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    Coming Out Day (and misc.)

    I can't keep up with all of the other Coming Out Day blogs popping up, so I figured I'll show my support by writing a short one of my own. I'm bisexual (and a furry, obviously, those of you who know me well know both of those things for sure), and I believe that people should have the right to love who they want to love without worry or fear, and should have all the rights and privileges of people in "traditional" relationships. It's not about politics, it's not about religion, it's about tolerance, doing the right thing, it's about being human. I proudly support all my fellow peers here on the Temp and those beyond who come out.

    As for the miscellaneous bit, I'm starting a new job today, doing computer networking and firewall installs. I'm basically getting paid to travel :)
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    I got a (real) job yesterday, today was my second day of work. Details to follow if anyone is interested, right now I'm heading to bed. All I gotta say is it's about damn time :P
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    Hitting the Road (A Little)

    Well, at some point here tomorrow/today (I'm writing this at 2:35 in the morning) I'm going to be starting the process of moving. I'll have to pack up my PC, which means, for those of you that care :P , that while I will have my phone, I will be online a LOT less. I'm also going to be setting aside my PC and a good portion of my electronics for at least a month or two, so that I can try and get some life stuff back on track. Again, I'll have my phone, with my browser and the Skype and Steam apps, so I won't be completely absent, just a lot less likely to be active/logged in/etc.

    I'm kind of bummed to be doing these things. After all, the Temp is a great place to learn and just hang out, and I'll miss it and lots of the people here. But stuff like job hunting and mental health come first, so, with some help, I've made the hard decision to (mostly) walk away for a little bit. I really do wish everyone here all the best with their various projects and goals, and can't wait to see what kind of fun new things are around the next time I poke my nose in. Take care!

    -Arecaidain Fox
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