Xbox 360 modded where to buy ?

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    Sep 11, 2017
    So i want to buy a modded Xbox 360. The problem is from where. Ive looked on websites such as ebay and they dont ship to sweden. (Im looking to spend a crap ton of money on a modded xbox 360 that already have everything on it) where should i look ?
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    Oct 31, 2016
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    i would recomend an xkey and a demon dual nand rgh chip with a custom case mod
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    Yea that's a tough one. Either find a mod shop or find an online mod shop that ships world wide. Or find someone near you to pay to do the install. Or of course you can do it yourself.

    RGH or jtag are the best hacks that allow more functionality than just flashing the Dvd drive to allow burnt games to be ran. Rgh and jtag require a modchip, a nand reader, and soldering to install as well as a pc to run the software. Flashing the Dvd drive depending on what drive you have can require just a probe to a replacement unlocked PCB, to having to drill into a chip on the drive's board to unlock it.

    There are tons of guides both video or text tutorials with pics for both rgh/jtag and just videos on how to solder.

    I did one myself with no soldering experience. I just bought a practice soldering kit for 15 bucks that came complete with a cheap soldering iron and even a booklet on the basics of soldering. And I had a junk 360 that I practiced on before attempting on a good console.

    Jtag is the easiest and cheapest but requires a phat 360 with a very old dashboard installed which are rare. Plus finding a modchip supplier that still has the chips in stock is a battle. Rgh requires more effort but isn't too terribly hard.

    Hope I was of some help

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