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    I'm obsessed with flat earthers

    Lately, I've been completely enthralled by the existence of people who genuinely believe the Earth is flat. Like, how are there seriously THIS many people who can't comprehend basic math and observation? It's seriously insane to me and I can't help but obsessively watch videos of these people trying to explain why they believe Earth is flat and I don't know why it's so intriguing. I guess just the scope of how large this group is has been something I simply can't wrap my mind around. Now it's my goal to meet one of these people in real life to disprove their terrible logic with elementary-level education. Which, this desire somewhat makes me think I'm being a jerk, but I'll also be potentially helping someone not look crazy in their future (If I could even convince them, which based on my "research," seems unlikely), so I'm fine with it. I don't know why this is a blog, but I felt weird about my obsession, so I thought I'd share, lol.
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    So, I have a ton of things I'd like to do that I'm very excited about and have the resources to do, but yet I constantly find it impossible to motivate and push myself at all, leaving me to mostly just loaf around uselessly. Thinking about how unmotivated I am just makes it harder to motivate myself. Today in particular, I want to draw more to become a better artist, but when I finally convince myself to draw something, I'm instantly struck with a lack of creative vision and moreover, even when I come up with something I'm driven about, I end up not liking the result halfway through and give up. How do people motivate themselves when they're even unmotivated to do what they love?
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    My Unorganized Thoughts on Detective Pikachu

    Massive spoilers ahead!

    So, I just finished Detective Pikachu and I must say it was a surprisingly fun romp. The game's main downside was how mundane the difficulty is. Like, even if I were a kid again, I don't think I'd have had any difficulty with any part of this game. However, in my opinion, the great presentation and story more than make up for it. The ending was the biggest cliffhanger of all time. So, basically, Tim and Pikachu are searching for Tim's dad, Harry throughout the whole game and hints are constantly dropped suggesting that Pikachu and Harry are mentally linked on a major level. I was thinking Harry died in the accident and with the last of his breath, Pikachu made the deal with Mewtwo to let them both live on in Pikachu's body, the amnesia being a result of their combined consciousness. But, at the end, Mewtwo asks Pikachu if he decided yet, which I assumed he could decide to remain Pikachu or have both return to their original selves. Then Mewtwo does something. However, when Tim came to the alley to find Pikachu collapsed in front of Mewtwo and uttering that Mewtwo knows Harry before passing out, Mewtwo reveals that Harry is alive and will be found so long as Tim doesn't give up. So, now I'm thinking okay, Harry is back, but still lost and Pikachu is a normal Pokemon again. Then cut to the next morning and Pikachu is acting like a regular Pikachu and after Tim shows concern about his turning back, Pikachu reveals it was just a prank and they set out to find Harry. Roll credits. Like, what? What was the choice Pikachu had to make? Why is it such a big cliffhanger? I hope they add some kind of epilogue or reveal in the movie what the choice was and more details about what exactly went down between Pikachu, Harry, and Mewtwo. Regardless of my disdain for open-ended endings, I really enjoyed this one. The game was also longer than I was expecting. I'm sure it could be beaten faster, but my playthrough took almost 12 hours. Definitely a worthwhile purchase for me. I guess this was more my thoughts on the ending, but whatever, it's unorganized, so blah.
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    My Unorganized Thoughts on Ready Player One

    Spoiler Warning!

    Overall, not a bad film and one of the only ones where I'm willing to enjoy the parts without considering the sum. The Oasis is super well designed and executed in this film and its designers were cast perfectly. The remaining cast is competent as well, but a large chunk of the overarching plot is kinda lackluster which took away from my enjoyment of the majority of the characters when they aren't in The Oasis. Within the game however, I didn't find a single part bland, but only because I'm willing to look past how unbelievable it is that nobody has found this confirmed Easter egg in five years. Actual gamers would've easily been able to acquire all the keys within a week, tops. While the plot isn't great, the effects are. Everything looks amazing and even the sound effects and animations for anything nostalgic are very respectful to their source materials and you can call me Kendrick, because this movie gave me a nostalgia boner as big as the Eiffel Tower. There were so many nods and references and they weren't at all shoved down your throat like I was expecting them to be. They're more like the finite details of a painting that leave you coming back a few more times to see if you missed anything. The part with The Shining was perfect and possibly one of my favorite scenes overall. Oh, another negative was the terrible love story written in. It is very cringe and probably my least favorite thing. Mostly, I appreciate the amount of love that clearly went into crafting everything inside The Oasis. I don't think this'll be taking the crown from Wreck-It-Ralph as my favorite video game related movie, but it definitely left an impact on me. That is all.
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    It's bloggin' time!

    I'm finally gonna start blogging on here, because why the crap not? That is all... For now...