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    I got KICKED OUT OF A BURGER RESTAURANT today for sneaking in my own cheese (srs)

    So I have been on a bulk for the past two months and have been eating anything and everything to get more calories in...but Im also on a budget and my job is not a very good paying one

    Instead of paying another $1.00 for cheese, I brought a piece of american cheese from home in my pocket. I do this every once in a while but I've never gotten caught.
    I got my order and took a seat and pulled the cheese out of my pocket....apparently I wasn't discreet enough and a worker that takes his job way too serious saw me. So I threw the cheese on the burger and stuffed the wrapper in my pocket. This guy went and told his TOLD HIS MANAGER

    The manager walked over and asked me to see my burger then asked why my cheese wasn't melted. I started to feel a little nervous and said like a smart ass "you're the one that works here, i don't know." He asked me whats in my pocket and I patted my pockets and said nothing..well the cheese wrapper crinkled and we both heard it. He said his worker saw what I did and asked me to leave...with the whole restaurant staring at me

    Never been so fukcing embarrassed in my life
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    (PSP (Pubestation Portable)

    When I lost my job the PSP was the first thing to go - not because I didn't use it but because It was easy to sell and it got me a decent amount of cash. I've missed it. I've been thinking about it. Today I hit the $200 marker of Gamestop Trade-in credit so of course I picked up the cool Rock Band Unplugged bundle that came out. But this blog isn't about coolness - it's about the pubic hairs that are under my PSP screen.

    This isn't where pubic hair is supposed to be. Not at all. Maybe on a pre-owned system but not a new one. I can't help but wonder what series of events transpired that led to the pubes current destination. What was the name of the Chinese man or woman working in the PSP factory? Is this a sweat shop pube? Does my PSP contain a young persons very first pube - no, maybe it's a celebrities pube. Oh the possibilities.

    I can joke around about it because I know I can return it tomorrow no problem. I really don't wanna go to the mall tomorrow. [​IMG]

    Sidenotes - Trust me good sirs these are pubes. Tis not mine either because I haven't even put porn on it yet. I just opened the box.

    UPDATE: I returned it today no problem. The guy was really cool about the exchange and he said that they weren't hairs but "fibers from the factory." Whatever dude, I'm just happy that my new PSP is as bald as the Jonas Brothers.
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    I'm leaving, brahs

    Ya I'm leaving my house to go to school later to waste time with my bros b4 hos and attend dat graphics class l8er.
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    My DS Phat died and my DS Lite is no more.

    About 5 years ago I had a DS Phat for 1 year. I got a Lite in 2006 and played around with the Phat, eventually breaking it open and and got so broken it became unusable and I tossed it in the bin. I parted with my Lite months back when I decided to trade it and in the future invest in a 3DS when it came out. And also my PSP 2000 which was a great system. Here I am with one of the best portable systems ever made now.
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    Sometimes being that "good looking guy" sucks

    First of all the last two or three blog posts were plagiarized and copied from other member's blog posts (thread title and all) from a different forum I go to (Cheap Ass Gamer if you must ask) because I wanted to stir up some lulz. I have knonw ahead of time about the 3DS Ambassador Program and I also am aware Brutal Legends did not come out oh so recently anymore. And Fable II is obviously primitive now that Fable III released a while back.

    So I am not a single man and it's really awkward that especially when you are taken and considered good looking you have more womens trying to flirt with you or such. And well before that it'd usually be jailbait that approached or would send compliments my way. But even if they don't know you are not single why is it that girls tend to flirt with you more or is it cause I been prone to noticing more? And any others in the same boat? Awkward moment is awkward.
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    The 3DS just what!?

    The bigs news of the morning comes from a press-release from Nintendo stating that the 3DS will be dropping in price from $249.99 to $169.99. Yes, that's an $80 price drop. This comes just 4 months after launch, and a little under 2 months since Sony announced their Vita pricing. I'm sure you heard about the "ambassador program" which entails that people who purchase(d) their 3DS before August 11th, will be entitled to 10 free NES VC games and 10 free GBA VC games. While the NES games will be available to the general public later in the year, the GBA games won't be. I think it's a nice program that Nintendo set up and I'm sure looking forward to it. But the real question is, why the price drop?

    "Yo Nintendo be frettin over dat new PSP" is probably the first comment on 90% of the articles reporting the price drop that you'll read today. But the fact of the matter is that, yes, Nintendo must've realized that despite their glasses-less 3D graphics, the Vita is a powerful system. And when you have the two systems put up next to each other at $249, there isn't much comparing. But at $169, we have another war of the handhelds. Another comment that you'll read on major articles is "this is the DS/PSP all over again." This remark could be true, but we won't really know until the Vita releases. Personally, I think I'll give the Vita a whirl eventually, since I'm a diehard Uncharted fan. But this will definitely be a fight to the death, especially with the games that Nintendo has lined up for this fall as well as early next year. Out of fanboy-ism, I would deem the Vita as "screwed" but the support that we've seen behind the system really makes me want to give it a chance. Especially with Sony bringing over some major names to the Vita boat. But we'll see what happens once it releases!

    Oh and for the record, I think that the 20 games do justice to early adopters.... since I wasn't really expecting anything free when I purchased the system at launch.
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    Are Video Games Worth 60 Bucks?

    For the most part I think the answer is yes, however games could be cheaper. Personally I don't play a lot of multiplayer so I'm not sure if a game like Brutal Legend is worth the full 60 bucks (for me). Uncharted 2 on the other hand has co-op missions that act as a part of continuing the story, and is very deep in gameplay. I kind of wish that Sony and Microsoft would use digital distribution as a way for the consumer to buy the portion of the game the player wants. For example if I wanted to only play the story mode of a game they would charge me 30-40 dollars, and if I wanted multiplayer they could charge me 20-30 dollars. Of course this is all wishful thinking, but the big three could see more of a return on games that aren't as popular or are not as well established. My point is that at least they would get more money from those willing to "try" a game for 30-40 dollars. Plus lets not forget that 60 dollars these days "gets you in the door", and then DLC three to six months later is coming out for an additional 10-20 dollars. Fable 2 was recently released in chapters on XBL; why not do this with more games? Even if you buy the first chapter and never go back, thats more money they got from you than if you never intended to buy the full retail version anyway. I would like to hear thoughts and comments on this, agree or disagree.
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    One tough thing about being a black dude (hair grows too fast)

    If there’s one thing in this world I hate about being a black guy, it has to do with my hair. It grows way too fast. For many people I know of other races, they don’t seem to have that same issue as me. I get my haircut every two weeks, but many others I hear go months without getting their haircut. Technically, I need my haircut every 4-7 days since my hair pretty much grows back by then.

    I’ll admit I’m very picky about my hair. I get mine cut every 2 weeks because my fade goes away in less than a week and I look nowhere near as good. Sometimes I wear a hat to hide it. I would rather get my haircut every week, but I’m already spending $20 ($17 + $3-4 tip) to get my haircut. That price only includes haircut. When I got my haircut in the Midwest, it cost me $25 ($22 for haircut + hair washed, $3 for top). The price is expensive, but the guys who cut my hair (mostly an all black barber known as Community Cutz) do an excellent job. I always get the balded fade, and I prefer either one of two people to cut my hair. I purposely get my haircut on Tuesday’s because I see 1-3 people who do my hair the way I want. If none of them are there I will just leave and come back another day. I will wait longer just to have my haircut by certain people. One reason I worried about moving to Maryland was finding a new person to cut my hair (I had the same person cut my hair from 1998 to mid 2009), but I ended up finding a place from a friend/co-worker. Friends of mine of another race tell me they only need to get their haircut every few months and only pay like $10. But at least we don’t have oils in are hair being it technically does not need to be washed everyday (and if we wash our hair, its short and easier to take care of).

    Some tell me I should just grow my hair out as a fro. While a fro can be cool, maintaining one is a pain in the butt. When having longer hair years ago, it would get tangled easier and combing it out can hurt. Also, having to wash all that hair would be a pain. Sometimes I just feel like shaving all my hair off, but I rather not try to keep it bald. Some say I should learn to cut my own hair to save money, but I couldn’t do it like the pros.

    My beard also tends to grow back fast. After one day I save it, I already see hair back the next time. To be honest, I absolutely HATE shaving. Razor blades do an excellent job keeping the face smooth, but they can cut me at times, or lead to several bumps (I tend to have that problem around my neck). Electric razors feel much better, but they don’t give me a smooth shave. So what I have to do is use a triple blade razor for my face, then use an electric razor on my chin/neck. This causes a shave to take me WAY too long, but seems to work. I usually shave every 3-4 days because I’m lazy. If I’m going to something important, I will make sure I shave since I like having the young look.

    While it sucks I gotta pay a lot of money to constantly get my haircut, I do love the faded hair style a lot (only hair I prefer is spikey hair, but I'm not capable of it). Can anyone else on CAG relate to having to get their haircut a lot (due to growing fast or want to keep it good)?
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    HOLY SHIT Duke Nukem Forever demo for First Access

    Actshually magic 8-ball told me demo out after the 15 of May.
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    Gearbox actually delivers Duke Nukem Forever Trailer?


    shit's so dank yo, straight from GBX's channel.