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How do you judge the stability of the last update ?

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  1. No crash so far, I love it !

  2. Really stable in a global use. Can crash on particular action.

  3. I experienced a few crash with no reason apparent so use with caution.

  4. Awful, the plugin need to be redone.

  1. Relsig

    Relsig Newbie

    May 28, 2017
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    Thanks, I checked the codes I planned on using and they all seem to be working well except a few small things:

    Moon Jump: makes the game unstable, it crashes randomly on day and area changes. if you're writing it as a word value (gateshark 0x0 command) this is probably why, it is a short (gateshark 0x1 command). I tested both word and short using the fort 42 code and both work but word causes random crashes as described so if you plan on looking into this look there first.

    Change Day: day 1 and 2 turn off and on in a radio button like way but 3 and 4 don't turn off/on at all (trivial as the codes all appear to work as intended but this may confuse some people)

  2. Nova77

    Nova77 Newbie

    Mar 25, 2017
    It's a 16-bit write. I noticed when testing it can crash on occasion. I wasn't able to find anything that was more stable. It's possibly due to the game and the plugin both writing to the same address at the same time. The same instability used to occur with the freeze time codes. The game constantly writes to the time variable, and the plugin constantly writes to it, and the value would be unstable and sometimes cross the night-day line, particularly when changing areas. This lead to random day changes, or even a game over if on day 3. Which is why the time flow is frozen when you freeze a particular time, keeps the game from touching the clock. Your previous time flow is of course restored when you unfreeze the time.

        u32    pointer = READU32E(0x08041FCC); //B8041FCC 00000000
        static u8 active = 1;
        if (pointer == 0) //68041FCC 00000000
        if (is_pressed(DR))
            active = !active;
        if (active && is_pressed(A))           //DD000000 00000401
            WRITEU16E(pointer + 0x6A, 0x4100); //1000006A 00004100
                                               //D2000000 00000000
    Day 3 doesn't turn on because you can't really freeze day 3. When the time changes to 6am, the day is checked. If it's 1 or 2 the day variable is increased and the next day screen appears. You can of course freeze the variable to lock it so the day will just repeat. If it's 3 though, the moon crashes, so freezing the variable to 3 does nothing. As for day 4, it repeats infinitely, it's naturally frozen, so there's no point.

    Day 3 could be frozen by polling the clock, and changing the day to 2 just before 6am. Or basically what the safety switch does, but changing the day to 3 instead of 1. It would be a bit annoying though having the intense shaking and the countdown every day, as well as the cutscene for the clock tower if you're in town. For the moment, you can get a similar effect by disabling transitions, that also locks the day and causes it to loop.
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  3. Relsig

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    May 28, 2017
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    I appreciate all your hard work and the short explanations. It's unfortunate but I'll stop using moon jump for lols and only enable it when I'm ready to risk losing some progress.
  4. GeneraLight

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    Nov 20, 2012
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    Would be awesome if someone could make a cheat to allow you to change between Young Link or Adult Link at any time


    Warp to any place in the game, including any child/adult version of maps.