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    Japanese is a mess.

    No, I'm not talking about Japs, that is racist, I'm talking about their language. I mean didn't they learn how to use space in sentence? Did the paper too expensive or did their word too big to afford that? Or they just too lazy to do it? Then again, they lazy enough to drop object in the sentence so I wouldn't too suprise. But seriously, how can you tell which one is a single word and which one is two separate word? I read that each Kanji is a word but then I read one word can be make by two or more Kanji and word can be make by solely Hiragana or worse, it make by mix both Kanji and Hiragana together. So in order to learn Japanese, not only I need to learn 2000 characters but also combination of those 2000 together? How can you even do that? I wasn't even be able to learn 2000 English words, and I had using it everydays for 5 years now, it would be easier to learn how to decode Enigma machine than this.
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    Does having kid affect you playing game?

    I'm not a parent yet but some days it will be eventually. So when I am visiting my gaming forum I notice a guy who want to sell all of his gaming stuff because he have kids now and don't have time for it anymore. It strike me as a shitty excuse for quit gaming but somehow it does make sense, you need to pay a lots attention for kids and god know what they can do to those delicate machine. I do babysitting for my brother before and my nephew so annoying, they are stubborn and lousy and they think they know everything when I try to teach them playing game because they won't let me play it alone. If I have to quit gaming because kids then I rather quit being parent.