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    Pokemon and Spri-OH GOD THE PAIN

    It's 3:07 AM as I'm writing this, and instead of going to sleep, what do I decide to do? Post a blog of course.

    I have this huge knot in my back. It's been there for the past week. It really fucking hurts if I try to move.

    My Spring Break starts today. But all my friends are in a different school district, so they had Spring Break last week. Shit. Oh well. I'll just blow the time away playing Pokemon. EV training, here I come!

    Speaking of Pokemon, does anyone have any idea on how much a Morty costume would cost? I'm looking to cosplay as him for Anime Expo 2010. My budget is roughly $175.

    On the subject of Pokemon, did anyone know Bugsy was a guy up until like, 2 or 3 years ago? He always looked like a girl.
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    Need some help with a HG team

    Ok, so here's my future team setup


    First off, what do you think of it? Second, which should I get, Azumarill, Politoad, or Vaporeon?

    EDIT: And I don't plan to EV train. It's way to fucking tedious.
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    Well crap

    So on Saturday, my cat spilled water in my laptop. After taking apart the keyboard, and letting it dry for 3 days, it can finally boot up. Thank God it still works.

    However, something is bothering me. Upon start up, it gives, me 5 high pitched beeps, can someone tell me what that means?
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    This week, I have a bajillion and a half tests. Tuesday and Wednesday are my Geometry final, Tuesday is my Biology final, Thursday is my Health final, Thursday is my Japanese final (Katakana test + Final), and Thursday is my English final. What sucks even worse is that I have 40 minutes to finish them all. Wednesday and Thursday are half days (get out at 12:35). But on the bright side, I only need a 38% on my Biology final to keep an A for the semester :D
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    Just got my PSP-2001 today

    It has a TA-088v3 motherboard. Just my luck. But some good luck is that it was on OFW 4.01. So I installed 5.03 M33-6, but it's going to be a bitch to have to reflash it every time I turn it on.
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    The airport, Pokémon Gold, and a new DS

    So today, I woke up at 4:30 AM to get on a plane 3 hours later to fly to a different state. That was not pleasant. I fell over while getting my luggage checked from the lack of sleep. I have a scrape on my elbow now, yay.

    So after I got off the plane (I was flying from Arizona to California, which is where I live), I decided to pull out my copy of Pokémon Gold to see if it still works. And it does. I've been doing the glitch where you are able to get all 3 starters and I now have a level 18 Quillava, 17 Crocanaw(spelling?), and a level 17 Bayleef. I just beat Bugzy and I'm in Ilex Forest.

    Another thing I found when I got home is the DS Lite I ordered came. It came in it's original box and it came with Hori screen protectors, 2 extra stylus's, and a power converter. It works like a charm and is very bright. I'll take some picture when I have the chance.
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    I just paid for my first purchase on eBay.

    I bought a limited edition Pikachu Ds Lite :D


    I can't wait until I get this :lol: