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    98otiss I just wanted to let off some steam.

    About 1 year ago I got the Switch, I was really excited to play it and it was really an amazing experience. I'd play Zelda all the time (because it was the only game I had at that time lol) and I'd never stop playing it until 5am, fucking up my sleep schedule in the process. It was just so fun, and entertaining and just extremely engaging. Once I beat it, I called it my GOTY 2017. I couldn't find anything to do in the game after but I'd still fool around for it every now and then when I got really bored. Then a month later I got MK8DX. I had the game on Wii U so it got boring fast but the battle mode was still fun to play.

    Fast Forward about 2 months and I got Splatoon 2. I never played Splatoon at all until I got 2, so I was pretty new to the game. It was really fun spending all night battling and playing the story mode. I really enjoyed it. I'd get rekt in a couple matches but it was okay. It was still fun, even tho some weapons were BS.

    Christmas comes along and I ask for Mario Odyssey. 2 days later, beaten it. It wasn't even that fun. I wish they had put Super Mario Galaxy 3 on the switch instead. I didn't enjoy it too much, it was overhyped.

    Then nothing really happens for a while. The games starting getting boring because they were just ports and ports and never any new games. Then comes June. Homebrew has came. It made the switch even better. Emulators, LayeredFS, save backup/editing. It was fun, for a bit. At the end of June, my birthday comes and I ask for eShop cards and new Switch games. I spend a lot of money on the eShop getting DLC, digital games, in app purchases etc.

    July comes, and I get the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2. I beat it in 2 days but it was so tough yet rewarding. It was one of the best expansions I played (Zelda DLC being first) Finally being able to play as an octoling was just great. The Switch seemed so perfect. Nothing could stop it. Or could it? I played with harmless mods in every game I put layeredfs mods in. Like the Zelda Mod in BOTW. Custom Music in Splat 2. Custom racers in MK8DX. It improved the game a lot. Sometimes even bringing up the replayability value. Multiple RCM attempts fucked my pins making handheld hard to play. It didn't feel that good to play the switch that much, but playing on the TV was the best.

    August comes, and I wake up. Check my email, do my everyday routine. etc etc. Look at my phone for an email from Nintendo. I click it wondering what kinda "promotion" they gave me. I got a mini heart attack.



    For cheating in Splatoon 2.

    I read the email in horror just realizing how limited the game gets.

    I think to myself what I could have did to get banned. I couldn't think. I only had music mods, model mods, text mods, and minor save edits such as gear, ability chunks, and food tickets. What could have triggered the ban?

    I still don't know to this day.

    I know I can't blame anyone but myself. But I never ruined people's experiences, I wanted a fair online and I only did minor non-advantage mods.

    I suck it up and feel bad for a week.

    September. Switch online gets announced in a direct. I got really upset. I know I couldn't play Splatoon 2, one of the best shooter games on the system. They threw trash at us about features that should have existed when it launched. (saves, virtual console, voice chat thats in the system) You had to pay to play online. I was about to save up money to go buy another switch that wasn't banned so i could just play online, but I realized. Nintendo's servers are so bad. Why would I pay for them. My stress slowly faded away. The direct was awful. The only interesting things were SMP, Ultimate, and Splat 2. My thoughts about the Switch changed in a day. They killed the system. It wasn't about the price or features. It was the quality of the servers and the features. Frequent disconnects in splatoon made me partially hate the servers.

    Then I just completely disconnect my switch from the internet entirely.

    No use playing online anymore if I don't want to pay for shit non-existent servers.

    Goodbye Splatoon.

    Goodbye Minecraft.

    Goodbye Fortnite.

    Goodbye ARMS.

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

    I deleted many of the online titles I had and kept the offline ones. I just stopped using the console for about a week and it got covered with dust.

    Then I thought of something. I can just pirate anything because of my software ban. (I didn't get console banned) and I spent a whole day downloading some of the games I was saving money to buy. (At least I didn't have to spend it) I still play my switch to this day but it's really just not that great anymore. The switch lost one of its greatest features. Free online. If it wasn't so bad maybe I would have gotten another switch just to play splatoon on again. But it isn't worth it.

    And that brings us to the present day (October 15, 2018)
    Today I tried to enjoy the switch and I couldn't, my depression got in the way and I got extremely bored. I think the Switch will soon have the fate as the Wii U did. It will die out because online won't be paid for and it will slowly kill the system. And the numerous ports of Wii U games will kill it too, they barely change much of the game and they sell it at full price. Some people just want new games. The Switch was probably the most successful at launch. And now I consider it a failure. I think its too early to say that but I'm just expressing my opinions. The games were good but I think sales will drop rapidly as the years go on. The switch kinda lost its charm.

    I barely use my 3DS because of the switch but I think the 3DS was better, there was way less ports and better games at launch. And it still keeps me entertained more than the switch does even tho the 3DS is slowly getting less and less games.

    I have been thinking a lot and just feeling upset and kinda miserable. It's hard to tell if my depression is playing a part in making gaming not that interesting anymore. But even if I'm not that upset I still am not that interested in the switch. Some days I like it, and some days I don't. I feel like ultimate will make me enjoy the system a little more but only for a little bit.

    I really feel bad for the people who suck up Nintendo's bs, and pay for online. Yes they want to play, but people who spend hours and hours invested in games with online deserve better. They shouldn't have to disconnect every 3 matches. And I don't think I can really blame people's internet. I never got a disconnect on Fortnite. But every 3 battles in Splatoon would get a communication error.

    Well I can't really think of what to type anymore, I've been typing for about 2 hours already. I think I just burnt out or I really have nothing more to say. But I highly encourage you all to give some construction criticism and share your thoughts and opinions. I have nothing else to say. Thanks for reading if you made it this far and didn't get lazy halfway through.
    98otiss I've noticed for a couple of years that programs for switch and 3ds homebrew always use python 2.7 specifically? Why is that? Does python 3.6 break things or are people just lazy? Or is there another reason?