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    Aneki I was going through my stuff and found a few of my old drawings before I lost interest and I kinda wanted to share them if that's okay.
    20180107_184417.jpg 20180107_184521.jpg 20180107_184409.jpg 20180107_184439.jpg 20180107_184451.jpg 20180107_184532.jpg
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    Aneki I don't usually post much, but I kinda need someone to talk to/listen. I wanna start with that I'm mentally broken, by that I mean that I just don't freaking know what to do with my life. It's fustrating the hell out of me, and then there's the fact that I'm just lonely. I don't really have any friends, in fact I don't know how to make some, I suck at making conversation with people. I also miss being in school, I honestly didn't and still don't think that I should of graduated from high school yet, I was really tense back then because I had zero plans and to this day I am not even sure of myself, but in the end I graduated because of my parents. I have a 3.51 out of 4.0 gpa that's just sitting there as a waste, well it feels like a waste anyways. I also used to cut, I was 14 at the time and stopped at 17, I cut because of the same feeling of frustration with myself that I feel right now, but I stopped because on my left knee the space above is forever numb. Anywho nobody really knew I used to cut until I decided to reveal it to my mom like a month or 2 ago, her shocking face was priceless since I've hidden that fact for basically 6-7 years. I don't know where I'm going with this, the only thing I can think of is "Why am I alive for?"

    I don't mean bring attention to myself, mostly since I prefer to be invisible, but there's nothing I can do about that, and also thank y'all for reading
    Aneki Hurricane Harvey finally passed and so my family and I forgot about our storage unit and they contacted us today to go see it, and that we should take everything that's salvageable before September 20 and and take pictures of the damaged items for insurance. Anywho we went there and pretty much everything that was sitting on the floor is all damaged. My stepdad lost all of his winter jackets, my mom lost some of her clothes but she's mostly upset about my brother's and I baby clothes. And I've lost a queen sized bed frame that was given to me from my dad along with a pillow and blanket. Although I'm a see if I can salvage my PS3 and Wii since thankfully those consoles only got wet. And also my poor violin got damaged, I'm a see if I can get it fixed.:(

    Thank y'all for reading!

    Tldr: storage unit got flooded