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  • Felek's Dream Log #2 Aug 27, 2017

    I just woke up from another dream which felt so real that I though that I'm currently in this dream. Deep sleep and I was focusing my brain mainly on plot development. Well, anyways onto the dream... Everytime I got a 100pln bill, I took a ride with a train to another country. (I don't know... [ Continue reading ]
  • The childhood game I love to this very day Jul 31, 2017

    You can guess. It's a PC game featuring a Kangooro named Kao. [IMG] Kao the Kangooro 3: The volcano secret. (In Polish: Kangurek Kao: Sekret Wulkanu) I played demo as a kid. I feel in love with it. Good graphics (2005 game), amazing platforming, nice story. The fact i couldn't afford it at... [ Continue reading ]
  • Felek's Dream journal Jul 1, 2017

    Guess, I'll hop onto the "dream train". Usually my dreams are just.. weird. Plain weird. This is not up-to-date dream but for unknown reason, it still remains in my memory. Anyways, let's begin... I was walking down the street. I was swinging my hands and by mistake I hit a car. That car... [ Continue reading ]