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  • The anime you shouldn't watch in public... Oct 1, 2017

    Oh boi, what this blog will turn into. Also, spoilers and spoilers. Tons. of. spoilers. The particular anime we will talk about is: Tenshi no 3P. School, Slice of Life, Music [Why this doesn't have a comedy tag?] If you look at memes, you can already guess what I mean. [Basically that meme... [ Continue reading ]
  • All-nighters drawbacks Jun 15, 2017

    Well, I used to pull all-nighters which is basically, staying up for 24hrs and playing video games during that time (or even longer if you enjoy even more intense eye pain). To already clarify: I don't have bad eye sight due to this. It's actually a different case and not related to gaming... [ Continue reading ]
  • How i got myself into 'anime' May 20, 2017

    I used to be one of those guys which used to post 'Anime is shit' and 'Anime is for furry faggots' type of comments. But after some time I though... 'Is anime really that bad? I never tried it, so I'm not 100% allowed to hate it.' Summer, 2016. After browsing endless Steam Community posts about... [ Continue reading ]
  • My opinion on: Weebs May 1, 2017

    I felt like writing my thoughs about weebs. I understand, you watch anime but taking everything as far as banging a body pillow is just... wrong. Well, don't take anything seriously here, it's mostly written in a sarcastic aspect. Anyways, I don't need to explain what the hell a weeb is? [It... [ Continue reading ]