Dec 11, 2020

    Lol, the hell! Went into the NNID and somehow navigated to "Do not remember my password: Yes or No?" selection screen and I selected "No" now since the 2DS XL is attached with the previous NNID (bought this 2DS XL online, used) I am logged out of eShop and Theme store. Decided to remove using... [ Continue reading ]
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  • Wow!

    Dec 10, 2020

    Good things come in pairs they say and indeed my bundle of joy came in together today, except, well, I have to get out there and get my mittens on the New 2DS XL. [ATTACH] I like that this seller includes everything! [ATTACH] The button does nothing but I'm really loving the color scheme,... [ Continue reading ]
  • Scorreeee!

    Dec 9, 2020

    I managed to get a discount from the online seller whom is selling me her New 2DS XL Pokéball edition, I straight out told her I am on a budget but I absolutely adore the color red and want it so bad. She was like "sure, I will reduce it for you, deal tomorrow?" Ohhh, yes please! I did,... [ Continue reading ]
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  • All Done

    Dec 9, 2020

    Rejoice! My New 3DS XL is now all setup without a hitch, follow @TurdPooCharger Quad format method here and all's good and dandy. I also found myself a stock New 2DS XL Pokéball edition. Kay, kay, this will be the LAST purchase! [ Continue reading ]
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  • 128 GB SD Card Is Here!

    Dec 8, 2020

    My online order came in today, ordered a 128 GB card for my New 3DS XL that I bought recently. I know the card is not gonna be a full 128 but probably 119 GB or so but that will do just fine. I bought a 256 GB for my New 2DS XL and after stuffing in all the things I wanted I got a solid... [ Continue reading ]
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  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Dec 7, 2020

    Decided to try out Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS, my 2nd day I think? I don't know what am I doing besides shaking trees for fallen oranges, picking up flowers and talking to animals. Otherwise I make my character stand still... he always look sideways though. Always sideways...
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  • Oh Sh--!

    Dec 4, 2020

    There has been a lot of "Oh"-s lately, hopefully this is the final one. So I have originally wanted an OG Aqua Blue 3DS from 2011 but no dice, I have found myself instead a New 3DS XL with its outer blue shell replaced by a black one not because of customization or being creative from the... [ Continue reading ]
  • Oh Yes!

    Dec 3, 2020

    My endaevour to locate the elusive OG 3DS Aqua Blue was not successful, however, I am pleased to have found a New 3DS XL which the seller customised with black outer shells so it has a black & blue theme going on and "loaded" with goodies, hmm. I will update more tomorrow. [ Continue reading ]
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  • Oh No!

    Dec 2, 2020

    Okay, so I thought I would get my hands on an OG 3DS (2011) Aqua Blue and add it to my collection but I'm having a hard time finding a quality (by my standard: almost mint) used one that hasn't been abused to hell and back (who would have thought used = abused?). IMHO the 2011 3DS has the best... [ Continue reading ]
  • 2DS/3DS: 009-2920 Error.

    Nov 24, 2020

    After much Googling and searching this forums for the specific error code: 009-2920 whenever you download something off the eShop, there are 2 solutions that I have gathered: 1. If your handheld is stock (no CFW), it's your internet connection, delete/create a new Wi-Fi profile or if that... [ Continue reading ]
  • Yay! It's Here!

    Nov 20, 2020

    It's here. Time to transfer everything over and have more space; from a 64 GB to a 256 GB. [ATTACH] EDIT: Success! Oh my having an additional 180 GB to stuff in sure is amazing. [ Continue reading ]
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  • Nooooo!

    Nov 17, 2020

    The bloody hell! Sigh. Dark patch by the top screen, right side. Well, this will be the unit I play and mess around with. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Not visible as long as it's not against a white screen. Sheesh! It does bother crap out of me when expensive electronics starts to show wear and tear,... [ Continue reading ]
  • Dat Amazing Feelings!

    Nov 16, 2020

    I have been exposed to the wonderful world of 3DS CFW and it's amazing! I'm not exactly new to the scene though since I did dipped my hands in PSP CFW before and have some knowledge what this is all about except 3DS is something I didn't bother with. I have purchased the New 3DS XL black in... [ Continue reading ]
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