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  • A critcism of GBATemp Jan 17, 2018 As far as I am aware this does not go against the Terms and Rules. I'm open to amendments and/or discussion of all points but the final one, since that one will only lead to pointless yay/nay namecalling. [ Continue reading ]
  • Regarding leaks. Aug 5, 2017

    Warning, drama inside. My thoughts and the like, since the thing itself got locked and I made a pretty extensive comment the first time it happened and I feel I need to give my thoughts on it a second time now that the tables have turned again.... [ Continue reading ]
  • 11.3 and NTR Feb 7, 2017

    Yo. It's me again. Let's talk about the two things everyone seems to talk about and what I exactly think of them. Yep. time to talk about some Homebrew stuff. So, what are the latest developments? 11.3 got released. Downgrades got patched, safehax gone, menuhax permanently gone and RXTools is... [ Continue reading ]
  • In which I fanboy over a number of MSPA-style comics. Nov 24, 2016

    ...Sooo, it's been a while since I did one of these. Anyway, as the title implies, you will find a lot of fanboying here, so if that isn't up your alley, and instead want to read someone feeling depressed/negative at things, since that seems to be what everyone writes about on GBATemp these days... [ Continue reading ]
  • My stance on the whole AM2R thing Aug 9, 2016

    Although normally I try to keep my blog and my GBATemp blog serparated, this has something to do with gaming drama so... here it is: . [ Continue reading ]