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    There's this new trend nintendo's been hopping on and i hate it so fucking much

    I hate how every nintendo franchise/product that wasnt 3d mario ended up losing something significant that made the game so interesting in a later entry/ sequel. Smash lost the fast paced gameplay after melee with brawl, mario kart lost most of the experimentation and ultra shortcuts after MK wii, animal crossing lost most of the charm, witty dialogue that was even mean at times in exchange for happy happy happy, and Zelda just straight up stopped being about dungeons. hell nsmb fucked up from the start by completely bastardizing the physics which made mario such a dream to control in earlier games like SMW, in exchange for slow tanky controls that do not go well with the flow of 2d mario. also FZero and metroid are dead. its like nintendo just stops caring after 1-2 sequels and i really hope they stop this trend of removing stuff that made their previous games so amazing. Sequels are supposed to improve on what made the first game amazing, not remove it in exchange for dumbed down gameplay. I do like most of the sequels i listed here but they could be so much better, especially smash. the divide between the brawl gameplay and melee gameplay is so wide that smash has been seperated into 2 communities that keep fighting each other and it really makes me sick, especially when there are so many easy solutions that could bring back old and new fans of their franchises. The switch too, which completely took all the extra functionality from previous nintendo consoles and destroyed it and smashed it all to bits, making it so much more restricted and useless than previous nintendo consoles. I wish i could play my playlist on the switch but i cant because nintendo refuses to make a music app. i have to take my phone with me in order to play my favorite songs, and its like what happened??? why did nintendo just nuke all their soul and great gameplay like this???
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    Nintendo should stop making home consoles.

    Honestly this is how i feel about them. They've already been established as the handheld/niche company in gaming. I get it, most people are yearning for another gamecube. But with each and every nintendo handheld doing gangbusters, and only a few nintendo home consoles selling well, it makes no sense to keep making home consoles. nintendo's console sales are over 300 million throughout 6 mainline consoles, starting from 1983 with the NES. Nintendo's handheld sales are over 400 million throughout also 6 mainline consoles, and it started in 1989 with the game boy. Financially nintendo has had like, 3 home console failures (n64, gamecube, wii u) and only 1 handheld failure (virtual boy) After the switch, they should just give up on the home console market. Not even hybrids or anything, just end it right there.