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  • NUTELLA 2 : The return of Nutella Aug 27, 2019

    Remember my last post when I said i never ate nutella in my entire life? Today I ate it. Well, I'm gonna eat it pretty much all the time now, because it's become my 2nd favorite chocolate, the 1st one being chocolate milk. So this is why i called this blog entry "NUTELLA 2". alright that's all i... [ Continue reading ]
  • I have something to confess Aug 25, 2019

    I never ate Nutella.Even though I drink chocolate every day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Never spent a day without drinking chocolate. So today my brother gave me "Nutella B Ready". So like a regular person I ate it. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Why didn't i ate it sooner?? So now I know what I'm gonna do... [ Continue reading ]
  • Good news! Aug 12, 2019

    I have good news today! Remember that sh!tty controller that I got that didn't work? Well i got a refund! And i asked my mom for a controller that cost 30 Dollars on amazon and had 4 stars, because I NEED THIS CONTROLLER TO PLAY GAMES. My keyboard is kinda bad (it's a laptop one) and this would... [ Continue reading ]
  • I'm pissed off Aug 10, 2019

    I just bought a PC controller that doesn't work. I spent 35 dollars on this piece of shit! That's more than half the price of a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller!!! I can't believe they sold it for this ridiculous price. I bet i can find a better controller for 15 Dollars. So i wasted my money and... [ Continue reading ]