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    Hacking ethics

    So, just something I need to put out there since I've seen this come up in other scenes like PSP, Vita and maybe others. How is it that some devs will claim an ethical stance against ROMS and playing backups but allow homebrew emulators? Sure an SNES game is worth about $1 now and I guess the devs are retired by now, but aren't you still allowing someone the means of playing a stolen (albeit older) game? Is it just games that are currently for sale in stores that are unethical to copy? This seems like a flaw in that logic. Personally I'm for adding as much functionality as possible and letting everyone else choose their own moral path. This just hit me as I'm waiting for SSSpwn to be released. Plus, in this case, building a 3DS/DS ROM loader would help kill Gateway. I view Gateway and a Cobra ODE (ps3) as just about the worst things I've seen in the scene over the years. Hacking has always been more about open source, bragging rights, cat n mouse with big corps. Not stealing ideas from others or forcing someone to pay $100 for a hack...