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  1. Relaxing adventure game 'Submerged: Hidden Depths' gets announcement trailer

    Australian indie developer Uppercut Games have announced a sequel to their 2015 water-based exploration game, Submerged. They are describing Submerged: Hidden Depths...
  2. Microsoft changing how Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscriptions work in the U.K.

    Following an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority in the U.K., Microsoft will be making changes to the way it handles automatically renewing...
  3. 'Crysis 4' announced

    Following an apparent leak from Crytek China, Crytek took to Twitter to confirm that it is working on the next installment of its iconic Crysis series. The...
  4. RetroArch 1.10.0 released, adds improvements to netplay features

    A new version of RetroArch has been released, bringing the emulator frontend to version 1.10.0. This update adds a multitude of changes and bugfixes, but three...
  5. PlayStation Plus games for February 2022 revealed

    As one month comes to a close, and we look to the next, we also look to the next set of games for all of the major gaming subscription services. In the case of...
  6. Steam Deck launches February 25, purchase emails to go out in order of reservation

    After a vague and hopeful launch window of February 2022, Valve has come through, as they have announced that the much anticipated Steam Deck will be releasing on...
  7. Ocarina of Time fan PC port expected to release in April

    Last November, the Zelda Reverse Engineering Team successfully reverse-engineered the entire source code to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. After this happened...
  8. Blizzard to begin development of survival game set in a new universe

    Shortly after Microsoft's acquisition announcement of the developer/publisher, Blizzard shared its new project for PC and console. While not much is known about this...
  9. Resident Evil 4 HD fan project gets new trailer, releases next week

    As we reported last month, a new mod pack for Resident Evil 4 is being worked on that will exhaustively remaster the entire game, updating the somewhat outdated HD...
  10. Review Flydigi WASP 2 Elite

    Up for review today is the Flydigi WASP 2 Elite: a one-handed mobile gaming controller with touch controls mapping support. Does it satisfy the needs of the on-the-go...
  11. EA announces development of 3 new 'Star Wars' titles from Respawn Entertainment

    Following some uncertainties regarding future Star Wars titles being developed by EA, the publisher cleared these doubts today. In a press release, EA announced that...


  1. Hardware

    Flydigi WASP 2 Elite

    Up for review today is the Flydigi WASP 2 Elite: a one-handed mobile gaming controller with touch controls mapping support. Does it satisfy the needs of the on-the-go gamer?
  2. Hardware

    UGREEN HiTune X6 Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

    A sub-$30 pair of earbuds with active noise cancelling feature? Is the UGREEN HiTune X6 the go-to budget earbuds?
  3. Hardware

    Flydigi JOYONE

    Getting the review treatment today is Flydigi’s latest mobile gaming controller: the Flydigi JOYONE. Packing a minimalist aesthetic, does this one-handed controller deliver on the functionality...
  4. Hardware

    Anker Soundcore Frames

    Smart glasses are starting to look smart, with the fashionable Anker Soundcore Frames.
  5. Computer

    Sucker for Love: First Date

    Love can be a scary thing.

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