I will try to not bore you with my Writings.
I will try to write in "good" and understandable Englisch.
I will try to maybe entertain you.Maybe.....try....

So,if you like and have maybe some Time,please come in and have Fun and a good Time please.

Thank you
Good Days.:D

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    How are you ?

    Hello,fellow Community.:)

    On actual Events,I thought,I ask this Question in a Blog (Edge of Forum seemed not the suitable Place,maybe because of some other Desease.....something Polly....).

    Today,on my morning Shopping,I met a Guy,who is usually a jolly and nice Fellow.
    But today he seems very....yes.....depressed.
    From one Day to another,from one Second to another.

    Professional Diagnosis from Doctor Google: typical Corona Exhausted......:P
    (Please,for Heaven´s sake,DON´T TAKE THAT SERIOUS....)

    It sounds a little perverted,now we can move around freely in our Federal State,all Shops are open.....he is depressed.
    But understandable.
    I do not want to exclude me for this "Sickness",I know what he is talking about.......I exactly know it very,very well....

    So,we talked a little about "Things" (not to try to cheer him up,such Things are useless in such Situations).
    Of course,without Mask and without 2 Meters "Social Distance"...a normal Non Virus "Gossip" like before 2020.

    Then we said goodbye (I think I maybe saw a Smile on his Face....).

    Maybe many People do not longer want to talk about "psychological Effects and Stresses" with the "actual" Situation.
    Maybe many People do not longer want to listen about "psychological Effects and Stresses" with the "actual" Situation.
    Maybe many People do not longer want to read about "psychological Effects and Stresses" with the "actual" Situation.

    Maybe......that is not a good Way......but........that is only my Opinion.

    Have a very,very,very nice Day,my Friends.:)
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    This is getting more and more confusing for me....

    Now this is not related to GBAtemp !
    No one should feel addressed.If so,blame yourself,not my Problem.:)

    Do not get me wrong,I give a shit on which Gender a Human is today...I do not care,everybody can do as he like and wish....

    But PLEASE,expect not,I should remember EVERY SINGLE Gender Change every Day,every Second,every Mood...

    "Sorry,my Lady"
    "I am a Boy,I have changed about 5 Minutes ago,because I´m in the Mood..."

    "Excuse me,Sir"
    "I am a Girl,I changed it as a Joke..."

    "Can you help me please,my ????"
    "How could you forget my Change to a Female..."

    We have enough Sorrows actual on this Planet....
    So please,we leave YOU alone,so please leave US alone...

    Thank you.:)
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    Never,never handle with Super Glue....

    ..and having your Glasses nearby.....

    P1020042.jpg P1020043.jpg

    That Thing for the Nose comes off and I wanted to fix it with Super Glue.
    Unfortunately the Glue was "very" hard to get out and suddenly -> *flupp* is shots out,across the Desk and.....

    .....safely on the Glasses laying in safe Distance.....

    Every "Rescue Try" comes to late....

    - Nail Laquer Remover
    - Put it in the Freezer
    - Vinegar Essence
    - Oliveoil
    - Vaseline

    Maybe I should try it longer ? :(

    Any Help would be very appreciated....
    Thank you...
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    CPU and GPU seems a little bit cold today.

    (Once upon a Time a Thread becomes a Blog....)


    Because this originally Post was "turned" into a Blog by some Hogbatemp Wizard,I will make some "Additions in this first Post,otherwise it maybe looks useless....:rofl2:

    Someday,I looked on MSI Afterburner and Speedfan 4.52 and noticed:

    Ohne Tuuuuuitel-1.jpg

    No special Cooling Methods....I think it is maybe a little cold today.

    So I looked on todays Temperature and I see:

    Ohne Tizzzzzzzzzzzzzztel-1.jpg

    "Baby it´s (maybe) cold outside......"

    Only outside ? I prefer a "Gaming Environment" around 18°

    How are YOUR Gaming/Computer "Environments" ?
    (Your Contributions are welcome too please.)

    Thank you.:)
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    Thank you to GBAtemp and to my "Friends".

    Looking on the "Like" Counter makes me feel....

    ....you maybe have "accepted" me for your very,very,very nice Community.

    Thank you to all the People I met here in the last 2 Years.
    It makes really great Fun and it is always a very,very,very,very nice Time here.
    I am always delighted in the Morning to see mostly the same People around........and also in the Night..........and then in the Morning..... smiley_emoticons_eazy_wink.gif

    People go and new People come.With some People there is/was very instensive Contact (Personal Messages or Mail).
    It also makes Fun to see how (Internet) Relation and Friendships with many People grow with Time.
    Very,very,very nice and thank you for this Possibility. this.gif

    Sometimes I still not understand some "Things".
    Because of my still "modest" English Knowledge.
    I have learned many,many about this Languague here (English and English,if you know what I mean...:D).
    Sometimes you got some Austrian "Things" from me.
    I hope,you liked it.

    So,please have still a nice Time and Fun here.Try to be nice to each other,everybody deserves it.
    Thank you very much,I am very,very,very grateful,that I can continue to drive my mischief here.:)
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    Corona Virus - No effective remedy against it....really ?


    As maybe some attentive GBAtemp User have noticed,I use this Spray since 3 Years (because I work with Childs).

    Today I looked through my "Storage" and found some interesting Thing(s).
    Except the "Outer" has changed in the last Year something more interesting has changed:

    P1010730.JPG P1010731.JPG

    P1010738.JPG P1010739.JPG P1010740.JPG

    GD means the Producton Year - so /20 for 2020 and /18 for 2018.

    Funny,they know Coronavirus in 2018......

    Please make yourself a "Picture" of this.......

    0 evjjYzmFhBV-djWJ.jpg
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    Friday 21th August 2020 .....


    Vacation (Urlaub) has begun.:)

    I have sorted out some Things I wanted to do in the next 2 Weeks.

    Some "Things" let me think of a little....

    "Found" again my liking for classic "Hörspiele" (Radio Plays) from the 70s and 80s.
    Also have an "Ear" on newer Releases/Reboots/New Editions from my favorite Series.

    Time for a little "Peace" and slow down....the last Months/Weeks where very exciting and fast.
    Thinking on 1-2 "Persons" and maybe lose Contact to them.....own wish or maybe not,I do not know....

    Thinking about some "Issue" with my Tongue in the last Weeks...

    Maybe it is correct...50th Birthday makes Humans maybe "really" change or "transform"...I do not know...

    Getting some new Disney Infinity Star Wars Figures,unfortunately without Laser Swords.
    Told it to the Seller........that does not interest him....*sigh*
    ...me,honestly,do not either.

    Found a 80 GB HDD full with MP3 Files....funny......there are the "Radio Plays" I have searched for...
    Listen some of them today...very nice.....brings Memories back....nice Memories.

    Did not find the DVD with the "Micky Maus" Magazines from 1975 - 1984 - also Childhood Memories...
    Searched the Internet...find many again but also many of them not.....

    Looked over a couple of DVD Spindles (previous filled with Verbatim DVD-R´s).....most of them contains really old DVD-R´s.
    Downloaded Stuff......but no longer of Interest for me...
    Old (really old) Movies in MP4 Format,PC Games (mostly Hidden Objects and Time Management,Adventures......),looked on Steam and GOG......most of this Games already purchased.....

    Really no Console Games ?

    XBox (1.Generation) on 5 - 6 Devices (No Backup)
    Wii and GameCube on HDD (No Backup)
    PlayStation 2 Games on HDD (No Backup)
    Dreamcast on SD Card. (No Backup)
    GameBoy Advanced on EZ Flash (No Backup)
    DSi on 2 Flashcarts (No Backup)
    3DS Games installed in SD Card (No Backup)

    Stumbling over Super Nintendo (Games).....
    Ah,there is my last GameCube....

    Ha,there are some CDs - PlayStation / PSX.
    Wii U Games installed on an HDD. (Backup somewhere on an 1 TB HDD,I have no Idea were....)

    Hmm...must be over 1000 Games......

    Seems a little Mess in the Video Game Room lately.....
    Honestly...I do not care......it is not important to me.

    Wait...what is that ?
    I have a lot of Original Wii/PlayStation 2/XBox Games ? Not possible.....
    Forgot about it,I "stuffed it" a long Time ago under a big Seating Solution.....weird...

    Most of the "free Space" here is occupied with PC Parts.....waiting to be re-assembled...
    And....no,not again,Boxes with Cables/Plugs....oh no.....not again.....

    Maybe reached the Point of (no Re)turn ?

    Oh,Breakfast in about 6 Hours.:)
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    Half a Century - the 50th Birth Day

    Hello my Friends.:)

    First of all:

    Thank you very much for all your Congratulations !!!
    That was really very,very nice and kind from you and I was very happy about them.

    Thank you very much.:wub:

    What have this Day brought with it ?

    The most important for me was to have a few Hours with my Wife.

    And of course....

    A nice Burger King Meal,I "insist on it" every Year.:)
    After that we had a nice Walk with our beloved Doggie Mufassa,the golden Retriever.

    Then comes the Presents.

    My beloved Wife surprised me with an Mega Disney Infinity Package:

    Then I got Spongebob and his Friends as "Plush Versions" and a tiny LEGO Space Ship Model from my Childhood.:)
    It was a very,very nice Evening and so ends my 50th Anniversary.

    Today we were invited by my Parents In-Law and there I got a........

    I was speechless.
    A few Months ago I watched an awesome Video on youtube from an Guy called "Held der Steine" from Germany:

    This is the first really great and most stable and awesome Enterprise Modell I saw in my Life.
    As Child I builded it many times with my LEGO,but you maybe know,it was very hard...

    The Saucer Section was everytime sooo heavy that my Enterprise(s) are all "tipped over",the Warpdrive Gondolas are...very unstable and after a "Phaser Hit" from an bad Klingon they fell off........:D

    After that Video I made some research but as the Guy already in the Video mentioned:
    "Impossible to get it in Europe"
    So,for me,that "Thing" was done and I never thinked of it again.
    (Also the Price was too,really too expensive for me...)

    Until today:

    P1370253.JPG P1370254.JPG

    This fine Masterpiece consists of 3098 ultratiny to big Pieces.
    I decided to NOT open the Package until I have really Time and Place for it.
    The ready built Ship is about 90 cm long so I also need a Place to store it
    (I already have decided to hang it up.:D).

    So another awesome Day near to end and I was (always be) very exciting about this never expected Present from my beloved "Second Family".

    On Thursday we will celebrate with our Groomsmen (Grillen and then maybe also Presents...:),my "Best Man" had his Birthday on August 2)

    On Friday we are invited to my Parents.

    Thank you for Reading,my Freinds.:)
    Thank you very much to be Part of this awesome Community and its really great People.❤
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    We have to ascribe this to ourselves because we absolutely do not respect Animals and the Environment...

    Original Article from "The Guardian".

    German Article from "orf.at"

    Man-made virus throwers

    The "last" corona virus was not created by humans, but it was paved by human behavior - most of the science agrees. Destruction of natural habitats through deforestation and intensive agriculture, uncontrolled trade in wild animals, factory farming: all of these factors favor the development of pandemics - not only since Covid-19.

    Humanity will be "at the end" if our food system cannot be changed, naturalist Jane Goodall warned a few days ago in the British "Guardian". "We have to ascribe this to ourselves because we have absolutely no respect for animals and the environment," said Goodall. "Our disrespect for wild animals and our disrespect for farm animals has meant that diseases can spread to people and infect them."

    Science has long drawn attention to the fact that pandemics and epidemics are increasingly caused by animals, the World Health Organization (WHO) calls these diseases zoonoses.
    Zoonoses are increasing

    “According to the science magazine Nature, 60 percent of the newly emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, 70 percent of which are probably from wild animals. The recent SARS-CoV-1 epidemics, where bats spread to civet cats and then humans, and MERS-CoV, which was transmitted from camels to humans, and Ebola and HIV are all zoonotic diseases, ”wrote Eva Rosenberg, Head of Vier Pfoten Austria, in May in a guest commentary for the "Falter".

    In the meantime it has been scientifically considered relatively certain that animals were also the original hosts of the new corona virus. The virus is believed to have spread to humans from bats - most likely at a wildlife market in Wuhan, China.
    Stress comes from stressed animals

    According to epidemiologists, animal-to-human transmission occurs especially when the animals are exposed to great stress. Interventions in their habitat, cutting down forests, catching and locking up live animals in small cages in markets, all this causes stress and favors the transfer of viruses from one species to another and finally to humans - more on this at science.ORF.at .

    In a study published in April in the "Proceedings of the Royal Society B", scientists scoured work for reports of diseases that passed from animals to humans. Data from the Red List for Endangered Animals (IUCN Red List) and data on around 140 known animal viruses, which due to their properties could also infect humans, were analyzed and correlated with one another.
    Water bat
    Humans have paved the way for viruses

    It showed that there are only a few wild animals that are threatened with extinction without human intervention and that they generally pose a very low risk of transmission of infectious diseases, the BBC quoted in April Christine Johnson, head of a project on pandemics at the University of California, Davis. Those wild animals, on the other hand, which are at risk due to human exploitation or loss of their habitat, would carry twice as many viruses that could cause diseases.

    The call for curbing wildlife trade is growing louder. According to Johnson, much-visited markets where animals and people mingle, which would have little contact in nature, are ideal breeding grounds for diseases. The Compassion in World Farming campaign also advocates a worldwide ban on trade in wild animals in order to end their exploitation for traditional medicine, exotic pet farming, tourism and other purposes. Although trade in some endangered species is already prohibited, it is still widespread.
    Industrial animal husbandry favors disease outbreaks

    But it is by no means just wild animals that pose a threat to zoonoses. Domestic and farm animal species harbor a particularly large number of viruses, on average about eight times as much as wild animals. For example, up to 30 types of virus can be found in pigs and cattle. Often kept in a confined space and in close proximity to humans, farm animals are therefore a particularly large risk factor, the researchers at the University of California write.

    The combination of intensive agriculture and epidemic outbreaks recently also shed light on the global investor network FAIRR - according to the Guardian, the study came to the conclusion that more than 70 percent of the largest meat, fish and milk producers were at risk of favoring future zoonoses: the safety standards are too low, the animals are kept too narrow and the use of antibiotics is excessive. "Factory farming is both prone to pandemics and to blame for it," said FAIRR founder Jeremy Coller. "It is a self-destructive cycle that destroys values and endangers life."

    "Pandemics are not a question of whether, but when"

    "The pandemic was only a matter of time," wrote four-paw boss Rosenberg. As a “milestone”, she rated a statement from EU Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius about a month ago: In an interview with the Reuters news agency, he said that “intensive livestock farming is playing a major role in the recent pandemic. There is also strong evidence that the way meat is produced, and not just in China, has contributed to Covid-19. ”Rosenberg sees this as a slow departure from what the EU has been practicing and promoting for decades Has.

    The US scientist Michael Greger, who in 1993 was one of the first experts to point out the possible transferability of BSE to humans and recently published the book "How To Survive A Pandemic", summarized the problem: "Industrial animal husbandry is the safest Way to create pandemics. "And:" With pandemics, it is not a question of whether, but when and how. A global outbreak with a mortality rate of more than a few percent would not only threaten the financial markets but also civilization itself, as we know it."

    Thank you for Reading.:)
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    Horses,Barbie and others...

    Today I looked over the Wii Games:

    P1360442.JPG P1360443.JPG P1360444.JPG P1360445.JPG
    P1360448.JPG P1360449.JPG P1360451.JPG P1360452.JPG

    No Questions please......

    And NO....I have played with Big Jim.....

    Better ask Nintendo and their Developer Companies,why.......

    Who will play such Games ?
    (the Same that play Cooking Games......damn.....caught).

    .....do not ask what happened this Weekend please.....


    ...and a little more....

    P1360446.JPG P1360447.JPG P1360450.JPG

    Updated on Saturday,15.05.2020:


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    The best Way to get rid of someone ?

    Hello fellow GBAtemp Community.

    Away from the Corona Thing for a Second.....

    When I read through News from Austrias "Federal States" the last Months and last specially Year,I noticed a very strange and disturbing Behavior...more and more Common in Austria.....

    People who kills Relatives,related People (in the Meaning of "People next to you - we say "nahestehende Personen"),Partners and so on.....
    Not so often Killers who shot People randomly....

    Really targeted...

    - Son who kills Father
    - Father kills whole Family
    - Ex-Friend kills Ex-Girlfriend and her whole Family too.
    - Wife kills Husband
    - Ex-Husband kills Ex-Wife
    - ..............

    Some People maybe say " Yes,thats normal in the Country I live......"
    Really ?

    And also very "Strange" - The Perpetrator (mainly Man.....) remain silent.....nobody says something ........or were depressed and so poor because of an Divorce or Separation......
    And suddenly all have Compassion with the Murderer.....and the "Background Story"......
    Of Course,it is always important to now every Detail of the Backgound....

    I wonder if you have "Compassion" with your Husbands or Wifes Ex-Friend when he/she kill your Partner and maybe you too.......

    Only to get rid of you......

    Thank you for Reading....
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    New to my Video Gaming Devices: Wii with d2pro Drive Chip

    Hello my fellow Video Gaming Friends.:)

    Yesterday,Monday the 13th of January,arrived a new Console.
    A white PAL Wii with complete Accessories and original Packaging and,very inconspicuous,an d2pro Drive Chip installed.

    P1360039.JPG P1360040.JPG P1360041.JPG

    After a little Internet Search i found inofrtmations about the Chip and also the latest Firmware Version 1.8.

    Switched on the first Time it boots (after the Health and Safety Screen) into the Wii System Menu.Nothing unusual.
    Then the frist "Difference" to my other Wii´s - I put the Firmware Tool DVD into the Drive and...

    The Disc Channel turns into an .....GameCube Symbol.After clicking on the Channel Symbol it goes to a Black Screen and after a few Seconds the Firmware Tool appears:


    It asks me to Update to Firmware,i confirmed it and not it is on the latest Version 1.8.
    It seems,the Chip works and all is fine.
    And as you can see,the Drive Reading Speeds are unlocked from 3x to 6x
    The next Point to check was the Wii´s System Version.As I said it is a PAL Modell and on Version 4.1E

    Before I made the Update,I checked of an existend Softmod,because on the System Channel Screen appeared the Homebrew Channel (v.1.1.2) and the USBLoader GX.Both Applications started when I choosed them.
    But the USBloader Gx has issues on the Startup/Initialization.

    Also was no PRIILOADER installed but as I plugged my SD Card into,BootMii installed on boot2 appears on the next Re-Start.Very nice.:D
    The next Step,as our GBAtemp´s Backup Reminder @KleinesSinchen always suggests: MAKE A NAND Backup ! And.......done in the next Moment.

    With this Assurance now I made the System Update to Version 4.3E.

    Re-Installed the Homebrew Channel and BootMii as boot2
    Installed the latest Version of the Priiloader v0.8.3 BETA (now with Wii Button Support,it works great by the Way,many Thanks to @DacoTaco.)
    Also updated the needed cIOSEs for the USBLoader GX which is now working properly.

    And...now to the Games.

    First I tried many GameCube Backups (PAL and NTSC).Unfortunately I forget (spoiled by the Emulated Save Option from Nintendont) they need now a Memory Card to Save.Needless to say.....none available.
    The Games works all fine and without any Issues.:)

    Now the real interesting Part - the Wii Games.
    First I tried a few PAL Backups - and there comes the first Challenge,the UPDATE Option from the Game(s).

    But I leave it for the Moment because now I tried the NTSC Backups.
    A big Disappointment for that Moment.....

    The Drive did not recognized not a single NTSC Game.
    A little perplexed too....maybe a PAL only Drive Chip ?

    Booted again the Firmware Tool Disc - it clearly says on its C64 like UI: Region Patcher: ON
    And also GameCube Games from PAL and NTSC worked before.

    But maybe Priiloader can help.
    Enabled the Hack "Region Free Everything"

    Now the Drive recognizes the Backups as Game Discs.:D
    And Boot........into a Black Screen,,,ever single NTSC Game......

    That maybe could be a Video Mode Issue...I thought it in this Moment and it should be right...for the Moment.
    I remembered a Tool named ARC ModMii Edition (ARCME) from @XFlak which he "disgorged" for Test Purpose.:D

    With that I changed the Console´s Video Mode to NTSC and....
    Finally ALL NTSC Games Booted.:toot:


    With this Success I will close for today,my Friends.:)

    I hope you enjoyed this little Story and I say
    Thank you for your Time and Reading.:)
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    A GameBoy Christmas Carol...

    Hello fellow GameBoy Fans.:)

    You maybe remember on my sad Blog about my Wife´s broken GameBoy:


    Today a little Christmas Miracle happend:

    Our very nice and helpful User @Uiaad spoke to me today about that GameBoy.

    "do you have a multimeter ?" he asked me.

    yeeessss,but please do not ask me where at the Moment....All is full with Christmas "Preparations" and Gifts (I have searched 1 hour for DVD´s for my Father as present,got it over a Month ago....) and.....
    Also the GameBoy,I have no Idea at the Moment...where he lives.Since I have posted the Blog,I have nothing done with it,I "hope" BOTH Devices are together.I really hope this little "Mess" clears in the next Week....

    Then a Break from about 30 Minutes and I found both Devices.....what a Coincidence...
    (I am one of the People who do NOT believe in Coincidences ..)

    He "instructed" me on which Points I have to check the Voltage.

    At the same Time/Moment I plugged the GameBoy´s Power Supply in,put the ALADDIN Gamecart in and powered on the GameBoy.
    And..........*PLING* ...Title Sound from the Game plays....but only a full GameBoy-Green Screen....

    (sorry only Download..)

    The GameBoy did MORE now than the last Time if you remember my Blog.

    I tried it a Couple of Times and evertime *PLING* and the Music plays...
    And then,I do not know why,I twisted the "Contrast" Wheel and.....

    (again sorry,only Download..)

    I do not need an Explanation.

    For me it is an Christmas Miracle.
    And not possible,if our very kind and helpful @Uiaad motivated me to search for the GameBoy.

    Thank you for Reading and
    Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten for you all,my Friends.:)
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    What happend in last 10 Years.....

    Another 10 Years over.....

    Time is a dangerous Predator.

    Things changed,People changed,Environments changed.....
    Myself changed.

    I have seen many "new" People in the last 10 Years.
    Also many People have left.
    The Circle of Life.

    Nothing new,nothing exciting these Days.
    Or not....?

    Yes,I think many Times
    "It was much better earlier..."
    "Everything was better before..."

    But it really was..?
    If so, would I be here ?
    Met many,many People from around the World.
    (The Question here is not whether ALL are what they claim to be)
    That would have been possible 10 Years ago too,maybe.

    The digital World has caught up with us / overtaken us and partially run over us.
    THAT is for sure.

    I do not think Gene Roddenberry and Captain Kirk's Communicator wanted to do what Cell/Smartphones do with us today.
    (one of our main Theme).

    Parents/Mothers and our Children - an infinite Topic that has developed over the past 10 Years.
    An apparently unsolvable....


    14.December 2019 - 10 Days left.
    Then another great "Event" is there.
    Also grown very much in the past 10 Years.


    I am healthy, have a Roof over my Head and have enough Food.
    A unique woman by my Side.
    A wonderful Life.

    So, no Complaints and Worries.

    It was 10 wonderful,eventful,exciting and unique 10 Years.

    THANK YOU.:)

    P.S. For the next 10 Years,my Friends.:)
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    Why does so much People unhappy and unsatisfied with their Lifes ........

    Hello,my fellow GBAtemp Community.:)

    When I read through Blogs,Off Topic and Edge of the Forum,I noticed a Topic that keeps coming up.

    People who are dissatisfied with their Lives or,at worst,hate their own lives....:(

    Sometimes it is not exactly a "life-threatening" Reason why this happens.
    But usually there is more behind it.

    And that touches me then always a "little", if it turns out that many People just do not have someone to talk.
    And at a Time when "Communication" seems to "dictate" our Society....

    That always makes me sometimes a "little" sad,to see,there are so many People on this Planet and so many of them are alone.....
    Whether wanted or not.......

    I wish you a nice and good Day,my Friends.
    Thank you for Reading.:)
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