.jpeg (Yes, that’s the crappiest person ever drawn)

    I mean, this pretty much speaks for itself. Not much to say. I can just say that the Switch is becoming as much a “hit console” as the Wii U was. Say goodbye to the manliness of the Nintendo Switch.

    Link to article, just cuz: https://mynintendonews.com/2018/02/...patrol-game-thats-heading-to-nintendo-switch/
    If that wasn’t enough: https://mynintendonews.com/2018/01/30/hotel-transylvania-heading-to-the-nintendo-switch/
    aykay55 I was researching the T-Mobile Netflix On Us thing when I took a long look at the T in T-Mobile and noticed something. The two dots beside the T are the eyes, the vertical line of the T is the nose, and the horizontal line at the top is the hair. I have a wild imagination. Sorry in advance for clogging the server with this dumb blog post.
    aykay55 Yes, I'm very late. Better late than never! So far I've been loving it, and haters hating, I updated the Switch, so no homebrew. Anything cool I should know about the Switch? Btw, I'm posting this from my Switch. And sorry for not being online since like forever, life got in the way.
    aykay55 What’s the one food y’all eat which fills up your stomach and gives you the boost you need? For me it’s Entenmann’s Little Bites!
    aykay55 Miiverse, which everyone knows is one of the worst social media attempts in history, is closing tonight (or tomorrow morning, or this afternoon, doesn't matter). Now, I'm not pissed that it is going, I'm pissed at what the admins did to me. Here's the story:

    I was in the New Super Luigi U. community, aka Memeverse, and I saw a post from my good friend Plasma. What was strange was that there was a video attached to the post, where it shouldn't be. I had commented saying 'I know one way to do it, but it doesn't work in the NSLU community. That's cool'. Then I get a 2 week ban for a service which will be shut down in a matter of hours. I don't see any offensive/off-topic content in that! I don't even have a record of getting banned. I had gotten banned once for [something I don't remember, but for a fact it didn't violate anything], posting a pic of Captain Toad in the SSB community, and now this. Then I sent a message saying 'I did not violate blah blah', then they 'determined it is in violation of blah blah'. C'mon Nintendo! When you reply to a admin message it does go to a human. I know because the first time I had gotten banned I replied, then they replied first saying it is violating, then immediately after it said I didn't, meaning someone made a mistake and tried to fix it, but for some reason I still wasn't unbanned, and I couldn't reply to the admin anymore either. I honestly feel like paying Arian to unban my account, I know it was a terrible service but I still want to see it go, maybe post my goodbe message, reply to posts saying Miiverse will be saved and blah. I know when I cool off I will realize this did not need to be posted, but whatever. Arian, where are you?!

    This is not the first time I talked about hacking on Miiverse, hell I made a discussion on hacking Miiverse, and it was never taken down. I bet I was on Nintendo's watchlist, I have a feeling they did this on purpose, what should I do guys?
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    aykay55 Think about this for a second:

    Most people have been buying two type of consoles for oh-so-long, a handheld and a home console, equalling about $500-$600 spent on consoles. Nintendo changed the system by creating a console that works as both, meaning one person would only buy one console instead of two, meaning only $300 for a hybrid console. Hardware accessories, only for home consoles, may add another $100. Now, if people buy a Switch, they will be complete. They won't need a new console. Now, if Nintendo wants people to buy their new consoles, they can't sell just a handheld or just a home console. They'll have to either sell another hybrid console (New Nintendo Switch XL Mini or something lol), or make handheld/home soooooooo good that people will have to buy it, either hardware or software-wise (Holographic Gaming ftw!).

    So, what do you guys think is Nintendo's next step? Will they make a new Switch, go back to handhelds and homes, or just stop at the Switch altogether, and create games for other systems and end up like SEGA.