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    The Tutorial Show! Epi SP1. HOW TO LEARN................................. A READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ei Bi Ci Di... what that hell!!! not a primary school. (not extremely)

    In february i said...back to the real school,
    3 months to the new tutorial show and this...

    how to learn a read... yep, that right. Is time to real school.

    Is NOT HARD to say, this the worst generations of video gamers.
    the social media = every details = every article!? = is necessary!?

    ok, some pages of videogames, of course, copy and paste, and translations... well, you know.
    in internet is too easy to find information, multimedia of tips, and really easy, (including in the job)

    what is the point of THIS!? Is simple:
    in this generations: Social networks + Poor concentration = INFORMATION ADDICTION!

    but chippy is BRAIN AGE CONCENTRATION TRAINING for 3DS! right?
    well i'm NOT ryuta kawashima. OK, The real problem is not FOCUS in the most important. The PROBLEMS!.

    if you compare in the past time of videogamers, and actuallity. well, is too much changes.

    lets compare:

    in NES/ SEGA MASTERSYSTEM era or SNES /SG (or mega drive) some games have a clear game without: password, memory card or save game)
    to understand a game, you have the manual (how to play) and how to beat the stage, your items, based on your experience.

    Actually: youtube, social networks, and... this....

    in the past game, we EFFORT to clear the game! up experience, in better school.
    when you have a problem, you have a solution!. Is hard but you need EFFORT!. find information, test in some places, calculated, and READ!


    I have a trouble in atmosphere, only works on hetake and atlas. but i need execute on vanilla atmosphere (i used the lastest version on tinfoil to download games).
    i understand the situation of tinfoil. but renember, you can NOT FORCE!!! you try a alternative solution, but not a real solution.
    i can take or not the solutions. if i not like to use awoo installer for now, is not necessary to force a used!, now a search for a solution and well, the real solution is: DELETED atmosphere and sept folder in the sd card and reinstall again. and that is.


    renember: the personal tastes is for you, no other one, Opinion sames. Not fall in the stupid.
    study, search, calculated, translated, read to understand a game
    Play videogames for fun!.

    Thanks for reading this. But is necessary, of course i not know about english.
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    The Tutorial Show! Epi X... HAPPY NEW YEAR REVOLUTION!!!

    From 2010 to 2019: 10 years about scene!.

    view my console and say:
    a simple group of hackers, so:
    how to find the vulnerability on systems! (is surprising about the nintendo switch) and more faster than retro console.

    here the list (only my consoles gets):

    dsi: unlaunch and lenny flipnote (and other exploits), hiyacfw
    switch: RCM! (atmosphere or SX)
    wiiu: HAXCHI!, internet browser on 5.5.1, homebrew channel on vWii, Nintendont!
    nes mini: HAKCHI!
    psmini: autobleem
    family 3ds: homebrew launcher, twilight menu!, luma 3ds

    and others...

    switch lite (hardware chip)
    3ds streetpass exploit (36c3)
    ps4 blue ray disc

    and too many apps.

    the best of the best, in this community!, nice increible works guys! continue to updates, creates a new exploits and surprise the world!
    the best ideas is in this community

    happy new year revolution!

    renember: i got lucky about write this in english (i spanish) :)
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    The Tutorial Show! Epi 3. cheat code APP!

    Before to start a new tutorial, first i need says for the situation of my country chile:

    somebody can view of the situation of chile in the last month, the social movement or CHILE HAS WOKEN UP!,
    A stupid president to say: ``chile is on war´´ is SAD. To many deaths, to many wounded, but is a real cause!:
    the people want what the politicians stole! of course! THE MONEY!!!
    i can say: you must be done well. So,i want to no more AFP! no more Carabineros of chile (chilean police), A new assembly constituent!, more salary and better life. Is a suvivor!
    to many people have a oportunity to talk me about the situation from all point (police, security, people, to work on subway, etc...) again. i can say: you must be done well. Change the people of voting! build a better country!, all we are people (except the politicians) i want a fight for a better country!.

    there is more to explain... a finish year of the battle...

    thanks for a little time to real this part!. Is very important to say this... 30 years to chile wake up!.


    All right....

    To many month to a new episode of: THE TUTORIAL SHOW! episode 3... cheat code APP!

    in the last time, the DSI scene have a great exploit: ugopwn flipnote and evolved to lenny flipnote,and the last exploit: memory pit!.

    so you can install the unlaunch and the custom firmware:hiya. BUT some people have trouble to NOT start hiya (like ME!) and not want to install dsiware games on to real nand. For example to install to many games, when press on the dsi have automatic error screen. The real memory nand dsi is 250 MB (aprox.)

    to understand, first i explain the list of format:

    The format: BIN,APP,TIA,CIA DSI y NDS
    • BIN: dsiware encripted, can copy to sd to nand and viceverse in 1.4 firmware!
    • APP: is the real cheat code, compatible to execute on unlaunch!
    • TIA: Twl installable archive. (only CFW HIYA! and install to play on UNLAUNCH!!!)
    • CIA: 3ds format, of course
    • NDS: no need to explain, ds format.
    • DSI: exclusive for DSI

    in this tutorial you can play dsiware on SD without need a HIYA CFW!!!

    you need:

    - A DSI (firmware recommended: 1.4) lastest version working!
    - you must be install the unlaunch! (lastest version)
    - A dsiware game (format app)

    how to work?:

    when unlaunch start, you can see the list of games available!
    the dark green list have 3 options: card, wifiboot and options.
    the green list you have dsi aplication and games install to nand.
    the green light list you have aplication and dsiware on sd!

    IMG_20191123_202813.jpg for example.

    what is about the nds format. Is COMPATIBLE! but incompatible...
    dsiware nds and homebrew is work but nds games is incompatible, example
    the legend of zelda four swords anniversary edition is compatible. to play nds use twilight menu, bootstrap
    so i recommended to use app format.

    and that is!.

    but chippy what is about the save data?

    there are 2 format: PUB and SAV

    i used SAV so... you need a game and folder content and data (you need the public.sav) some games create a pub file save. and other games dont save like nintendo countdown

    ok everybody thanks to read me and explayed the chilean situation!. if continue mi life to another tutorial.

    is always i need to perfect english, play games and practice!, FUERZA CHILENOS QUE SALDREMOS ADELANTE! (force to chile!)
    see you next time!

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    The Tutorial Show! Epi 2. GBA E-READER!

    ITS FRIDAY!!!! HOORAY!!! well i bored...

    its time to... THE TUTORIAL SHOW! today!:

    GBA (or AGB) E-READER.... in full emulator... (WHAT!!!)


    Men, i know about the e-reader, and emulator, sma4, etc tv... (i like this), for more than 10 years ago.
    i can imagine this comentary.

    The GBA MODE in his history and now!

    OK, there are 2 emulators for now, can emulated the e-reader (its there is another emu, you can say and i edited)

    i forget, my boy (android) dont support e-reader (i see video from people can change the save).

    The emulators are: VBA-M and NO$GBA.

    you must be remember about how to emulated, the game most used is Super Mario Advance 4
    the trouble is: how scan card and transfer this card to the game!?
    the no$gba can in 2.4b version in 2007!!! this emulator have a full support. maybe!.

    to work you must be download a data from caitsith the name e-reader.sv2 (exclusive data from no$gba)

    the tutorial is related how to access data!.​

    Well the tutorial is FULL SUPPORT!!!, there is a name: COMMUNICATION MODE

    Some games, you need the communication to download content, from the game to the e-reader.
    in real console is easy to get the data (2 gba, a game support + e-reader (like sma4))


    in emulator, the no$gba have a full support on the lastest version (2.9d)
    well i test, the same steps to have a transfer, and select comunication. From sma4, select level card, powerup card or demo card and ok to start communication:

    TIPS: in the machine 1 have the SMA4, and machine 2 have the E-READER, is you place in reverse order, that not work!​

    in no$gba 2.4b try connect this, the error appear with communication failed. in the others version too, at least the lastest version, the communication is fixed. there is why is necesary to download a data. (now no more!)
    in others error that you need use this card to the aplication (in e-reader menu)
    of course, is compatible with the japanese version. Well the game has region lock!.

    what is about the gamecube...

    ok i need 2 emulators, of course: DOLPHIN and VBA-M

    this my video i have the test:

    the same steps to connect gba to gcn, for example in animal crossing search a place to use the e-reader function and connect to gba, tips: the vba-m have the e-reader support.
    remember connect e-reader to nintendo gamecube.

    In pokemon games, the eon ticket, if you scan this card, the aplication have been start, not necesary to use communication.

    that is... thank you very much.
    if you have a question is you welcome.

    ps. i not perfect in english. but is not necesary to use google translation.
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    The tutorial show! Ep. 1

    Well i present: the tutorial show!
    Many games and many tutorial not only relative on retail games. Special games Is welcome!!!

    Today: Mario kart DS beta multiplayer!!!

    All know about Mario kart DS. Support multiplayer in normal, download Play and wifi connection.

    But in beta version??? Well lets get started.

    You Must be:
    - 2 nds (duh! And obligatory)
    - 2 copy of Mario kart DS beta (preference Europe version)

    Note: Google is your Friends to find the games.

    1. Execute the Game in anywhere you preference. Like NDS + r4., 3ds and Twilight menú or the other cards. Note: you must be have 2 NDS at least.


    2. When start the game, in Nintendo logo, wait 1 minute, in this time the console have been connect.


    3. Start Play.


    Connection compatibility:
    Normal: Up to 8 players.
    Download play: no
    Wifi: duh! No.

    The differences:
    In the usa version, the Game only have single player Mode.
    In the eur version you must be have other NDS to Play, because, the Game stock in Nintendo logo when have a single NDS.

    Compatible in flashcards and Twilight menu!!! (3ds compatible for nds).

    A gameplay courtesy of SCG channel.

    Bonus track: the demo version.


    The demo version, you must be have the same Game. The download play is not compatible. Of course, the wifi Is not compatible.
    But i remember, the 3ds can inyected DS demo like a dsiware. Well is compatible.
    Is the same game (duh!)


    Well that is.

    If a have a time to created another tutorial.
    Thanks you very much.
    PS. I not perfect in english. Is not necesary the Google traductor.
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    Nintendo zone test DS and DSi version

    I test the Nintendo zone.
    DS and DSi version.
    The results:[​IMG]
    I try the ssid with: BestBuy altwifi and Nintendospotpass1 (logic)

    DS 1: failed (Photo)
    Ds2: failed ( Bestbuy dont recognize)
    DSi: failed dont recognize the router.
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    Preservation is very important

    Save data, online, service and games...
    Is too easy yo find a single Game like Smash, for example. But, search a others games like Nintendo zone DSi version is too hard to find.

    Some services like miiverse, Nintendo tvii, swapnote and others, is not available.

    So, custom is very important. Have Server for Gamecube (pso) wiimmfi for Wii and DS, and others servers.

    Its simple but i want try to emulated, some test and Hope the results. Work for the future.

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