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    Got my mind blown yesterday because of a huge theory about gen7...

    Here is the link to it so that you get your minds blown too... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp67IGu5BvKWJ9KTd-xlnH24FUmUSgTVL and BTW this : is one of the coolest pokemon AMV I've seen IMO...
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    Let's make a club of people not interested in sex and/or not attracted to anybody!...

    ...So that i feel less "forever alone"...I guess...:glare:

    I've seen people come out as gay and bi...Well why not being proud of finding sex weird...:rolleyes: (even if I don't feel very proud about that...)
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    Guessing people's gender (wrong) in forums...based on their avatar

    Due to the anonymous nature of a forum such as this (people have avatars and use nicknames) , it's not easy to get the gender of other members right...I decided to use the avatar as a clue and assumed that all people with a female character avatar were girls...

    It works in some cases (for example: Aurora Whright), but not always...

    P.S: is Rinnegatamante male or female? because they have a girl character avatar so I assumed female but I tend to be wrong about that...
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    Try Everything and Fire Emblem Fates go well together IMO

    I listened to Try Everything by Shakira and noticed quite a few lyrics could be used to illustrate playing Fire Emblem Fates...

    Let's see:
    I messed up tonight
    I lost another fight
    I still mess up but I’ll just start again -
    Getting a gameover or a character dying in classic mode and soft resetting to restart the battle

    I keep falling down
    I keep on hitting the ground
    I always get up now to see what’s next -
    Reminds me of me at the beginning, my character kept dying (hooray for casual mode)

    Nobody learns without getting it wrong - Well I had to be weapon triangle screwed several times to finally learn how it works in Fates...

    I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
    Till I reach the end
    And then I’ll start again -
    Going to the endgame at starting a new file in another path
    Though I’m on the lead
    I wanna try everything
    I wanna try even though I could fail -
    Choosing all paths one after the other to see what options it offers even if it means seeing beloved characters get a plotline death
    I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
    Till I reach the end
    And then I’ll start again
    No I won’t leave
    I wanna try everything
    I wanna try even though I could fail
    - Playing the game till you have done all three paths and totally finished the story by trying everything it proposes...

    I’ll keep on making those new mistakes
    I’ll keep on making them every day
    Those new mistakes

    (can go with a couple of things, still messing up unit placement, or forgetting how the weapon's triangle work and get a character ambushed by ennemies he/she is weak against, or choosing apath and seeing a beloved character get a plotline death)

    Now I always think about Fates when I listen to Try Everything...
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    Dubstep makes everything cooler (In my opinion)

    I listened to several dubstep remixes of video games' musics and in my opinion the dubstep remixes are cooler than the original version.

    Remix of Fire Emblem Fates Music:
    Remix of Lavander Town music: and
    Remix of Pokemon red/blue battle theme:

    Maybe it's only those ones...or because the people doing the remix is talented...but I prefer those versions to the original...
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    A9LH has 100% boot rate except for that one time when it doesn't...

    One hour ago, I thought my 3ds had bricked because it booted to a black screen without the wi-fi lead switching on even if I have A9lh which is supposed to have 100% boot rate...I put the sd card in the computer to check if i had not deleted the arm9loaderhax.bin by mistake, nope it was there...put sd card back in 3ds, I see the Luma splash screen and home menu loads a few econds after...now idea what happened before...

    Booted the 3ds a few times since then and have constant boots since then...no idea what the problem was...
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    Help me guess if someone has A9LH or not...


    Here are the videos showing his/her 2ds booting and his/her SD card content...what do you think...?

    I'm stumped...
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    Want to get re-motivated with Pokemon...How?

    I stopped my OR run after the 6 or 7th badge and would like to get re-motivated to finish it since I'd like to reach the IV judge guy and do some Masuda breeding/Wondertrading stuff...

    I could also replay X but I'm way earlier than that since I restarted with Neo X...and have 2 badges I think...
    The weird think is that I enjoy playing hacked versions of the old games but the main recent ones don't motivate me much anymore. Any odea why? And what can I do to get my pokemon mojo back?
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    Vote for best husband and/or wife for my female Avatar in Fire Emblem Fates Birthright with Gay Patch

    1) My cousin Azura
    2) My maid Felicia
    3) My childhood friend Silas
    4) My Butler Jakob
    5) My Ninja bodyguard Kaze

    All those characters are canonically close to me and I can't choose between them...

    I am also tempted but less so by :

    6) my ultimate archer adoptive little brother Takumi
    7) My cool badass Samurai in-game adoptive big Brother Ryoma

    You can also vote for : 8) other (give more details) ^^
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    Good bye Menuhax you served me well...

    One of the reason why I decided to buy a low firmware 3ds and to downgrade the other one was to be able to still use certain homebrew entry points in particular Menuhax...the irony or whatever you may call that is that by going for the most recent hack method (A9lh)...I ended up ditching Menuhax I wanted to keep so much a few months ago...
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    Can't sleep well since a few days. Looking for tips.

    I suppose the stress and anticipation of installing A9HL put my brain on haywire and that's why I can't seem to sleep more than 3 hours a night since a few days. I thought that once it was done the tension would fall and I'd be able to sleep 12 or so hours straight...but no. Haven't been able to sleep well since saturday either...even if I am on holiday so I should be free of any worries...
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    A9LH Finally! ^^

    Decided to follow Plailect's guide and switch to A9LH on my 3ds...Did it successfully ^^ Was scared to do it but things went fine now I am part of the master race or whatever it's called now...
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    working for a big video games' company as translator possible or just a dream?

    I have a master's degree in English and Spanish to French translation and I am an avid player of video games. I'd like to combine both passions by becoming a translator for a video game company. I have two main problems :

    - I don't know how to get in touch with those and how to get my application reviewed and not thrown away in the bin directly.
    - I don't speak Japanese which is I suppose detrimental to wotk for Nintendo for exampe...

    So I'm looking for help on how to tackle these two little problems...