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  • Video Game Music: Deus Ex (2000) Apr 4, 2019

    So I decided to make this a series. I'll be covering the compositional techniques used in Deus Ex, including what makes Deus Ex and its successors so musically solid -- and I'll provide my own piano cover of the main theme song too, plus chords. So without further ado, let's cover Deus Ex's... [ Continue reading ]
  • ALBUM REVIEW: Beautiful Life (Rick Astley, 2018) Jan 5, 2019

    [DISCLAIMER: This is not a rickroll. He does make actual music, which may come as a shock to millions of oblivious rickroll victims.] So I decided to try something different as tech blog upon tech blog was becoming monotonous for me to write up. I've decided to try something more musical, a... [ Continue reading ]