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    Alex4U Yeah I feel kinda strange, another year is going to end, I already changed a lot, I mean, I was not like before, I don't even want to remember how I was.

    Meh anyway.

    I just wanna say 2018 was the worst year of my life. I had a lot of problems, this includes familiar problems too. Familiar problems was the biggest one because my dad was imprisoned (He didn't something bad, he just didn't pay some money that he needed to pay to my mom, yeah they live divorced) the good thing is he is no longer imprisoned right now, he was imprisoned like 6 months, before I knew this, my mom said to me he was imprisoned (I was going to visit him the next day, until I knew that.) and she started to talk with me about this. My mom said to me "I am sorry Alex, it's not your fault or it's my fault, hopefully you understand this..."

    I felt so sad and angry at the same time, and I didn't wanted to talk with anyone. Even on internet. I gotta admit I was depressed (Not joking this time, I am serious) Most of the time I was closed in my room, always hugging my Snivy plush (yeah, it's my personal treasure) because I had no one to hug, cry, and someone to listen to me. (I have a method that I created, write everything I feel, read it, and keep it, for me works sometimes and that's makes me a bit better) Also I was on my bed crying and beginning sad and started to think everything was my fault. My mom tried everything to cheer me up, I felt a bit better, my friends tried to cheer me up too. They heard me and we ate pizza, and I felt a bit better too. In two or three weeks, I felt better, and I was like normal, well kinda. I was a bit sad. (Trying to hide sadness?) but I couldn't still believe my dad was imprisoned. I gotta admit that left me traumatized, even if my dad is not imprisoned right now. Just thinking in that makes me feel empty, sad and strange, like if everything was my fault.

    Since there was no one in my dad house, most of the time I visited my dogs and I came with some food so I could feed them, visiting and watching my dogs made me a bit happy too, my aunt did a favor to me, she cared about my dogs when I couldn't go to feed them, so I could not worry! That was a nice thing.
    My mom said everytime I wanted to go to my dad house "You musn't go right now! you better skip anyone with your dad's family! It's for your own security! They'll do something to you!"

    The judge that had my dad's family was crazy! The judge said to my mom "We'll kiddnap your kiddo and we'll convence him he lives with his dad, furthermore, you'll be in the JAIL and HE'LL be telling a lot of lies to imprisone you! Even his dad will be mocking ON YOU when you're in the JAIL!"

    I live with my mom and most of the time I usually go with her to any place that she needs to go, even if I am busy, sick, or whatever. I really worry about my mom, specially when this happend.
    My dad's family said A LOT of lies when they were on the judgement, like "He lives with ours! We miss you a LOT Alex! We'll give you anything you need! We always give you attetion!"
    So, if they REALLY missed me, why they NEVER called me, visited me, or whatever? rarely I receive a call from someone, thought. (I just use my phone to listen music, call, sometimes use the camera, chat, and for surfing the web, that's what I do with my phone)
    It's OK, sometimes I can't go to visit my dad because I am really busy doing homework or something! But he thinks my mom won't allow me to visit him, I already told to my dad why sometimes I can't go to visit him, but he still thinks it's because my mom... What a shame.
    They NEVER give something I need. My dad does all and if he can do it of course. Last year ago he bought for me the New 3DS and the Wii U for my birthday. (Two years or three years ago I received the Wii U, one year ago or maybe two years ago I received the New 3DS)
    Most of the things I own it's because I bought them by myself (Just like owning 3 2DS wtf)

    I know, I know my mom care a lot about me! But I care about my dogs too! I was so worried about my dogs when there was no one to take care about them. (My aunt did the favor to take care of them when I couldn't go for some reason) Most of the time I visited them and I gave them food, I usually went out with my dogs for a walk to the park or somewhere. I gotta admit that made me felt even better too. I don't like telling lies to my family, but I had no choice, so I went out secretly to my dad's house without beginning looking suspicious to anyone and taking care about if there was no one's around from my dad's family... right? Luckly, nobody saw me.

    School... nothing interesing, just homework, not so much like the last year. I am kinda sociable now, sometimes hard to get in, but still trying I guess.
    Also, I already talked with Perci, my best school friend that I lost just because a silly problem (she wanted to start a relation with me but I said nah because I am NOT interesed in a relation, and probably never, why? uhhh idk maybe I have videogames and books to read?)

    Birthday... was OK, not going to say this was the worst but was meh. My friend perci gave me a tails plush, (she's a sonic fan!) and she obviously knew my favorite sonic character is tails, I am not sure how she got the plush, but that was the best birthday present I could got. she even did a special draw of tails for me. Other friend gave me a GBA game (YuGiOh! Reshef of destruction) It's just a clone of The Sacred Cards, but it's OK! I'll add it into my collection. Couldn't receive dad present because he was imprisoned. Just looking at him he's OK it's my birthday gift from my dad. I gotta admit I cried when I saw my dad again, knowing he wasn't angry with me and after a lot of months without knowing something about him. (I decided to visit him the next day he was out)

    My mom and I went to eat into a italian restaurant, it was really good. My sisten didn't even gave me a shit lmao (she just said to me "I'll give you money when I have, so guess what? It will never happend haha. My brother gave me some money so I can buy anything I need, Yipee!) But I was worrying still about my dad, he was still imprisoned. I wasn't so happy this birthday tbh.
    He's already out ofc, It was like two weeks since he was released from beginning imprisoned, my mom said to me when he was already out. Of course I immediately sent a message to my dad when I knew he was out, he immediately texted me back, so I could talk with my dad for a bit. I felt so happy knowing he was good than I started to cry a bit. He wasn't angry with me or something. He's already talking with his family, probably my dad's family hates me because the problem that happend, they almost have christmas and new year without my dad, typically my dad never miss any event that they have. But yeah, I think after this, and after my dad ends talking with his family, probably they'll forget everything about what this.

    I met a lot of people on the internet, some guy gifted me two games for Steam, he still wants to give me more, but I don't want to give me anymore! I am totally fine with those two games that he gave me! Anyway, internet people is cool, and I do a lot of chatting sometimes

    I met some people irl that are like weebs, and hardcores, they rock! I usually talk to them, even on internet, I am still trying to be a bit more sociable irl.
    guess where I met them. Yeah, FrikiPlaza for those who live in México lmao

    So, I know I don't have much feelings, but a friend sometimes keeps saying to me "You're the kind of person I need! Maybe we share the same type of personality?"

    Um, no. I don't think so. I mean, It's cute those message that he sends to me. I feel a bit cute, it remainds to me to someone. But no, he's too kind and I am just a silly toxic one, I don't want to end that friendship I have with that friend thanks to me (probably I am not even toxic anymore, probably I guess, not sure.)
    He's a really huge spiderman fan btw, I don't know anything about spiderman and marvel universe tbh...

    Christmas was... meh. I received some good gifts, like some gameboy cartridges, and T-Shirts with cool designs. The food was meh, tipical christmas food. Tasted good, no so good but was OK. I was in Cuernavaca, I wasn't in my house.

    Most problems I had was personals purpose, but was meh, some problems made me really mad. Still can't resolve one problem, thought. Maybe time will decide it if that can be fixed or nah. Probably not.

    So, yeah, maybe it's all. I just wanted to write because I was feeling kinda sad leaving 2018, probably not going to remember this year, but hey, I want to leave this so I can know 2018 existed.

    So basically, was kinda boring this year, stressful, and sad. I could fix some problems, some others nah. Now I'm feeling good, everything is alright, so, gonna keep my way now I guess

    Huh, hopefully 2019 brings me something good new please

    oh sorry if you see bad english around here, I'm trying to fixing it >_>

    I wrote this while I was listening OneShot OST - Self Contained Universe Piano because I don't know, probably feeling kinda sad xp

    It's 3:44AM and I can't sleep because I was writing this, but writing this makes me feel better tbh.

    Edit: Something happend today too. Editing this at 10:48PM

    My brother was on the subway, he was with his gf inside the woman and kids subway only allowed, I don't know why, probably he didn't noticed it. (Most people even doesn't respect that, they just enter to the subway and no one's care)
    So, he called to my mom like at 9AM, he said we was on the MP (like a mini jail I guess) and we immediately go out to the MP (Ministerio Fiscal, Fiscalía General o Procuraduría General, let's resume it, it's just for reporting someone and things like that.) He was inside on that, like a mini-jail (Just like my dad lmao) and his gf was outside, waiting for him, and trying to know what happend, explaining to the polices what happend. So, we waited up until noon, and he was already out, of course we needed to pay for getting out my brother. (Polices in my country are really corrupts, law in México is sh*t too. They can see murders, thiefs, and everything, they doesn't do anything. They just see something like my brother just did, or going to something that says "Do not enter" and it's for giving your money to them. Yeah, that's bullsh*t.) Anyway, my brother is fine now with his gf, he was going to Cuernavaca, he missed the bus and missed work too because this problem. Probably he had some problems, but I think he already fixed them. Well whatever, he's okay now. I was worried.
    I am celebrating new year... like lazy, I am on my home with my mom, and I am playing some videogames and reading a book, meanwhile my mom is reading something or she's on facebook I guess.
    Listening OneShot - Distant Water while I was writing this. I DON'T KNOW WHY.

    10:58PM It's nearly to end this year. Happy new year to everyone, specially to someone, you know who is it if you're reading this of course!
    Alex4U Soooo yeah, remember those days when i said "omg everyone hates me1'"1"1 i want to die17289!!1! i suc everyone suck'2'2!!!" ?

    That was the past. Now everything is OK. I haven't had problems, I am OK, I'm happy watching anime and talking to irl people, I'm happy playing Pump It Up, etc.
    i regret doing everything that was from the past. eughhh.

    anyway, I feel REALLY bad because... sometime ago, something happend to me in the school with a friend (let's call it Perci, she was my only friend with other 2 guys in the school)
    and today, I lost a friend that... maybe will commit suicide. Damn.

    Let's start first with Perci:
    I meet her when I was playing Sonic Chaos on my 3DS, she is a huge fan of sonic, so, we meet, blah, blah, blah, blah. We used to play videogames , talk a lot, etc.
    After sometime ago, she fell in love with me. She was very sensitive. I didn't wanted to hurt his cute feelings she has, for real. But she became so sticky with me, I mean with this, when I wanted to stay alone for some reason, or stay with my friends so I could talk about anything, she came always and she was always searching for me. She sometimes wanted me to kiss her in the mounth, but I said fuck it no. I don't want. Why? I never liked her. (I like anime grills lmao kill me) NEVER. She was just a friend, and ewww.
    One day she said to me "omg do u wanna be my bf" and I said nah. Because I focus FIRST on things I'm really interesed. Like, I want to finish my school, and get a work, so I can buy lotsa of goods. Sometime ago I was interesed in love, but after something happend, nah, I never cared again about that. I like also to stay alone.
    So, after I said "nah", she started to act very rarely, when I said to my friends "hey i like grills that uses glasses" guess what? Perci did that to attract me. (Yeah she used glasses) Never worked tbh.
    I'm addict to an arcade game that is called Pump It Up, even I have a cabinet on my house (PIU Fiesta2) But when I said to my friends "hey i love pump it up" now she likes pump it up too. (btw I play S20, she DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING about PIU) So, she always tries something to attract me. Never works, never will work. I just want to be friends with her again. Man, why this is so difficult?
    After all, I said to Perci "Can't we just be friends, please, like before?"
    She was shocked, and bit by bit, she stopped talking to me. Now rarely we talk each other. So nice, I lost a friend, now I have my 2 only best friends that I never had a problem with them. (Yep, still antisocial in the school, don't worry, just school because I don't like the type of people that there is on my school) So, eh. Good bye then Perci.

    oh, and she said "omg he did me a lot of damage to me1#1!!!" of course she was trying to make attetion so everyone can fuck me up, I don't really care about that, since no one knows me in the school, just my pals and the teachers.
    so, meh.
    F for perci

    Now, let's talk about someone, let's call it Sylvi, K?
    He was a friend that I met on Internet (facebook tbh) He was very friendly. He teached me his draws, his stuff, etc. And it was nice. After a month, today, he acted different, he acted like depressed, and suicidical. (just thinking about that remembers me from my past ewwww) he was dissapointed, and sad, don't know why.
    I tried to cheer up him, but didn't work. Sylvi just wanted a Sylveon plush, of course it's expensive asf, and he said he can't buy it since he doesn't has too much money.
    So, I said to him "Why not just grab my Sylveon plush?" and he refused. I don't know why. It got worse, he started to act depressive, like "i suck, i must die, etc." (Now I know how it feels when I said that before...)
    I tried everything to cheer him up, didn't work. Tried to give him my Sylveon plush, didn't work too. Nothing worked. I tried everything, nothing worked.
    So, it got even worse. He send me some pics cutting is hand. (What's this? 2007?) Again, tried to cheer him up, didn't work. I tried, last try, again never worked. For real I tried everything to cheer him up. So, maybe he'll just commit suicide huh. (just for a sylveon plush, and because he was dissapointed? I'm not really sure what exactly happend)

    So, again rip, I lost another friend.
    Lost a best friend from the school.
    Lost a friend that I met from Facebook (I met him like 2 months ago)

    so ugh, just wanted to write this because I was feeling sad because I couldn't cheer up Sylvi, I don't know if he's gonna commit suicide for real or nah.

    oh, and talking about cabinets... I own 5 from now, 2 EA nascar racing, 2 F&A Super Bikes, and 1 PIU fiesta 2, I couldn't dump EA Nascar Racing and PIU because they have encryption I guess.
    I dumped two versions of Super Bikes, one updated, and the other one is not updated.
    Yep, I am going to dump arcades based PCs if I can if they doesn't has encryption right?

    So, uhh, F I guess...?

    Smell ya later I guess
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    Alex4U lol last 2017 blog
    Alex4U Well I got shocked when I heard this.

    My parents said to me "We're going to go to Cancún!" and I said ok.
    then, they said "Do you want to borrow someone? That's is your last birthday gift, this was a secret!"

    Well, for a birthday gift was a long waiting. To keep it as a secret was nice, but I never expected that. So, when my parents said "Do you want to borrow someone?" I actually imagined how many friends I have... and Nope! zero actually (well just one, internet friends doesn't count right?). I thought if I asked to Eloisa (some friend I have actually and my only best friend) would be OK. But I remember she's busy working on a hospital.
    Again I don't want to talk about some friend I had OK?

    So, uh, going to Cancún alone then. Then I said "Nah, it's fine!", so, my parents said to me "are u sure u fuking faggot xddddxxxxddddd" and then I confirmed with a yes of course lol...

    anyway, tomorrow (today) I'm going to woke up at 3:00AM to go to the airplane station.

    dammit I'm thinking if I should keep awake or nah...

    Also, if you see me I'm not online on GBAtemp, it's because someone already took me and rape me <3 I'm eating pizza with my snivy plush on Cancún.

    Anyway, smell ya later then I guess lol?
    Alex4U I know I've acting like a idiot before... and even, before I couldn't control myself. I mean with couldn't controling myself I acted different, like if it wasn't me. I remember before, everytime I got angry or sad, I wanted to grab a knife and kill myself. I even sometime said stupid cringy things like

    hey i want to die uwu
    kill me uwuwu
    i don't want to live
    i feel like shit
    feel like shit mate you don't matter

    I know I said these things just for fun, but it was more than fun...
    Ugh, I can't believe I acted like that before... and thanks to that, I lost a lot of things, and I had a lot of problems. Even I can't believe I lost my very closed friend thanks to my errors, all was my fault. Like hurting is feelings, making feeling it like shit, and things like that. Goddamit. But whatever. I don't want to talk about that.

    But now I've changed a lot, I've analyzing my errors, what I've done before that were mistakes, errors, etc. I can take control of myself. Even if I'm angry or sad for whatever reason, I just say "well next time I can do it better". I don't get that feeling of grabbing a knife like before. I'm glad I can finally control myself dammit. I hate myself after writing this <3 (yeah this is a jojoke so don't worry).
    Alex4U Heck yeah, doesn't feel good when you are the best on your school, you have the highest rank, etc. and the stupid faggots that just go to the school just to sleep, etc. And they keeps lookin' at you like "I fucking want to kill you, you damn weeb" ?

    Well, that's the case, but since I've do a lot of things on the school, like repairing trashy computers that doesn't work anymore or the school that still they had it (why?) (somehow I could recover the damaged computers, was like hell tbh.) helping them creating web pages (I just did this like 2 times because they doesn't know much about HTML5, Javascript, etc. I can't believe I was on Gobierno de México database, was like "Hey, you're on FBI database, crack it!, heck yeah!") and last, helping installing security cameras on the school, you know, sadly, I'm on a Conalep. (I had 97/125 questions correctly on the COMIPEMS examn , but for some strange dirty reason, they put me on Conalep ;-; , but meh, isn't bad at all!) but the cameras seems to work fine! I don't know if the security cams already catch someone selling drug or something. I think so.
    Even I did an Arduino alarm security, if someone tries to access to a restringed area the alarm will do a looped "beep!". I did this because some people enters here and no one is looking here, and then, they do anything, like burning documents, disorder the documents, the boxes, etc. (just a large usb jack in, the arduino, and the protoboard, you know, the circuit is hidden somewhere!) I can't still access to these restringed area, sometimes I wonder, what they are hiding? a lot of snivys plushes I guess <3333

    What the fuck are conaleps you'll say? Well, let me explain it:
    These schools (on my country, aka México) aren't bad at all. But there are some problems with this school, not like others, (Bachillerato, etc.) On (most) conaleps, the alumns just goes to the school to smoke weed, buy or sell drugs. (sadly, I already watched it). But meh, I'm not on drugs and I'LL NEVER BE ON THAT TRASH OK.
    Here's a quote:

    Anyway, back to the topic...

    Even most people on the school recognize my face, even if they already met me or nah. (Hopefully nobody meet me because I'm a fucking anti-social. I'm not sociable after all, why? uh... some reasons.)

    But before the last days of my school, I was the first alumn on finish every subject with 9.8 (most subjects has a 9) out of 10 (dammit I want that 10!! DAMMIT)

    So, I was the first on my school to finish, blah blah blah, people looked at me like:
    "Hey, that's not fair" "You fucking cheater!!" "You suck!!" etc.

    I don't care what people say about me :P

    so, I had a long-vacation days, without doin' anything... some people are still on the school (dammit why they didn't work on the school?! if they should worked at the school, they'll finish soon and had more vacations days.)

    anyway... I just wanted to write this because I'm bored (always) and I thought sharing this would be nice... I guess?

    meh, anyway. Give me snivys as a reward.
    Alex4U Yeah I feel so bad because I lost all my Pokémon saves on my R4 thanks to a fake SD.

    My cousin bought a fake Micro SD and then, it selled to me, then, I said "yeah why not?", I cut all my files on the fake SD. It took over 5 hours (wasn't more than 9GB) to copy all to the new fake sd. When I tried it to my R4, got stuck on "Loading" Meh, I just checked on the PC and all was corrupt. So, I lost my Pokémon saves, that was more important than my whole life. But fuck, I feel so bad. My Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black and White and BW2 got deleted, and all was most completed. shit. got damn.

    It was my fault too 'cause I didn't copy and paste. I just cut and paste. There is no backup at all. So, I lost all on my R4.

    Rip Pokémon saves ;-;

    I feel so bad ;U;
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    Alex4U well shit this will be bad.

    I was sleeping, until 11PM... my parents woke up... for celebrate my birthday... (wasn't 12AM to celebrate?)
    (I didn't even remember my birthday lol)
    meh, I wrote this because I'm bored and tired about the damn homework.
    anyway, tomorrow will be a frustasting day, Why? Here's some reasons why:
    • Because I have a lot of homework I didn't finished, (I'm already going to finish the school. (bUT WHY HOMEWORK?!?!) ) Since I've focusing on homework these days, I feel so frustated, just focusing on homework these days makes me so frustated, I even didn't had free time to play or do something.
    • Tomorrow ALL my family will come to celebrate me... Yes, It's frustating because they will stay until 6PM and I need to finish my homework, here's one worse part: I haven't finished my homework and my parents are psychologists, so they'll force me to convive with my family (ewww)
    • I've feel sick over one month thanks to the school, (There are a lot of people sick, no, not mentally, well some I think lol) I don't feel so nice to do something, I tried everything to cure me, but it works slowy like if was Sonic 06' loading screen. So, tomorrow I will feel horrible because the homework, the family, and the sickness.

    • My parents doesn't let me to get outside, I mean by this whenever I need to buy material from the school (not common things, I mean by this, chips, arduino stuff, etc.) (yes, I'm on that stuff, and my school have that things to study or whatever) They doesn't let me. So, I'm 16 right now (yeah so?) but they still treat me like a child?! Really?! Dammit. So, they need to buy it. Sometimes I want to stay alone, but they rarely leaves me alone on the house, or rarely, I go to buy that stuff alone. But really, most time they buy it when I can alone, they think I don't know how to get back to the house or something like that? I even sometimes lie to my family I'm going to go to my dad's home, so, I can go where I want. I said this because that day I wanted to stay alone on my birthday just for some minutes for relaxing somewhere, like a park. But naw. They think I'll get lost.

    But hey... at the least somethin' good for me is coming... my Snivy plush I bought from some online shop. I talked about this sometime ago (just a bit) on my profile status. (yes, I wasted my money I had on that Snivy plush, I know you'll say buy a better thing but eh...) That Snivy plush will come at 2PM. (HOPEFULLY) at my home. (because I set the hour and the day duh)
    ps:that snivy plush can talk

    meh anyway... I don't have any last words to say... Just a "Pew!"
    how creative...
    Alex4U Well, title says, I never thought I was going to find a Virtual Boy like this! the box is somewhat damaged, but sure the Virtual Boy is totally NEW. (inside of the box) I can be happy now because I have now a complete Virtual Boy (not after the 6 vbs I have, right?! RIGHT?!)

    The history how all started:

    I was in my school, the lastest days of the school (before vacation), no one came on the school, probably you'll know why, right? So it was the last class (english class, the fact is I learned a lot of english thanks to Pokémon games ^^) I was talking with my teacher because I was bored and he was bored too. I asked to him what he had since he was a kid, he said me about a lot of things, some of ones was the Virtual Boy, he said was the horror for him, everytime he played the Virtual Boy, was like hell, because you know Virtual Boy can cause dizziness, etc...

    So, I asked to him if he still had that "Virtual Boy" that he was talking about. He said yes, even the Virtual Boy was hardly used, he just used it like 3 times and he leave it over 20 years saved it, and he never opened it again on his life. So, I said to him if is possible to buy it to me, he said yes, just give me 20 bucks, (390 pesos).

    so, days passed, and at the day monday, he finally borrow it! I took a look and the box wasn't like I thought, well, that isn't important for me, I have the box, even if is it damage! then I took a look inside of the box... and holy crap! I was shocked! the Virtual Boy was like new! even didn't had any scratches on the screen or something like that! the controller was totally NEW. Incluiding the Battery Pack! and lastly... The manuals and the game that was incluided (Mario Tennis) was totally NEW. The manuals was even closed. He never opened the manuals (and I don't want to do it lol) Finally, the Virtual Boy is working perfectly, without any issue or something!

    I already cleaned the box and the console because was somewhat dirty, but sure it worth it for a new Virtual Boy after 20 years :P

    But there's a problem...

    This is how looks... (and ewwww I did a hell for putting it here...)

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    And this is how now looks my lower-closet, where I had some extra stuff like chargers, controllers, USBs, some mods, etc...

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    The other VBs I have it somewhere hidden from this world, because I had no space where to put it, so, I just save it on a bag :P

    There is only 2 photos of the new VB I bought...
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Alex4U I gave my NDS to a friend. It was in excelent conditions, and now he fucked up my NDS and is horrible as fuck.


    Sometimes I go with my 4 DSes to my school just for play with my friends on free time. (Most time we played Mario Kart DS) (My friend name is Kevin) So, Kevin asked to me "Hey, I know you have a lot of consoles, can I have your NDS for a while? I just want to play some games!"
    Then I said: "Well, why not?" Just I said to him "TAKE CARE OF MY CONSOLE LIKE IF WAS YOUR SOUL!"
    He said "Yeah yeah blah blah, trust me!"

    Then, I didn't had my blue NDS like 3 months. But the problem here comes:

    He (I don't know if he was lying or nah) said his brother picked up the NDS while he was sleeping. And guess what? Yeah, it throw it. That damn brother...!

    He broke the case where is the upper screen.

    So, Kevin said to me on Whatsapp that happend. I said "Eh, just put KolaLoka on the broken case".

    After that happend, and the next day, he borrow my Nintendo DS, and I took a look on the NDS.

    for the love of godness, it was HORRIBLE. The glue was on the (most) part of the case of the NDS. I said "What the fuck Kevin"

    He said his bother did that. I can't believe it. My NDS fucked up by someone?! That's right.
    So, I got angry, and I took my NDS back to me. Then I said:
    "I trusted on you! You said I could trust you on this!! And now looks how looks my NDS!"

    He said yeah sorry blah blah blah. So, eh, I wasn't too angry this time. It was just glue and a little bit broken.

    But after I took a look again on the DS. The screens was scratched like if a cat scratched it! the screens was new, even had a screen protector. But he took off the screen protector.

    Luckly, he had the broken case where was it. So, I can repair it later, I'll just put KolaLoka here carefully. So, basically, my NDS was like new, the screens was new too. And now, he gave me my NDS horrible. What the fuck?!
    Eh, anyway, glad to know he didn't broke fully my NDS.

    Sadly, I think I don't have photos of my NDS before this happend. This is it now it looks:

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Anyway, glad I have my NDS back. The only problem with my NDS is I don't like how looks now... and it was the NDS I used a lot...
    Alex4U Fuck, I don't feel so nice since a while. I had a lot of problems, I've feel so depressed and angry... I think writing and talking about this would make me feel a little bit better...

    Before beginning, my parents are psychologists... and my sister is so annoying, well, sometimes, whenever she wants talk to me and love me... But I don't know what the fuck happened to my sister , that sometimes always acts different, like bipolar.

    ugh, anyway...
    Last month I was doin' well. But now, for some strange reason, I don't know if is it me, or I don't know, my parents are fucking me with "Hey! you didn't your homework!" "Hey! Do this!" "Hey! order your room!"
    First of all... RARELY I HAVE HOMEWORK, WHAT IS THE PART THEY DOESN'T UNDERSTAND MY TEACHERS RARELY LEAVES ME HOMEWORK AND I ALWAYS TO THE HOMEWORK? I told him over 100 times, and they still doesn't seems understand. I even showed my drew notebook where I write all the damn homeworks, and they doesn't believe me. What a bullshit. Does they think I'm lying?!
    Second. I always order my room, the problem is my sister is on the same room as me. So, you know, when two or three lives in a single room, there is always disaster, well at the least if these are ordened, right? But no, my sister is a fucking disaster, I even need to order the room over 5 times at the same day. Shit, I told him "Please keep the room clean. I don't want have problems with my parents!" I told her over 10 times too. She doesn't even care, like today, her clothes are dropped in my room. So, I don't move anything of my sister because if I even touch one thing of my sister stuff... She will be out of control. Like "Where are my things?!" "Don't touch it! You have your hands dirty!" , and I mean "what the fuck". So, that's not the reason, the reason is everytime my mom comes to see my room (why?) my mom sometimes says to me to order the room, but again, I don't touch my sister things because I already said it. She'll be out of control if I move him.
    And last... My parents says I don't cooperate on the house, what the fucking shit?! I always help on the house! I always wash the dirty food dishes! I always clean my room, if it wasn't for my sister, I had no problem with that! I always do my homework even if my teachers leaves me homework rarely...!

    The other thing boooored asf and sleepy is my parents had a talk with me... damn.
    You know, psychologan talk, they always asks silly things to you... like if you're a retarded. I never listen them. Because that talks sucks, and are bored than I get so sleepy. Sometimes it makes me angry because I want to leave right now and I can't because they still want to talk! Sometimes I'm so angry that I want to grab a knife and kill myself and don't exist anymore. I just live to play Pokémon and complete a translation I'm currently doing to a japanese game. They also says "You'll have a family and you'll be great on the life"
    Excuse me, but I don't want to be anything on the life. I even don't want have a family. I just want to live lonely tbh. I have not socialized with people since I feel so depressed and angry. I just have 3 friends on the school and that's all. I don't like anymore to talk with anyone irl...

    Only two things can make me feel a little bit better:
    My Snivy Plush
    and one person that I miss...

    My Snivy plush... just looking at it, makes me feel better. Like if that person I miss, he was with me always... Well, at the least...

    You know? I feel like a retard too...
    you know? I also miss someone I broke, because I acted like a fucking idiot and retard. Just thinking about that makes me so depressed. I have now no one to talk about my things or something... I'd love to know how is him. Even just knowing he is fine, Is totally fine to me. I'd like to say to him I'm sorry if I acted like a idiot and I lied, I was acting too retard that I didn't not even notice, or probably I hurt his feelings or even I did something that made him too angry. Just saying that to him would be nice to me, and probably can even make me feel much better. But I can't because I don't want to talk to him and I'm too scared to talk to him again... because we broke. So, each one is on the way... or maybe, just knowing how is him would be nice, even just seeing him again would be fantastic to me and saying that to him...
    Last words.. I miss him a lot... I'm worried if he's OK and had no problems... I feel so retarded, and depressed losing him...
    Probably I'll never talk to him and stay with him again, because I'm a idiot... He was the only one who understands me...

    I think I'll be out for a while... so, if someone worries about me, meh, don't do it.
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    Alex4U I was totally shocked today. Why?

    Has been a long time since I didn't played Pokémon Puzzle League for GBC (like 5 years maybe?). But that's not the reason, the reason is the game as Panel de Pon hidden. I was on TCRF viewing some unused files from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time & Darkness, I saw there was a Puzzle League page. I said, well, why not? there must be only unused text or graphics, and guess what?
    I saw there was Panel de pon easter egg on the ROM. I said there must be a joke. So, I tried it, and guess what? It worked. I tried it on a GameBoy Pocket EUR, and wew, I was totally shocked. I never knew there was another game on the game.
    So, I was totally shocked, having the game a lot of time, and never knew about this?!
    Alex4U Uhh, I didn't did anything interesing in my vacations. just playing Pokémon, drawing, reading Pokémon mangas, repairing some of my consoles, listening Pokémon OSTs, or translating Pokémon Card Game Asobikata DS. It's still not finished. duh.

    eh, anyway. I've bored in my vacations. I didn't chatted with someone in my vacations, I didn't go outside, I didn't do anything interesing! but eh. it's fine for me I guess.

    Tomorrow I will go back to school (that sucks) and see who isn't anymore in my school. (I hope those annoying normies from my school are out pls thx) I have no friends in my school tho lol. meh, I don't care about that.

    uhh, anyway. uh,
    I fucked a dinosaur.

    see ya later I guess.
    Alex4U Welp, was about time.

    Here comes the translation of Pokémon Card Game Asobikata DS. i've working on that since i have 2 months of vacations and i have nothing better to do. here, i will translate the game.

    Issue i have right now:
    Can't open some file extensions, like SAF and STD. most files of the game have that extension.

    Tools i'm using:
    HxD (you know what)
    Hex Editor Neo (welp)
    CrystalTile2 (THIS IS SO FUCKING USEFUL!!!)
    NFTREditor (Font editor, i've remplacing Hiragana and Katakana with ABC characters, duh)
    Kiwi.DS (uhh...?)
    DSLazy (Unpacker and Packer)

    What i've doin':
    Remplacing Katakana and Hiragana with normal characters.
    Trying to read SAF and STD files.
    I'm translating the game. (current: 0.04% :c)
    Images: 0% still

    I've putting what i am doing and my progress in The New Server (aka TheKingy34 server) in The_Lab Channel.

    it's not easy to translate a game you weeb. :teach:

    Well, you WILL need wait because it will take a while to complete it :P

    some images:

    Basically, my progress is...

    Text: 0.04% (WELP)
    Images: 00.0% (i can't open the DAMN FILEEEES!)

    welp, uhhh, then... soon tm i guess...

    Alex4U lol my first blog. no one will read this because this sucks like hell or me irl.

    What i've doing in my vacations in a nutshell:
    • play pokémon omega ruby
    • play pokémon x
    • play pokémon y
    • play pokémon alpha shappire
    • play pokémon succ
    • play pokémon soon
    • play pokémon yellow
    • play pokémon stadium 2
    • play pokémon crystal
    • play pokémon blue
    • play pokémon diamond
    • play pokémon pearl
    • play pokémon platinum
    • play pokémon black 2
    • play pokémon white 2
    • play pokémon heartgold
    • play pokémon soulsilver
    • play pokémon emerald
    • play pokémon shappire
    • play pokémon ruby
    • play pokémon trading card game
    • play pokémon trading card game gb 2: GR San Dajou! (japanese for hardcores, english for noobs lmao)
    • play pokémon trading card game online because i don't have any friends to play that :<
    • play yu-gi-oh games (again, i have nobody to play with me)
    • download pokémon ost games for no fucking reason but i love pokémon ost lol
    • no money also :<
    • read pokémon black and white manga (at the least i fucking read in my vacations lmao)
    • finish most pokémon pokédex (78% in pokémon sun yay) the other pokémon games i have, the pokédex is finished, All legal of course. nothing about PkHex. in my times, that didn't exist. the transfer to my 3DS was a hell, also, i have completed R/B/Y (VC console too except Green) G/S/C, R/B/Y FR/LF, D/P/Platinum, B/W, (i didn't finished BW 2 pokédex because i'm lazy lol) and finally, X Y and OR AS pokédex are completed. what the fuck i am doing. (only english pokédex of course lol)
    Basically, i didn't do anything good in my vacations. still i have 2 months of vacations. (whyyyy?)
    also, no money, the worst part. also no friends welp
    anyway, sometimes i just go to discord and chat with people. sometimes...
    what the fuck i am doing with my life ;-)
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