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    don't mind me again

    just here to share my greatest photoshop I've ever done
    the borders a bit yellow, but besides that it looks gud
    chibi dawn.png
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    HP Game Ideas

    Mainly meant for anyone on the Horny Police game team (notably @PineappleGod @PipeWarp and @TomRannd )
    This blog entry is mainly for ideas related to the game, as I cannot help directly. Check often for updates and feel free to use these
    I thought of some dialogue for my character (if I'm in of course)
    (after battle)
    Once the dust had settled, all that was left was the body of 1B51
    Chara1 (feel free to replace this with which character you want it to be): Is she... dead?
    Chara2 (same rule applies): Looks to be. She's not moving an inch!
    As soon as that was said, the body started jittering, like a broken animation or Mintemdo Swap Online lag, every second becoming more and more violent
    Chara2: Get back, it looks to be a self-destruct system!
    (Chara1 and Chara2 hide behind some rubble)
    Then, at the peak of it jittering and shifting, the body vanished, being replaced by a reloading sign that appeared to have come from a small, black box with light blue light coming out of it
    Chara1 & 2: What the-
    Chara 2: The heck is going on here?!
    After a short bit, her body appeared, seemingly untouched. the only thing missing was it eyes, being stark white, before two blinks and a confused look on her's face appeared
    Chara 1: Didn't we just kill her? Shouldn't she be DEAD?!
    Not long after Chara 1 said that, they were greeted with a hard slap on the face from 1B51.
    1B51: WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?! Don't you know how much this program cost?! If you guys did any more damage to it, I would've paid millions, no, BILLIONS in debt!
    Chara 1: What are you talking about, YOU'RE the one who blew up this mall we're standing in!
    1B51: What are you talking about, I wouldn't do such... a...
    1B51 looks around the area as they realize the madness they've brought upon the mall, with multiple fires around and multiple shops destroyed
    1B51: Oh jeez. What happened?
    Chara 1: YOU happened! You destroyed the place and we had to nearly destroy your precious machine to protect it!
    Chara 2: Calm down, Chara 1. Obviously they're just as confused as you are. Now then, we would like to ask you some questions. First, name and occupation
    1B51: Names... uhh... 1B51004 as I don't really like to use my actual name. I work with technology and holographic equipment
    Chara 2: Alright now Chara 1, we're going to ask some questions. Don't try to hurt him, please.
    Chara 1: Hm... Fine. But once he's done, I'm gonna slap ya' so hard, you and your machine will be knocked into yester-year!
    Chara 2: (Hm... now how do I go about this?)

    >What was the last thing you remember?
    What happened to your voice?
    What's with the box?

    1B51: Well... If I had to say, I accidently clicked on one of them "Local mothers in your area" ads while testing my newest model and next thing I knew, this crazy demon lady knocked down my door and came after me. Needless to say, I don't think that was a coincidence.
    Chara 1: I think it was, but go off I guess

    What was the last thing you remember?
    >What happened to your voice?
    What's with the box?

    1B51: Oh, yeah that. I'm actually a guy behind this façade. I mainly use this as a means of getting around town without anyone noticing me at night. I've gotten some gang after me because one of my friends I asked to get a part for me stole a part of from a gang and didn't tell me where it came from. So yeah, sorry if that got your hopes up
    Chara 1: Well, there goes my opportunity. But then again...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    1B51:...don't plz

    What was the last thing you remember?
    What happened to your voice?
    >What's with the box?

    1B51: Oh yeah, this thing is super neat!
    It's called H.O.T.U. which stands for Holographic Organism for Tracking body movement and Undercover work. It's pretty neat, but it's also expensive.
    Chara 1: So that's the black box we saw when you were 'resetting'?
    1B51: Yeah, exactly! Only problem is that it crashes often. I may need to upgrade soon.

    Chara 2: So, now that we're done with that, why shouldn't we take you into custody?
    1B51: Because I didn't do it! I wasn't under any control of my body! I was essentially a puppet!
    Chara 1: Then again you did assault a police officer, which is a criminal offence!
    1B51: But I can join you in the field! You know, as an alternative form of payment
    Chara 2: Alright, that's enough. We'll let you go if you agree to the terms you've set... and also if you clean up this mess you've made.
    1B51: Yes sir! Will do now, sir!
    Chara 2: Please... just refer to me as (Name)
    1B51: Alright, I guess. (Chuckles)
    (1B51004 has joined the team)
    Feel free to change the dialogue if need be.
    I'll edit this if I come up with better ideas or if I need to edit some things.
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    3D Model request

    so anyone thats good at 3d modeling i request you make this corrin plushie. i looked around the forums and I couldn't find an area talking about 3d models. So I thought 'might as well post it here'.
    corn4.jpg corn3.jpg corn2.jpg corn1.jpg
    Ever since I got it, I looked online for a 3d model for this so that i can mod it into tf2 or something. Couldn't find it anywhere and im kinda surprised
    If you need more higher quality images, i can take some of my own plush and send them
    I know it's an odd request, and it's not something I do very often. I would do it myself but I still learning 3D modeling and the computer with my software i use is currently being occupied.
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    PokeSunMon Discoverys: Wii port confirmed??!?!?!?!? pokeman plzz gib!!!1!!!11!!

    Alright, in all seriousness, there are actually unused text for Wii buttons in the font for Pokémon Sun and Moon and, if they weren't removed, Ultra Sun and Moon
    If you can't see it, here's a close up
    00_sheet2 (1).png
    These we're most likely never to be used, they were most likely just test buttons and such. Would be neat to see a port of sun and moon to the Wii/ Wii U, but I doubt that will ever happen anytime soon.
    Thanks to Naokohiro on TheVGResource for ripping this!
    Profile of Naokohiro:https://www.spriters-resource.com/submitter/Naokohiro/
    Sprite Resources used:https://www.spriters-resource.com/3ds/pokemonultrasunultramoon/sheet/124370/
    Edit: @IC_ has informed me that this may be a part of a font for standard Nintendo games and systems during that time. I am sorry for misleading you all.
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    PokeSunMon Discoverys: The Inside of the Docks!

    The docks you see in the major cities on the islands actually are not that detailed on the inside. Well, they are detailed, but in the "overworld", they look like this.
    void next 2 water.png
    (Editors note: It crashed when I came from the wrong side once. Kind of weird lol)
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    fo @x65943

    hey @x65943
    cat with wheels.png cat with s p e d.png
    you asked for it a little while ago, but i never delivered. im tired, you prolly meant it as a joke and i wanted to do something so this was the perfect opportunity to do this (also you can send images over pms soo yeah lol)
    i hope he sees this
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    Friday Night Funkin intro text additions

    you know the little splash text that shows up at the beginning of the start-up? i sorta added onto it
    anyone can do this. all they have to do is type their text like this in "introText.txt"
    (text 1)--(text 2)
    whether or not they show up is another question. eventually if you type enough of them, there's a likely chance that your custom intro will show up
    here are a few samples
    (this has been changed, rest have not)
    Most of these are just jokes so don't take this seriously. To replace this file, copy into funkin-blank (for me this is windows-64bit)/assets/data.
    i would upload these to gamebanana or something, but a) i don't have an account and b) my mods are so low-quality that they should just not even be considered mods.
    hope you all enjoy.

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    cars 2 piracy

    cars 2 piraicy (1).png
    so uhh yeah
    me and @TomRannd found anti-piracy in Cars 2 3DS
    well i say me and him. its more like i mentioned it and he investigated it
    basically i mentioned that on Citra sorta early into the game, the game crashes. one time it happened in the first race, another in the first spy mission. he wanted to investigate it because he was bored.
    I'm not sure what @TomRannd experiences are, but it was most likely something similar
    on thing i forgot to mention though is that it seems to never crash in cutscenes. only during gameplay. again I'm not entirely sure if that's always the case but it seems to be that way
    again, nothing too special, just know if you try to play cars 2 3ds then you'll run into some problems. there's most likely a workaround for it though.
    once more, thank you @TomRannd
    edit: frick it seems that some of the comments have been deleted. not sure how that happened. oh well
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    new pfp fo 2day

    nothing much just have these
    kuni with no background.png kuni in 480p.png
    consider it a very late christmas present/ early birthday present.
    will use the background ver. for pfp. you can use the transparent version for whatever you want, just tell me so i can either be amazed or amused.
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    Minecraft f̶o̶ the 3ds

    I've been saying that I had this for a little while, but I've never actually shown it. Here it is!
    20210205_150531.jpg 20210205_150407.jpg 20210205_150348.jpg
    Fun fact: its my first console I ever imported from Japan.
    It came with Minecraft pre-installed and I've already hacked it (in case you couldn't tell)
    I also replaced the 32GB SD card with a 128 Card (that im never gonna fill up lol)
    Fun Fact 2: It had a bunch of Music pre-installed, Notably from Japan-exclusive 3ds games and songs from Japanese pop idol group called Perfume
    I'm really glad I had gotten this. I've had Minecraft 3ds before hand but I sold it because my old 2ds xl had problems with it's C-Stick (that i caused).
    This was essentially a replacement for my old refurbished 2ds I got from eBay as well for me to get a game back.
    The only thing is, I've told myself that I won't get another console until I repair and sell the old 2ds. I'm thinking a price range around $60-$80 since it's hacked and has a 128gb SD card in it as well.
    That's all. I just wanted to show this off.
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    PokeSunMon Discoverys (+ update): Pokemon Center

    I'm thinking of putting all of the posts into separate blog posts. this way I'm not editing the original post every time I want to update it. The orginal will still be there, the post from now on will just be separate like this. That is all.
    I don't have much for today (as im kinda running out of ideas lol) so here's a zoom out of the pokemon center. Tell me if you would like more of these, it really helps me out. I kind of wish there was a free-cam for this as it would make my job a lot easier (well i say job in a figurative sense. i'm not exactly getting paid for this now am i?
    Ha ha!
    he he...
    outside of pokemon center.PNG
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    Screenshot (18).png
    Screenshot (19).png
    Screenshot (20).png
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    don't mind me

    just havin a good day in T̸̢̛̹͙̝̈́̏̈̓̅̍̎͛͛̆̇͋̓̐͌̍̕͝͠H̸̬̭̩̰̰̲̳̗͈̬̊́̓̒̆͗͗̃̈̈́̾̀̈̀̆̍̃̎̍̾̈́̓̊͊̀͂̎͆̒͐̑̐̇̕̕͠Ȇ̸̡̛͔̖̩͙̯͖͐̽̋̂̅̓̑̃̈́̆͋͂̽̓̆̌̀̇̊̈́̈́̊͗̕̕͝͝͠ͅ ̵̧̨͇̫͓͈̻͚̮̪̺͖̫͖̦͖̺̗͚̗͖̲̖̱̮͗̀͑̈̍V̷̦̩̬̱̮͙͍̯̞̘͇͎̪̣̭̳̪͙͎̖̞̲̣̜̭̭͔͛̅̌̾̿̾̽̇̈́̈̃͜ͅȌ̵̡͕̜͙͕̜͚͇͉̜͙͔͚̹́͋͌͌̂̈́̐̈́̀̈̂͋̉̌͌͂̇̌͘͝ͅͅI̶̢͎̩͙̖̰̙̙̟̦̯̐̌́̂̓̿́̀͊͆̽͛̈́̔̊͛͛͛̐͛͠͝Ḑ̶͍̪̟̳̬̞̦̬̰̼͉̟͍̖̥̗͖̣̯͍̯̰͚̳͕̬̞͈̯͈̺͕̦̻̰̯͒̈͆̋͋͘
    the void.png
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    format i made

    i made this format for this thread
    but it'll probably be more unfunny than my jokes and the thread seems to be dead because of me
    if you want to use it, go ahead, but i doubt you'll get much out of it
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    i was messing around with photoshop's color replace feature and was planning to make a mod that recolors the girlfriend to someone else who I won't reveal yet. i accently did something wrong, one thing lead to another and WHOOPS
    Screenshot (15).png
    It looks weird, GF kinda looks like one of those angel enemies you would see in some M-Rated games, but it has a nice aesthetic to it, especially the boombox.
    do what you want with it, it should work if you just replace GF_assets with this. will continue with the mod now
    edit: im offically naming this either "angelic gf" or "sun-bleached gf"
    yes i know there are better names
    no im not thinking of better names

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