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  • wew sfw art May 2, 2018

    I haven't posted any art here for awhile Mostly cuz most of it is nsfw And I'm lazy But I finally finished this! [SPOILER] It took me 2 days longer than I wanted because when I saved it I used .gif to preserve layers And that destroyed my already bad shading So I opened the half done .jpg that... [ Continue reading ]
  • my drawing tablet got replaced! Apr 26, 2018

    so after the dog broke my drawing tablet and i managed to somehow get it refunded and a new one sent to me without having to send the broken one in i wanted to draw and what better to spend your free time doing than drawing hentai of one of your favorite OCs? so i drew Wolf nude :3 uncensored is... [ Continue reading ]
  • Lün (art) Apr 2, 2018

    starting to forget to post art so im gonna do individuals from now on so I decided to try something with her I used graphite for the blue and watercolor for the orange then I tried lightly going over the border with a green oil pencil to try to smoothen it out there's a little bit of charcoal... [ Continue reading ]
  • digital vs physical Apr 2, 2018

    which looks better? [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ Continue reading ]
  • GBAtemp-chan! Mar 1, 2018

    I was just siting in class bored as hell so I decided to draw and I decided to open the "HEY DUMBASS DONT OPEN ME" folder on my phone for inspiration after scrollong through ~50 pictures of loli hentai I found a picture of Clorox-chan so I decided to draw GBAtemp-chan! [IMG]... [ Continue reading ]
  • experimenting with art Feb 28, 2018

    so I was just sitting in class and decided to take out a pen and continue some pictures and I decided to experiment with art styles and got this as a result it makes me think about persona games for some reason even though she's from steins gate -.-... [ Continue reading ]
  • Eixs shitty art Jan 23, 2018

    whenever I finish drawing something im gonna put it here instead of just on discord whenever I finish something im gonna edit it into here I was siting in my history class and we were doing nothing so I took out a pencil and started to finish up this one and make the hair a little darker this... [ Continue reading ]