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    8 Years

    As of the time this blog is published, 8 years have passed since I joined this community. 8 years ago I registered on this forum seeking help for my R4i Pro Gold, which would not play the latest Pokemon games. Usually in these blogs I say that day was like yesterday for me, but as time goes it gets harder for me to remember that period of my life. Thankfully, I have the fortune of being able to read my past posts and threads, something that brings me both joy and most of the times cringe (like, really cringy stuff, please don't read my old posts). While my behavior might have been a bit immature, people were still keen to help me with many of my issues, some technological and others even psychological. This is why I love this community, every day patrolling threads I see posts of people who resemble me, and of those who helped me. Users come and go, but to me it seems that the core of the forum is still intact after all these years, can't say the same for most other communities. People asking good, bad, stupid questions, users trying to explain how to fix their issue or why they're wrong, the occasional troll here and there etc. Doesn't matter who you are, what your age is, race, gender, furry or weaboo, GBAtemp is open to all.

    The past year was big in terms of my relationship with GBAtemp. As you all know, I became a Moderator. I want to sincerely thank both @shaunj66 and @Costello for giving me the opportunity to make GBAtemp a better place. I will always do my best to improve the community while being judgmental and considerate. After all these years, it's the least I can do to give back to the community ^_^. Since joining the staff, I've gotten to know a lot of new people, all of which are hard working and really kind! They're always eager to help, for example @Foxi4 helped me in the beginning of this year with something personal, using his knowledge of Polish (thanks again man, you helped me and calmed me down :P). This staff team is the best I've ever seen, GBAtemp is lucky to have such compassionate people working with them. Special thanks to @BORTZ , @x65943 , @Flame , @Minox , just for being cool dudes!

    Being a GBAtemp member has allowed me to meet some great people as well! One of which is a fellow colleague and friend @DinohScene , who made the best Christmas gift ever! He's a very kind and generous chap, the world needs more people like him. This is also the place where I met @Zorua , a dude who I STILL talk to and exchange memes with. Never even met him in real life, even though we've practically "known" each other for over 8 years now!

    Overall, GBAtemp is still a valuable part of my life. I hope it always will be.

    Here's to another 8 years! Cheers! :hrth:
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    7 years

    Unbelievable. Somehow, I've managed not only to be "active" on this site for over 7 years, but I have also managed to consistently write a blog or topic about it annually. Usually these posts start with "Hey I remember registering here to ask about my R4i Pro Gold after yahoo answers failed me", but that's been done over 6 times already so I won't bother. Hopefully, you guys have learned my biography completely by now.
    Needless to say I'm proud of being a GBAtemp member, regardless of my contributions towards its success (if there are any :P). Hopefully, one day when the next console is going to be hacked here, I could tell my future son/daughter searching for a download link for a CFW in these forums that I talked to the owner a couple of times on IRC. I can already see myself becoming an old, wise member of these forums, like a Vulpes Abnocto or Mthrnite, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing :lol:.
    Here's to another 7 years! :grog:
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    6 Years

    Wow. I can't believe it's been 6 years since I've joined this website. Every year I've been making these threads/blogs about how amazing of an experience it has been. To think it all started when I asked help for my knockoff R4i Gold pro, to now being... Wait... Uh, I guess I'm like a novelty GBAtemp user now? Anyways, it's been good. 6 years isn't really a round number, so this wont be a long post. I've met a lot of good friends here blah blah etc. No seriously, GBAtemp has quite a few pages in my biography, if anyone is ever going to write a biography about me. So far it's been a spectacular experience and I do NOT regret spending my teenage nights shitposting on the EoF. Here's to another 6 years!:grog:
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    R.I.P NDSi

    My DSi is now officially a stud. Well, not completely, since its just the fact that the upper-screen back-light won't turn on thus making the ds turn off.

    My DSi has been through a lot of stuff. It was dying slowly, for about a year or so. It started when there was a blackout in my house, and my DSi was charging. After the light's got backed, I witnessed the most terrifying thing I could have ever imagined - the charging LED on my DSi was blinking. I then found out what was the problem, a broken fuse. I sent my DSi to a guy who fixes mobile phones and consoles, but he had never saw a ds. So I told him that my fuse has blown, and he ruthlessly soldered a piece of metal on the fuse. That was only the beginning...
    After that, I had to dissemble my DSi dozens upon dozens of times in order to fix the screen flickering problem (the solution was right under my nose, but I ignored it, and I thought it was a problem with the e-cable connection), thus, the screws in my DSi became unspeakably dull to such an extent that it was impossible to unscrew them. After that, I got rid of some screws, and since I couldn't get any, I just had to leave it screwless.
    My upper screen started to act very weird, it started to have blue tints, sometimes red. I thought it was a screen problem, but it wasn't, since I was able to overcome the problem for a few seconds by pressing on the little spot over the start and select buttons. Also, if I was to bend my DS a little, then it would turn off and not turn on again unless I charge it. Sometimes, it just loaded the lower screen with a black background and yellow characters. I had no idea how I was able to trigger that. And now, it won't show the upper screen backlight, and its super-sensitive to any movements (that means that it likes to shut-down a lot).
    The worst part is, I was playing Ace Attorney on it :(, so I won't be able to play it again...
    Yeah yeah, you're all going to say "hurr durr, just sent it to nintnendo!"- I'd love to, but the nearest place I can send it is 3,341 miles away.

    R.I.P Nintendo DSi (2009-2012).

    Should I get a 3DS now? :creep:
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    Good grades with benefits

    So right now, my parents came home from a school meet-up where the teachers talk about the kids, their potential and their grades.
    When my parents found out about the meeting, they were all like:

    But just now, they came home and were astonished. I was the best student in my class for this month. Now my parents are so proud of me that they decided to buy me a new mobile phone (I'm considering the galaxy SII, any suggestions?).

    So right now I'm all w00t w00t.

    *goes back to play Skyrim*
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    I like skyrim

    I really do. Even though I haven't gone to the part where I actually fight a dragon, I've already fell in love with the fighting system.

    The graphics look amazing, I can run on high with 30FPS on my lame-ass PC! There are some graphical glitches (characters moving unnaturally, body's in thin-ari etc.) but nothing that big that can't be fixed with patches.

    This is already one of my favorite games of the year (except Minecraft, of course).

    Now, I have a question to the peoples of the internets who have played the previous games:
    Should I play the previous games?
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    My gaming PC died today

    I wake up in the morning and I scent the smell of something roasted, I thought that my bro was smoking in my room but I was proven wrong.
    I also saw that my PC won't turn on, I hoped it was a coincidence. Then, my uber-tech n00b dad told me that I should plug it into a different output, I regret that I did that... When I plugged it in, my System block exploded a bit. Now my entire house smells like it was on fire. And guess who's fault it is?Mine, because I "...didnt take care off ur peesee!". I'm gonna send it to the computer center in my town tommorow, I just hope my HDD is still there since I can't afford to lose the valuable stuff on it.

    Oh well, I't looks like I'll need to live out 1 day without minecraft...
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    I've never owned a home console

    I just want to inform 'ya guys that I never owned a home console. Yes, I never owned a nintendo, or a playstation, or a xbox.
    It begins with the fact that my parents are not very intelligent. When I was 6, my brother had a playstation. I always wanted to play, but my hands were way too small. I did play with his PS2 a bit when I got older, but then it broke and of course he threw it away instead of trying to make it work again. My parents at that time promised me a thousand times that they will get me a home console, but they didn't till this day.

    When I was 7 they said:
    "You are too young to play these games"

    When I was 10 they said: "You are too old for these games"
    I literally wtf'd whe they said so.

    Its not like my family is poor or something, we are upper-middle class.
    My parents bought my brother multiple macbooks (because he needs to keep up-to-date) and he has an iPhone 4 with 64gb's.
    He did give me his old 32gb model for free, which was kinda cool..
    Other than that, they never bought me a console, and my gameboys and DSi where given to me by my kind grandparents.
    I still can play games on my PC, but it sucks. It has only 2gb's of RAM, I need to optimize a lot of shit in order to play minecraft without lag.
    Oh, and my ping is 300ms, so no online for me. I do play TF2 sometimes, but only for about 3 minutes until my bandwidth goes crazy and turns off my connection..

    So, thats my rant.

    Can you guys tell me, am I a gamer, or not?
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    I feel so sexy

    Today after school I was driving home.
    I then saw a hot brunette with a lollipop, she looked at me.
    Then she smiled, which made her even sexier...
    It wasn't just a simple smile, it was like "I want you inside me" sexy smile. :creep:

    Well, thats all. Now I must continue my life as a 12 year-old loser that will probably never have a girlfriend...
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    My cat Zelda gave birth to 4 cute kittens! :D
    There so cute!, but I have no camera atm, but I will post pics!
    I wake up, hearing some moaning, I walk outside, and bam!
    4 kittens and their mother & father!
    So now I have 6 cats, which is a bit extreme.
    But anyways, I like giving badass names to my pets, I would like you guys to advise me some awesome names.
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    How do I get rid of this?
    And, how do I convince my stupid parents not to take it down by themselves?
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    My grandpa passed away today

    I just got an email from my uncle that today my grandfather died.
    He was fighting cancer for about 15 years, and in his last days he was in such pain that he couldn't even talk.
    R.I.P Aurel.
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    My micro SD is pure evil

    Yesterday I was FINALLY able to run WOOD R4 on my R4-pro gold correctly (no joke), so I decided to play some games!
    The first one I played was Pokemon Black. I played it all night.
    So then I got sleepy and decided to sleep, and turned off the DS.
    7 am waking up in the morning.
    Turning on DS for mah pokemanz.
    I see an error! "Loading".
    I thought that I should use the paper trick...
    Tried that, no help.
    Tried "Blowing into slot-1 and the cart and the Micro sd".
    Still no help.
    Then I decided to just use my good old 1gb non-sdhc sd.
    It worked perfectly... But what about the 4gb sd?
    I tried to copy my roms & saves to my PC, but windows didn't want to read it without formatting it (>.<).
    Luckily I have a SD recovery tool.
    Formatted, used recovery tool.
    The only thing it restored was Moonshell (I rarely even use it).
    So, I was extremely pissed-off and I understood I was totally bamboozeled.
    I re-installed WOOD on it, re-downloaded the rom.
    I played AGAIN FROM THE START and went to the point I was when the 4gb wasn't corrupted.
    I decided to test some other games...
    (this is where the worst begins)

    Thankfully, this doesn't occur on my 1gb sd.

    In other news:
    I finally passed my exams and now I'm going to a medical Lyceum.
    And i'm 1337
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    PSP Go or 3DS?

    My b-day is coming soon and I don't know what I should get for myself.
    I sold my old iPhone 3GS for about 300$ and know I'm using the iPhone 4.
    So I got myself 300$ and I'm deciding what I should get on my b-day (yes, I'm making a present to myself).
    I first wanted a 3DS but its useless atm. and they don't sell games for it in my area.
    But know I'm searching in amazon for the PSP go which is 120-170$, and as I heard its really easy to hack.
    And it has 16gb internal memory so I won't have to buy a memory card for it.
    But the 3DS update is going to be here in a couple of hours, so maybe its not that useless.
    + 3D, the psp doesn't have that,
    I have never seen a 3DS in 3D in my life and I would love to see the experience.
    The 3DS is kinda pricy, 250$, it costs more than a Wii.
    The 3DS isn't hacked, but the PSP Go is.

    So as you see, I don't know which to get.
    Please advise me.

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    1000 posts!!!


    It was sure hard work to get it.
    I'm still so hyped about this.
    The red medal looks so cool.
    I won't post for a couple of days just to leave it like this.
    Hope that I will reach 10 000 soon!

    337 more posts and everyone will die