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    Attention Good People of GBATemp:

    Weedle is not in Pokemon Sword and Shield. As you know, I excessively adore this little bug, and not having it in the "best selling Switch game" and not only that but also not having a way to import my 300+ Weedles from Sun and Moon or any other games has infuriated me. Good People, I, AdenTheThird, totally legit in everything I say and do, and furthermore, as GBATemp's official self-appointed Weedle Fanatic and Weedle Fan-Hat-ic, I am boycotting all Pokemon games and concepts, except my glorious Weedle, and Greninja, my main in Smash Bros., until a way opens up for Weedles to be imported. Good day.
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    I got a chase amiibo, finally.

    For those of you who don't know, in collectible terms, a 'chase' object is an item that's significantly harder to find than all the others, like an autographed baseball card or something. Anyway,

    Yea! I completed a collection that I've been aiming for for quite some time now. I have all 5 Yoshi's Wooly World series amiibo! ^_^

    I know, I know, it's not like other series in terms of quantity (Like Smash Bros, which is estimated to have 97) but the figures are made of actual yarn, and as adorable as they are helpful. There are the three small Yoshis, in green, blue, and pink respectivaly. They aren't too hard to find. Then there's Poochy, Yoshi's dog. My last blog entry actually focused on Poochy quite a bit and is worth a read, if I do say so myself. The Poochy figure goes for about $50-$80, quite a sum of money. And lastly, there is the coveted Mega Yarn Yoshi, which towers over the others at an impressive 8 inches. This one goes from anywhere from $80 to $150! That's crazy expensive. Anyway, I got my Mega Yarn Yoshi yesterday, completing the set. I'm very happy.

    ...And yes, I know I effectively spent a hundred dollars on a Yoshi plushie. I don't care. It's SO CUTE!
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    Poochy for Smash 2.0 -a comprehensive proposal

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been a key backbone for the Switch for about half a year now. Within that time, we've witnessed a gargantuan surplus of updates, improvements, and features, from icons, to Stage Builder, to even VR support.

    The future looks promising for the latest installment in a promising series. On that note, Nintendo promised the release of five DLC packs containing fighters, stages, and music by Febuary 2020. One of those has already come out, sparking a new target audience. The good news, for us at least, is that the rate in which the packs are released will have to increase if the big N is to win our attention. I have come with a single stone in my sling, with an unexpected plan. That plan is for Poochy to be a Smash Bros. newcomer. As of right now, you have no reason not to believe me. By the end of this, I hope to win your favor.

    First off, who is Poochy, anyway? Poochy is a companion to Yoshi in most main-series Yoshi games. He is white, with tan spots, a large tongue, and an orange ball on the tip of his tail. Most fans find him cute, others find him somewhat creepy. Just like all new characters in media before him, the general public will eventually grow accustomed to Poochy.

    There have been many candidates hoping to join the fame train in Smash Bros, with their own very distinct reasons for doing so. Remember back in December, when a good third of all Smash fans thought that Skull Kid would be a newcomer, because he hadn’t been confirmed yet as an Assist Trophy? The modern world is easily mislead, an unfortunate trump card used time and time again by the company we all love and hate. Thus, the SSB community can get their hopes up to soaring heights, only to go crashing down again at the next Direct.

    The Nintendo Power Podcast episode 6 discussed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a primary focus during E3 2018. While listening to this episode, newcomers were discussed, as were the candidates for the Fighters’ Pass. The interview crew clearly stated that both the company as a whole, and Mr. Sakuri himself, go through an overwhelming process to judge whether or not that character is fit for one of their biggest ‘smash’ hits. In order for a character to be confirmed, that character must have backstory, strengths and weaknesses, and depth, among other factors. This almost certainly deconfirms the vague avatars that fans have speculated on such as Minecraft Steve and Doomguy, yet without an answer set in stone, the fans will keep going, flying right by the subtle clue that could answer their questions.

    The Game Awards 2018 was certainly a point of interest in the Smash Bros. timeline. The game was due to be released, and the five DLC fighters were announced. One of them was revealed, but no release date was given, to keep the attention of the fans focused on them for as long as possible. There was one statement made, in particular, that was missed by many: The five fighters were decided upon prior to the release of the game. This means that the Spirits, collectible icons much like trophies, would be released on version 1.0 with this in mind. After this has been decided, Spirit-to-Fighter deconfirmation becomes much more believable, but not impossible. As with Joker, I propose that Nintendo did not decide on popular characters that everyone wants, such as Issac, Captain Toad, and Geno, because the attention span for the game will be minimized by doing so. This is further backed up by the realization that all the stated characters already have spirits. Am I saying that these characters will not be confirmed? Not necessarily. Am I saying that it’s unlikely? Absolutely.

    If you’ve been following along to this point, I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this. As of right now, the only reference to the recent Yoshi’s Crafted World is an alternate skin for Yoshi. When further analyzed, it seems queer that there are absolutely no other songs, spirits, or other subtle references to the game. Yes. There are other games that fit this same criteria. But none of them are as big as the Yoshi franchise.

    Yoshi, naturally, has a spirit. So does Yarn Yoshi, from Yoshi’s Wooly World. And, so does Yarn Poochy, from the same game. There is a Fighter Spirit for Crafted Yoshi, the previously mentioned alt skin. But Poochy himself has no spirit. That’s right. With over 1,300 Spirits in-game, Poochy has no representation. Poochy is an appreciated character, but not obsessed over, so the exclusion of a Spirit to save room for a Poochy Fighter Spirit would pass over the careful eyes of the fans.

    Another contribution to my claim is the stage roster. When all DLC packs are released, the game will contain a gargantuan 108 stages. When the game was released, careful analyzations quickly revealed the absence of several stages from previous games. Poke Floats from Melee, Rumble Falls from Brawl, and Rainbow Road from Smash 3DS are all examples. From the WiiU version, Wooly World was mysteriously take out. At the time of release, Nintendo would’ve already decided whether to add Poochy in or not. Could they have taken it out to pave the way for a Crafted World stage? It doesn’t seem impossible…

    Since 1995, Poochy has been there for Yoshi. He’s stuck with him no matter what, saved islands and babies, and taken on yarn and paper forms. He is deserving of this honor. I hope you feel the same.

    Poochy Ain't Stupid!
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    Finish the Song:

    Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free,
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    AMA because I'm bored

    Ask me anything because I haven't done anything interesting in a while.
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    Nintendo Badge Arcade is Freaking Retarded...

    You should know about the Nintendo Badge Arcade. It's a 3DS free-to-install application. It's pay-to-play, as most free games are, but this one takes the form of an actual arcade. The distinctly styled cranes have you putting in actual money to earn little 'Badges' that can be pasted on the home menu to make a scene. They look like Nintendo-themed characters and objects, and cranking in real money to earn digital Rupees and Toads sounds like a waste of time enough as it is. But it's addicting. The arcade gives you two free plays every day, but most of the time that is only enough to uncover the rare badges and remove the obstacles. That alone tempts you to pay. After all, it's just a dollar, right? But 35 years have taught Nintendo well, and the flashy effects, bright appeal, and easy appearance slyly hide the casino-worthy mechanics. Getting the 'chase' badge of any given machine will likely put you out $3 or more. And this isn't even mentioning the bunny. The real trap is the arcade's mascot, an excessively annoying pink bunny bent on getting you to spend as much money as possible. Any conversation you have with it anywhere will always end in it asking you if you'd like to pay for more plays, sometimes in such misleading and deceptive ways that even I was fooled a few times. The creepy bunny will stop at nothing to have you pour money into Nintendos' bulging wallet, while looking like a family-friendly, innocent mascot. Let's not forget that this game is targeted towards kids. Adults have a hard time quitting problem gambling, and this innocent-lookinggame is setting the next generation up for absolute disaster. Kids will pay money to acquire digital badges of their favorite characters, even when they conveniently are nearly impossible to get. They won't stop; they won't have a reason to, and by the time their parents' money runs out, it will be too late. The bunny is even an Assist Trophy in the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

    This is more than just another cheap move by Nintendo to get a few extra dollars. This is child gambling. It's revolting that a company with so much integrity would pull out the floor from under us. The arcade needs to close. Or, at the very least, remove the paying feature. Because this, this is truly making a negative impact on the world. It's setting up our children to fail and giving Nintendo our money in the process.

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    The Cruel Truth

    Hey guys, I wanted to share with you some very special info: The strategy behind my winning strategy of Super Smash Bros.

    When you start a match, you get a spark of excitement, of hopefulness, of curiosity. Whether your opponent is going to suck or not, and what you will do.

    This is the harsh weakness I must exploit.

    I rush in, and dash attack them, juggling them and impacting 60% damage before they even know what hit them

    They instinctively feel depressed, because there hopefulness has crashed

    And I carry out my brutal command, showing no mercy, and tethering on to that nagging doubt, their reality, their false belief, is that they cannot beat me.

    This is how I do it. This is how I win competitions. By brutal force and needless but wholesome punishment.

    This is the hidden lore of Smash bros.
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    I won my first tournament!!

    Hey guys,

    So, I decided to go to this Smash 4 tournament near my area, and competed because oh, why not, it's good practice. It was a small tournament, but I lost my first match (to a Kirby spammer!!) and felt super discouraged. If I were to lose again, I'd be out. I became angry, and instead channeled that energy into my hands, only focused at the TV screen in front of me, until I looked around and all the other TVs had been turned off except mine. Gulp. I won twelve straight 1v1 matches in a row, and faced off then against the reigning champion, a Shulk main with a tendency to counter spam. I destroyed him, and walked away, not really believing what I'd just done, with a $50 GameStop gift card in my hands. I am now officially the best Greninja main in my town. Compete against me if you dare.

    -AdenTheThird :yay:
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    I am super shaken right now. My grandmother was visiting and parked her car in our driveway, and I was taking the trash cans back from being emptied when this tiny '04 Honda Civic crashes head-on into the minivan that my grandmother drives. It happened THREE FEET from where I was standing. i was crying so hard afterward because if it hadn't been for the car, I would've died. The woman was looking at her phone when she crashed and was lucky to escape with minor injuries. No one else got hurt but OH MAN, that was so scary!
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    I'm triggered right now.

    Super Mario Bros. 3. World 3. Level 8. Enough said.
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    Today's Stuff

    Wow, what a day this has been! I just fell down and skinned up my knee one the ONE day that I was actually going to get to church on time. It was a really bad injury and required an unexpected stop and made me late. Ugh. Oh, well. I got back into my old Lego Mixels (if anyone still remembers those), and had some fun with them. I just hung out with my Weedles in Cheese Land and that's where I'm writing this.

    *Weedle says 'hi', by the way.
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    Level 2!

    I'm finally XP level 2! Thank you all so much for liking my posts and helping me along the way (:
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    Today's Cool Thing

    This morning, I finished making my sandwiches early, so I waltzed with two heels from a loaf of bread. Cool, right?

    ...again, I'm crazy.
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    The Weedle Protest

    A couple days ago, I started a community protest. Going from shop to coffee shop, from websites to the park, I told people that obviously, Kakuna and Beedrill were never meant to be. Weedle was not meant to have any evolution, just itself, just the little caterpillar. The government created these two Pokemon to hide this fact. Join the rebellion now!

    ...by the way, I have two supporters on this. They are both my Discord followers.