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    My PC may be having a serious problem.

    Literally about 3 minutes ago, my PC magically turned off its wifi on its own. Wouldn't let me turn it on manually. Then as I was browsing Github, screen went blank, changed resolution to some horrible resolution (while I was typing that it happened again), then showed the blinking underscore thing for a split second, then went back to normal resolution. Then it did it again, but then Windows Update popped up afterwards.
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    Something interesting while I was at school.

    A few days ago, my science teacher thought it would be a good idea to teach us about cooking a turkey (cause ya know Thanksgiving). She explained the science about it like chemical changes and all that. She also said the obvious things like, "Don't put a frozen turkey in a deep-fryer, especially a outdoor one". So to pass the time (we had like 10 minutes left after she did all that), she was gonna find some Thanksgiving related videos on YouTube. She looked up "thanksgiving movies for middle schoolers" The first thing that showed up was this. upload_2017-11-17_22-52-34.png
    Me and my friend were freaking the fuck out for really no reason. She kept hovering over it, probably because she didn't know what a Yandere was or noticed the thumbnail. I guess she eventually noticed that thumbnail and just put some informational video about things like the Mayflower.
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    3dsx and CIA files.

    Remember when everyone was freaking out over the huge banwave Nintendo did a couple months back? Everyone was saying "Use 3DSX files! Don't use CIAs because Nintendo can still what you are playing even with the show friends what you are playing option off!" Well, for about a week, I agreed with them. However, I found it inconvenient to use 3dsx files, so I went back to using CIAs. I have both of the main options turned off (i'm assuming you know what they are), and I've even been using a public LFCSB, because I had no chance when the banwave happened since I was somewhere else entirely without my 3DS. I couldn't turn the settings off. So my way of thinking is that it WASN'T the CIAs, and was just those two options because usually, the public seed doesn't get banned for a few months. Something else I've been thinking, since one of my friends wants me to put CFW on his 3DS, I might just use his LFCSB to test this theory. I maybe an idiot, but oh well.
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    Eyyyy I found out how to make a blog entry

    Well, I feel like an idiot.