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    Acrux Yoo whats up GBATemp. I haven’t logged on in so long. Decided to check it out today. If anyone has discord you should add me up and chat aha. Im pretty bored :/
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    Acrux Well lately theres been some family trouble in my life. I really don't wanna talk about it to my other family and since we just moved i don't really have any friends yet. So i thought id share it here to feel better. Its nothing big but to me it feels huge since i never had a family trouble like this. i mean i used to but not in years.

    We moved to the county beside the big city. And my mom wants to go shopping a little ways in the city. but my dad hates the city and refuses to go, which is totally reasonable. But my mom keeps bringing up her wanting to go to the city. so our family close to us will take her which is a win win for both of them. but recently my dad would make mean remarks to my mom regarding the city shopping. Even though she is making plans to have someone else drive her. He's being plain stubborn and mean. Today i made the mistake of saying something about his remarks to him. i didn't say much and he got really mad. Now he won't talk to us and would show his angry by guestures like slamming the door and stuff.

    Now idk wut to say, if anything. I understand him not wanting to drive in city but idk why he keeps making mean remarks to my mom regarding the city yet she has another driver.

    I just feel...a scared sinking feeling in my stomach when i hear them arguing and when ik there's tension. idk how to explain it.

    Well thanks to anyone who took the time to read this. now that im done writing, i feel a bit better.
    Acrux Well I am very happy to say that my 3ds is hacked.:yay3ds:
    When the update to V 11.4 came out, I updated with out knowing about the fixes.(I was a noob)
    I thought it was hopeless to try to find a way to hack it so i quit searching.
    Until someone offered to help me, and through a long process, it was finally hacked today.:)

    The person who helped me was none other that Stephano.
    I am very thankful and owe you big time. Thanks soooooooooo much!:yay:
    Acrux Hey!
    So this is my first blog, pretty obvious i guess. Well i guess i'll start off about me i guess.

    Well i am from Canada. i live on a small ranch in central Manitoba. I am in my last year of high school and i am planning to go to University. I like to play guitar, even though i'm not good at it and i know how to play fiddle, and i really want to learn to play piano. i like to draw, but i am not as good as i want to be. i love the color orange and my favorite number is 4, and my favorite word is clouds. i like to play basketball and love ping-pong. I like to watch anime and read manga in my spare time. i have a 3ds and like zelda and pokemon games. i also am in a program called the Royal Canadian Air Cadets which is for youth from 12-18 years of age to learn about leadership and aircraft's.

    Anyhow, i don't know what else to say so bye.
    Have a fantastic day tempers!
    P.S. and if anyone has pointers on blog writing i'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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