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    Japanese Console Cannot Recognize Its Own Language

    Soh the Wii... all modded to my liking... I wanted Japanese-named Miis. Ask Google and ye shall receive. So I did: exported my Asuka Mii, used a copy of My Avatar Editor to rename it to アスカ・ラングレー, save, import, BAM! Back into the MiiChan I go, and what do I see? アスカ[?]ラングレー.
    The hell? It doesn't show the ・! *plays Mario Kart* ... now why the hell does MKWii show it?!? Something's up.
    Today, I figured to edit my Rei, Shinji, Mari, Hikari, and Gendo Miis, to the same procedure I did to my Asuka Mii. ...WTF?!? Both MiiChan AND MKWii doesn't show the SURNAME character(s). Funny though, it showed Mari's. (I only like Asuka and Mari anyway.)
    I have asked the board about doing someting like dump the Japanese Wii keyboard's output, so it can be used for copy and paste, for Japanese Mii names on US/EU consoles. Oh, to hell with me changing the console's region... I'm not doing that BS!