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    AdenTheThird Hey guys, I wanted to share with you some very special info: The strategy behind my winning strategy of Super Smash Bros.

    When you start a match, you get a spark of excitement, of hopefulness, of curiosity. Whether your opponent is going to suck or not, and what you will do.

    This is the harsh weakness I must exploit.

    I rush in, and dash attack them, juggling them and impacting 60% damage before they even know what hit them

    They instinctively feel depressed, because there hopefulness has crashed

    And I carry out my brutal command, showing no mercy, and tethering on to that nagging doubt, their reality, their false belief, is that they cannot beat me.

    This is how I do it. This is how I win competitions. By brutal force and needless but wholesome punishment.

    This is the hidden lore of Smash bros.
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    AdenTheThird Hey guys,

    So, I decided to go to this Smash 4 tournament near my area, and competed because oh, why not, it's good practice. It was a small tournament, but I lost my first match (to a Kirby spammer!!) and felt super discouraged. If I were to lose again, I'd be out. I became angry, and instead channeled that energy into my hands, only focused at the TV screen in front of me, until I looked around and all the other TVs had been turned off except mine. Gulp. I won twelve straight 1v1 matches in a row, and faced off then against the reigning champion, a Shulk main with a tendency to counter spam. I destroyed him, and walked away, not really believing what I'd just done, with a $50 GameStop gift card in my hands. I am now officially the best Greninja main in my town. Compete against me if you dare.

    -AdenTheThird :yay:
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    AdenTheThird I am super shaken right now. My grandmother was visiting and parked her car in our driveway, and I was taking the trash cans back from being emptied when this tiny '04 Honda Civic crashes head-on into the minivan that my grandmother drives. It happened THREE FEET from where I was standing. i was crying so hard afterward because if it hadn't been for the car, I would've died. The woman was looking at her phone when she crashed and was lucky to escape with minor injuries. No one else got hurt but OH MAN, that was so scary!
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    AdenTheThird Super Mario Bros. 3. World 3. Level 8. Enough said.
    AdenTheThird Wow, what a day this has been! I just fell down and skinned up my knee one the ONE day that I was actually going to get to church on time. It was a really bad injury and required an unexpected stop and made me late. Ugh. Oh, well. I got back into my old Lego Mixels (if anyone still remembers those), and had some fun with them. I just hung out with my Weedles in Cheese Land and that's where I'm writing this.

    *Weedle says 'hi', by the way.
    AdenTheThird I'm finally XP level 2! Thank you all so much for liking my posts and helping me along the way (:
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    AdenTheThird This morning, I finished making my sandwiches early, so I waltzed with two heels from a loaf of bread. Cool, right?

    ...again, I'm crazy.
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    AdenTheThird A couple days ago, I started a community protest. Going from shop to coffee shop, from websites to the park, I told people that obviously, Kakuna and Beedrill were never meant to be. Weedle was not meant to have any evolution, just itself, just the little caterpillar. The government created these two Pokemon to hide this fact. Join the rebellion now! the way, I have two supporters on this. They are both my Discord followers.